S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Welcome to the S.S. Fawkes

   The Fawkes is a 18+ rated game, this is a voluntary rating based on the content of our writing. For more information please read the rules.

Hi there!

Hey you. Yeah you. Can those hands be used for anything other than holding up your pants?

Look, I know what you're expecting. I would give you a long welcoming speech like an actual Starfleet Captain, but unlike the fleeters out there we have to work to earn a living on this boat.

If you help me out with this we can take a quick tour around my boat together. Be careful not to cut yourself on anything though, like a rusty nail or something. Wouldn't want to get a tetanus shot on your first day here. Plus I think the physician used the last one on the deck hand that got bit by a vole. Not that there are any voles on the ship. Of course not. We run a tight ship, no room for rodents or slackers.

So how about it? Are you going to help me out here or do you intend to stand there and gawk all day?

~ Mayterial Droz

The S.S. Fawkes is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet

Latest Mission Posts

» Damage Control

Mission: Hot Couture
Posted on Wednesday January 22nd, 2020 @ 12:48 hours by Mayterial Droz & Mercy


Knowing how she herself felt about the whole thing, Mayterial figured Mercy was also probably still kicking herself for the state Kari had been in. Luckily there had been plenty to do around the ship to keep their minds occupied. Pushing the old girl to her limits in the…

» Tactical Retreat

Mission: Hot Couture
Posted on Monday January 20th, 2020 @ 14:50 hours by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Mercy & Lorpax & Kenzia Nemet & Caras Tracyn & Nali Tali


The sting in Mayterial's leg got worse. What were they thinking going toe to toe with the Orion Syndicate. They were ruthless. She already knew this of course, but she had gotten away with so much under their noses that she had gotten overconfident. Arrogant to the point where…

» The Gala pt2 - Security Breach

Mission: Hot Couture
Posted on Monday January 20th, 2020 @ 14:38 hours by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Mercy


The regular hustle and bustle of a large group of gathered people slowly picks up in volume, it becomes clear that several of the attending parties have lost personal affects over the course of the last hour. There's shouting, accusing and security starting to run about. The security escort…

» The Gala pt2 - Chaos Theory

Mission: Hot Couture
Posted on Saturday January 18th, 2020 @ 20:04 hours by Mayterial Droz & Kenzia Nemet & Caras Tracyn


Having waiting for a reasonable amount of time to make sure that Alexandria and Clint were in a proper position to start their infiltration Mayterial decided it was time to move the second part of the plan into motion. She had singled out a younger man, he appeared human,…

» Healed, but not without pain

Mission: Hot Couture
Posted on Thursday January 16th, 2020 @ 23:31 hours by Lorpax & Mercy

Lorpax made himself at home in the seemingly forgotten Medical Bay. Cleaning had become his first task. Not only did he despise untidiness, the current state of the place could hardly be called sterile. He huffed and puffed as he went, despising being here at all. The Orbital Facility…