S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Welcome to the S.S. Fawkes

   The Fawkes is a 18+ rated game, this is a voluntary rating based on the content of our writing. For more information please read the rules.

Hi there!

Hey you. Yeah you. Can those hands be used for anything other than holding up your pants?

Look, I know what you're expecting. I would give you a long welcoming speech like an actual Starfleet Captain, but unlike the fleeters out there we have to work to earn a living on this boat.

If you help me out with this we can take a quick tour around my boat together. Be careful not to cut yourself on anything though, like a rusty nail or something. Wouldn't want to get a tetanus shot on your first day here. Plus I think the physician used the last one on the deck hand that got bit by a vole. Not that there are any voles on the ship. Of course not. We run a tight ship, no room for rodents or slackers.

So how about it? Are you going to help me out here or do you intend to stand there and gawk all day?

~ Mayterial Droz

The S.S. Fawkes is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet

Latest Mission Posts

» Goodbye, Hello

Mission: Pixie Dust
Posted on Saturday May 18th, 2019 @ 16:34 hours by Mayterial Droz & Taleria Lin MD

"Yes, I've induced a coma in order to preserve neural function." Taleria sighed as she answered yet another barrage of questions from the Physician who had come aboard to retrieve the body of former First Mate Volok. "We couldn't risk relying on our apparatus' for too long with the extent…

» Passing of the Torch

Mission: Pixie Dust
Posted on Friday May 17th, 2019 @ 22:09 hours by Ares Onasis & Colt McCormick & Clinton Westbrooke Jr

It had been incredibly difficult for Ares to crawl out of bed. Colt’s warm body and smooth skin pressed up against her bare back left her wanting to not move ever again. Her body was clean again. Every last ounce of the addictive chemicals she had placed in her body…

» Chance Meetings

Mission: Pixie Dust
Posted on Monday May 13th, 2019 @ 23:30 hours by Mercy & Tobie Fitzsimmons

It was only a matter of time- Tobie reminded herself- before she'd be off station and hooked up with another ship. She tugged at the hose she was wearing where it was bunching at the back of her knee and crossed her legs at the ankle again. Only a matter…

» What's a girl like you doing in a place like this

Mission: Pixie Dust
Posted on Monday May 13th, 2019 @ 23:24 hours by Mayterial Droz

Any outpost, any starbase, no matter how small, had one. A bar where if you stepped in the voices dimmed a moment as everyone looked at you for not belonging there. Usually set in some dim corner of the town, unsavoury characters hanging around in front of the door. It…

» First impressions

Mission: Pixie Dust
Posted on Monday May 13th, 2019 @ 23:23 hours by Mayterial Droz & Clinton Westbrooke Jr

The conditions of the brig and its cells was as dismal as the rest of the outpost would have you believe, the fact that she was sent here to find the new prospect for the Quartermaster role was a little less encouraging. "Clinton Westbrook. Jay, Ar." Mayterial made sure to…