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Ami Lewis

Name Ami Lewis

Position Ship's Physician

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5f6
Weight 120lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Of average height and weight, Ami is rather nondescript. She does not consider herself beautiful nor does she consider herself plain. She runs and swims when possible to keep fit.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse none
Father Not spoken of
Mother Not spoken of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet yet determined that she lead her own life, Ami seems to exist on the edge of the crew’s vision. She is often seen wandering the halls without any sort of direction yet she never approaches the crew, content to let them approach her. She is nice to all who approach her unless proven otherwise.
Strengths & Weaknesses pistols. She can read and write and can patch people up from simple injuries to complex surgeries.
Ambitions To survive. Maybe one day she will get the courage to visit Earth and join the Medical Academy there.
Quirks & Flaws Ami does not talk about her family. She avoids crowds where possible.
Passions Reading, collecting books, running and swimming to keep fit.


Personal History Ami had a normal childhood, and when she was 14 she was accepted to the best medical university on her home world, a small colony where things were much different than on Earth or in the core of the Federation. After graduation, she left her home world and headed into the outer planets of the federation where she worked in many different places before at the age of 24 she joined up with the Fawkes' crew. She is a very competent medical officer and often orders more medical supplies then the crew might need as she intends never to be in a situation where they are low.

Over the years she has taught herself to shoot, and has had training in self defense.


Ami was born Clarissa Amelia Tyr. Born to Augustus Tyr and his wife Georgia, Ami is the youngest of 6 children and the only girl. Her parents saw to her education until the age of 14 when her father lost a bet and she was married off to the son of a high ranking official on her home world. Her home world was so distant from the core of the Federation that children as young as 12 were married off at times.

Her ‘husband’ was several years older than her and allowed her resume her education. She had been accepted to the main medical university on her home world. She studied there for 5 years, and took honors in her Medical and Surgical course.

Her Father in Law, disappointed that she had not had a child, ordered his son to make sure an heir was sired. But the marriage had never been a cordial one, despite his allowance of her studying, it had been done for convenience and not from love. He forced himself on Ami often and she didn’t fight it as she didn’t see the point. Graduating at 20 she planned her escape well.

She waited until her husband was out with friends, and carefully packed two steamer trunks with every item of clothing and such she owned, 6 medium sized antique paintings she didn’t but liked, and a number of other items of value as well as a small lock box which she had, over the past 6 years, stowed every credit she could. Clarissa also added her jewelry to that box. She had them shipped to the spaceport docks and then, collecting her graduation gift from her mother, a leather doctors bag, and slinging her favorite leather jacket over her shoulder, she went to the spaceport and brought passage off world.

Her parting gift to her husband was to burn down their house. She took great pleasure in that.

Over the next few years, she worked where she could, sold off the paintings and when she was 22, learned that her husband had remarried and that she had been declared dead. Eventually she made her way to the Fawkes where she signed on as the Ship's medic. She is a very competent medical officer and often orders more medical supplies then the crew might need as she intends never to be in a situation where they are low.

Things Ami owns outright:

1. Her two personal handguns
2. A small locked box, which holds an unspecified amount of credits and Latinum.
3. Two old fashioned metal bound steamer chests filled with clothes, books and other items.
4. Her leather doctors bag, a graduation gift from her mother
Service Record Ami has worked on many different ships over the years since her 'escape' and she doesn't mind leaving that trail.