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Ares Onasis

Name Ares Onasis

Position First Mate

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ares has long and thick brown hair that is usually worn down and unkempt. She has large dark eyes and a strong jaw that can make any person drop to their knees in intimidation.

Ares has a very athletic and lean muscular build. She focuses much of her energy on making sure her body is at its physical peak performance. She works out for at least an hour every day. She has a slight hourglass figure with a small waist and larger chest and hips and knows how to use her body to her advantage.

Ares often wears ftted black tank tops or t-shirts with fitted black tactical pants and boots. She is also known to wear black short-shorts when she is not working.

Ares has a moderate Greek accent that thickens during her angry outbursts.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Ares’s left arm is covered with a tattoo sleeve that stretches up past her shoulder and to her upper back depicting the River Styx and the gate to the Underworld:

She also has 3 fitted hoop earrings in each earlobe, a fitted silver hoop in her right tragus, and two fitted hoops in her left cartilage. Ares has a three-inch scar along her right side on her torso from a phaser wound while working as a Federation police officer.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children None
Father Nikos Onasis (deceased)
Mother Adriana Onasis (deceased)
Siblings None
Other Family and Acquaintances None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ares is a very strong, tough, and outspoken woman. She has a chip-on-her-shoulder and a desperate need to gain and maintain the upper hand in any and every situation she is put in. She is a warrior and a fighter, both literally and figuratively. She has a very dry and dark sense of humor and sees life with a negative filter.

Ares has a strong attraction to danger and an addiction to the adrenaline rush that accompanies it. She is very impulsive and feeds off the chaos that seems to follow her wherever she goes.

Upon first glance she appears very intimidating, often sporting a cold and fierce look on her face. She hides her emotions and is often called a ‘robot’ by people who don’t truly know her. When she feels comfortable around a person, she shows her true self: loyal, dedicated, and downright funny.

Ares morale compass is a little shaky, focusing her efforts on smuggling and stealing from other criminals and not innocent bystanders. She has a personal vendetta against those who remind her of the man who killed Adam.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Physically and mentally strong
+ Brilliant
+ Funny
+ Loyal
+ Observant
+ Brave
+ Confident
+ Adventurous
+ Passionate

- Stubborn
- Cold
- Egotistical
- Distrusting of others
- Impulsive
- Attracted to dangerous situations
- Intentionally gets under people's skins to see their reactions
Ambitions Ares just wants to stay alive and support herself and her desire to travel and escape her old life. She hopes to someday settle down on a private beach somewhere and live a quiet life after she gets her underlying desire for adventure out of her system.
Quirks & Flaws Ares speaks Greek and English. She has a thick Greek accent maintained from her childhood.

Ares knows how to read people and situations and often messes with people for her own enjoyment.

She likes to portray herself as a lone wolf but has an underlying desire to be a part of a family of some sort.

Ares is incredibly smart and well-read but doesn't let people see her intelligence in order to maintain the upper hand.
Passions + Boxing
+ Surfing
+ Singing and playing the guitar
+ Weightlifting
+ Firearms
+ Drinking and partying
+ Cooking
+ Reading


Personal History Ares was born on the beach island of Mykonos in Greece to two loyal, dependent, and successful restaurant owners. Growing up, she was very close with them, spending most of her free time sitting and watching her parents cook for their customers. Her childhood was boring, and she maintained a ‘good child’ image by doing well in school and always being responsible. She was very close with her parents who supported her and trusted her with minor responsibilities. She could talk to them about anything and everything from school to dating without being embarrassed. Ares’s parents provided a very moderate life, focusing on minimalist living and working hard for everything.

When Ares was 14, her entire world shattered. While coming back from a vacation in a neighboring solar system, Ares’s parents were killed in a freak shuttle accident, leaving Ares orphaned and without any family to take her in during this critical adolescent period. She was immediately placed in a foster group home with ten other teens from mostly unstable backgrounds. Desperate for a new family, Ares fell into the wrong social circle, becoming defiant at home and failing her classes at school. She began getting into physical altercations to assert herself as someone who can take care of herself.

When Ares was 16, a recruiter from the Federation Police Department named Adam Weber witnessed one of Ares’s infamous after-school fights, spotting the fire hidden beneath the tough-girl persona. After learning about her unfortunate circumstances, the recruiter took Ares under his wing and provided a stable and successful future for her. They fell in love even though the recruiter was nearly 13 years her senior and renewed her hope for a stable future.

At 17, Ares moved to San Francisco and began her two-year training with the Federation Police Department to become a police officer. She moved into the dorms with her fellow cadets but often snuck away at nights to be with Adam (due to the potential department backlash the pair kept their romance a secret). Ares’s tough personality suited her well in the academy and her outgoing personality made her one of the more popular cadets among her peers. With the help of Adam, Ares graduated near the top of the class and with the desire to someday promote to be a detective and help those who are not able to help themselves.

When Ares was 21, she and Adam were patrolling the Starfleet Headquarters during the night shift. Adam had proposed to Ares before their shift started. Ares was surprised and excited, but of course wanted to make him wait as a joke. She was going to tell him yes, but said she would give him her answer at end of watch. During their shift, they came upon a highly intoxicated individual who had been loitering around the armory and firing range. While attempting to detain the subject, the subject produced a phaser and immediately shot both Adam and Ares. Adam was killed instantly but Ares only suffered from a side wound and managed to return fire. The suspect was injured and later died in the same hospital Adam was at. Ares’s life fell apart once again after losing the man who had saved her and gave her a new life. She never got the chance to tell Adam she would marry him.

Once again Ares found herself abandoned and alone with no hope of ever being truly happy. Everything good was taken away from her no matter how good she was. She returned to duty after her recovery with a different and negative outlook of the world around her. She was out only to take care of herself and took advantage of the power she was given with the badge. Tired of the minimalist lifestyle provided by her Federation civilian career, Ares began shaking down criminals that reminded her of the man who killed Adam and taking bribes to earn extra money on the side. She soon became involved with smuggling operations and took cuts to protect the involved parties from other criminals. After a year, she was exposed during an investigation and promptly fired but was able to avoid criminal charges due to a technicality.

Once again, Ares was out on her own without a job or a home. At 22 years old, she began seeking a job that would give her a bed and food, no matter the cost. She had sold her guitar, the one given to her as a birthday gift from Adam, funding her random travels and the drug addiction she had developed in order to hide from the neverending heartbreak.