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Name Tristi

Position Signaller

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 17
Known Aliases Triste, Thief, Street Rat

Physical Appearance

Height 5f6
Weight 90lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thin, with a wiry build, Tristi believes she is average looking and considers that a blessing. She wears her hair chopped short,and shaggy. She wears baggy clothing more often than not.

Family & Acquaintances

Father unknown
Mother unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talented pickpocket, A thief with honor. Shows great promise in the world of crime, if she can stop herself from being a garden fanatic. She won’t pick on those weaker than her and is protective of those who cannot help themselves. Quiet, not really someone who talks to others. She works hard and avoids physical contact.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is young, fit, good at running and picking pockets. She can read a con and pull one. Knows how to spot police/security officers even when off duty.
Ambitions To survive. She wants to make a living and maybe one day have a small place on a planet where she can garden.
Quirks & Flaws Tristi cannot swim. She is loyal to those who merit it not because it is asked for.
Passions Gardening. She loves plants


Personal History Tristi was abandoned a birth. She was raised by a state run orphanage until at 5 she ran away. She grew up on the streets of a city called Sydney on Earth. She spent her formative years avoiding the police and stealing what she could. She learnt to pick locks and pick pockets, even electronic locks, she can pick as she stole a device when she was ten that cracks them. At ten she found Earth a hard place to live and with the war, she and others were soon on the run from the police and Social Services

She made her way to a space dock, purely by chance, and found herself on a vessel bound for a federation colony. This vessel was a Biodome. It carried all sorts of plants and the like, in both dirt and Hydroponic storage. She was discovered by the crew and put to work helping keep the plants alive during the journey as payment for her passage. She made a friend in the lead botanist who taught her to read and write as well as gave her a fair amount of knowledge around plants and other systems. She left that ship at 13 to work planet side on a colony, but it never worked out

By 16 she had finally made her way to DS9 by stowing away or battering passage with work. She learned how to use anti gravity lifters at 14, and at 15, a pilot showed her how to handle a ship’s ground vehicle as well as how to fix simple things.

Tristi has been on DS9 a year, she has carved out a niche for herself working as a cargo hauler in the Cargo bays. She has been renting a small room on DS9 and hopes to find herself a new ship to ship out on.