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Colt McCormick

Name Colt McCormick

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown with some barely noticeable strands of grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Colt is of average height but is very muscular. He has broad shoulders and a small waist gained from many hours spent in the gym. He has a strong diamond-shaped jaw and very expressive eyebrows. He keeps his hair short and disheveled and his face unshaven with short scruff.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Colt has many scars all over his body from his time working in the criminal underworld. He most notably has a scar running on the underside of his left forearm from his wrist to the inside of his elbow. It was earned during a fight outside of his club when one of his workers was being harassed by a customer of his club.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children None
Father Naethan McCormick
Mother Allyce McCormick
Siblings None
Other Family and Acquaintances None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Colt is a playboy and subsequent man-child. He is very charming and easy-going. He knows how to talk to people and make them feel at ease. His main focus in life is making money, but having fun is a close second. He doesn't believe in commitments (unless the commitments earn him a solid paycheck) and often has a new bed partner every night.

While he maintains a foot in the underworld, his intentions within it are fairly innocent. While earning a substantial living where he doesn't have to worry about his day-to-day life, Colt believes in spreading joy and fun wherever he goes. He knows how to read people and find out what they want so he can provide the best experience for his customers (and earn the most profits).

Colt also has a bit of a darker side from his younger days of earning a reputation in the underworld. He has tried different careers, some more hardcore than others, but settled on providing men and women access to more innocent vices. He didn't enjoy causing others pain as it never ended in him earning more money. Many criminals enjoy the thrill of torture; Colt found it sickening and disheartening. He keeps his past to himself and finds that others will use his past against him to gain an advantage over him.

Colt also has a large fondness for women. He enjoys being in their company and the power the can gain with just only a bat of their eyes. He doesn't believe in commitment, as he has not found the right woman, finding the most joy from making a woman feel more confident about herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Confident
+ Charming
+ Charismatic
+ Generous
+ Hard worker
+ Funny
+ Goofy
+ Intuitive

- Women
- Money
- Secretive
- Facetious
- Manipulative
Ambitions To earn as much money from his business and investments as he can and to have as much fun while doing it.
Passions Women, money, drinking, working out, gambling, partying


Personal History Colt was born in Kelso, Scotland to two hard-working though not very well off people. They lived a simple life in a small house where Colt focused on trying to make friends and earn a bit of extra cash to buy the things his parents could never afford to get for him and themselves. Living with less than average gave him the drive to get creative with finding and earning profits. He did very well, earning a reputation in his small town as a young small-time player. However, he was never malicious with his businesses. He always found a way to help people (or at least make them feel like he helped them) while gaining their money.

Colt did average in school, finding the classroom life boring. He mostly spent his time daydreaming about escaping his small and mundane town and becoming one of the most well-known businessmen in the quadrant, and then the galaxy. He was a very good looking child, earning the admirations of his schoolmates and was highly sought after. He enjoyed this positive attention and it would become vital for him to maintain the amount throughout his adulthood. It had inspired his current and most profitable business to date.

After graduation, Colt took everything he had saved up, packed a bag, and headed off to a remote post in the Alpha Quadrant. Upon arrival he was mugged and his items and most of his money taken from him within an instant. Luckily he had planned for something like that to happen and was able to store away enough to keep him on his feet until he earned a steady income. This was how he got sucked into the underworld way of earning a living.

Colt began taking on random jobs for local crime associates, anything and everything from loansharking to enforcement, to security and beyond. He tried his hand in arms dealing and drug dealing but always felt a bit of guilt of being a part of a perpetual problem that was impossible for the Federation to solve. It was also incredibly dangerous work, and Colt hated the feeling of being on edge day and night.

On Colt's 25th birthday, he walked into a seedy strip club that was run by one of his bosses. It was dark and gringy and depressing. The girls were all in a daze (obviously forcing themselves onto drugs in order to get through another night) and the customers were mean and gross and, worst of all, cheap. His boss had always complained that the club ate into his profits and he was sick of it. Colt, who had been scrimping and saving for any opportunity that may come at any time, asked to purchase the club. It made him sick to see women being treated so poorly and he knew he would be able to turn it around and make a killing. The boss, looking to cut ties from that part of the quadrant, accepted the deal and handed the keys over.

Colt immediately cleaned up the building, turning it into a brighter and more youthful and energetic building. He set strict rules for the girls, making sure they all stayed clean and actually enjoyed the work. He was also strict with customers and was quick to throw out a customer if they became too beligerent. Colt gained the respect from the women and men who worked for him and was a crowd favorite whenever he made an appearance at the club. He turned his life passions into something he was proud of. He was also now able to send money home to his parents to help them live a better life. They never asked where he got the money from and he never told them.

Colt expanded his club into a gambling hall after he was approached by an associate who believed the two business worked hand-in-hand. He put in money and was given a portion of the profits every month. They were able to buy off the local law enforcement since they never caused any real troubles for them and Colt and his associates were always self-policing. Colt was proud of how far he had come and was living the dream he always had as a boy.