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Vysara Elani

Name Vysara Elani

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 35
Known Aliases Tivra Sarri, Shalini Riseya

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color current/natural – chocolate brown (changes depending on mood)
Eye Color green
Physical Description Elani stands at the average height for a bajoran female. She sports a toned, well built physique which fits in well with her feminine attributes.
A set of ridges graces her nose, as is customary for a member of her species. Her hair colour colour changes depending on mood. Currently she wears her natural colours, chocolate brown shoulder length layered bob and green eyes.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Has a set of nanite tattoos that she can make disappear depending on the situation.

Family & Acquaintances

Father Vysara Teeran - pub owner, Hockden 7
Mother Vysara Baatrys - teacher, Hockden 7

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vysara is at her very core a calm, soft spoken, friendly individual who prefers being away from the spotlight and listening instead of speaking. She's also very adaptable and a good actress, which has come in handy over the course of her career, both in Federation Security and interstellar trade. She is privately also a very direct person and prefers the cold hard truth over sugarcoating.

She is however loyal to the Federation and its tenets, aswell as her current crew/team. Elani will however not let morality get in the way of her performing her duty, unless it grossly violates what she is fighting for. This make her a less than ideal 'yes-man' but rather an intelligent, calculating, insightful person.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong technical/engineering background, mainly propulsion engineering, sensor operations and structural engineering
+ Excellent physical shape
+ Makes connections quickly and able to improvise with ease
+ Qualified shuttle pilot, less so of a civillian ship

+/- highly driven and task focused

- often doesn't know how to relax (needs to be forced into it)
- can come off as aloof
- often appears standoffish due to her directness in conversation when not assignment oriented
- she prefers cold hard facts and evidence even when faced with theories and assumptions which often leads to frustration
- aside from basic First Aid and Anatomy, Elani is very poor in the social, medical and physical/stellar sciences
- often suffers from insomnia
Ambitions She wants to find a job to finally settle in, maybe one day richly retire to a lush, backwater planet.
Quirks & Flaws Speak with a soft accent, which was influenced by people she hung around with and grew up with on Hockden 7 (sounds similar to earth french).
Passions Elani is an avid reader. She like to read up on latest technical methods and starship construction manuals as much as she likes to read a good crime novel - or better recreate it on a holodeck. She's also a decent cook and mixologist.


Personal History Elani was born in 2360 to Baatrys and Teeran on Hockden 7. Her parents arrived to Hockden as refugees several years earlier seeking asylum. As such, she was born a Federation citizen, which afforded her good schooling and opportunities. She showed her technical inquisitive mind from the early age, especially in trying to find out why things failed and bad things happened.
Her planet had seen quite a few battles in orbit and in nearby systems during the Dominion War, housing refugees and offering aid to injured officers, which sparked her interest in investigation, especially accident investigation.
After basic education she attended the Zephram Cochrane Highschool, she applied for apprenticeship at Federation Security and was quickly accepted.

That place exposed her to a whole new side of life, not just Federation life, but life in general. The Division's assignments took them across Federation worlds, wherever there were dubious circumstances of accidents that needed to be investigated, from the collapse of the Shen Yu Mine on Coridan to the SS Syracuse crash on Tigan Seven, to the toxin leak on Pharia.

It was during such difficult cases that Elani learned to really look at problems and clues, rather than just rely on readouts. She learned to use her mind and skill as well as her tech.

This would lead her to be promoted to Investigator In Charge of her own team in 2383. She held this position for six years before the opening she was gunning for opened up in 2389. A lead position on a Crime Scene Investigations team.

The next three years would exhaust the bajoran physically and mentally as the team was faced with the worst the Federation had to offer. Criminals, scammers, killers, smugglers, slavers. While she revelled in each win, the losses amounted and Elani found it harder and harder to deal with, developing intermitten insomnia to boot.

Accident Investigations had began to seem easy and clear cut. For a bit she considered transferring back, but had began to believe it wouldn't help, after things she had seen and witnessed.

So, in 2392 Vysara resigned her comission with Federation Security. Having accumulated some savings, she spent the next year travelling and trying to get herself into the right head space.

Her first civillian contract came her way by an accident more than by search. The SS Sharra's Gift, an antares class cruiser, operating out of Barzan II. The ship was in need of an Engineer for a supply run to the nearby system and the Captain was offering a hefty sum of latinum as recompense.

In need of more resources at the end of her year long sabbatical-trip, Elani accepted the contract and found that she actually loved working as an engineer again, especially on an old ship, using all of her skill to coax as much as she could out of the vessel.

She bounced from contract to contract over the next few years but the constant changes began to grow tiring and she found herself wanting a steady gig, especially when she would have to use an alias in areas she had worked before as part of Federation Security. So when an offer was posted by Captain Droz of the SS Fawkes, Elani jumped the chance, hoping to make it past more than one contract on the aging Groumal class ship, which in itself was a challenge the bajoran was looking forward to.
Service Record 2378 – 2383 –
Federation Security – Accident Investigations Division – Engineer/Technitian

2383 - 2389 -
Federation Security - Investigator In Charge - Accident Investigations Team 7

2389 - 2392 -
Federation Security - Investigator In Charge - Crime Scene Investigations Team 4

2392 - resigns comission with Federation Security

2393 - 2395 - various short term civilian contracts, among them stint as Engineer on SS Sharra's Gift

2395 - Engineer, SS Fawkes