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Taleria Lin

Name Taleria Hurran Lin MD

Position Ship's Physician

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (joined)
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description A well developed woman of medium height. She is a good looking woman, but the first thing noticeable is the aura of gentleness and calm she carries about herself, and only then the typical Trill spots that run down her neck. She always keeps her hair away from her face when on duty, but in an elaborate and nicely styled bun, or a ponytail variety, but never the same style two days in a row. Her hair is blonde, complemented by blue eyes.
Distinguishing Marks or Features typical brown spots distinctive to the Trill species

Family & Acquaintances

Father Varion Telchar - architect
Mother Elestrina Telchar - biologist
Siblings Jenza Telchar (sister) - Trill Secondary Education

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taleria is a healer in the fullest sense of the word. Whether it be physical or psychological, she will do her best to assist. While she is relatively young, the long years and experience of the Lin symbiont have tempered her youthful ways, and given her the aura of gentleness, calm and experience. A ready smile for anyone, and always up for a light hearted conversation, she enjoys being among people and getting to know them.

Taleria is a professional in every sense of the word, and is able to compartmentalize and prioritize with ease. When serious is needed, she puts on a completely neutral and professional face, and will do her job without question, save in the case when her medical authority supersedes that of the superior colleague, in that case she will do what she believes is correct for her patient.

She's a trained singer and has a lovely mezzosoprano/alto tone of voice. Combined with the musical talent of Anzid, the first Lin host, with the flute, she can sometimes be found playing the flute while in her quarters or softly singing or practicing lyrics.

With 6 lifetimes behind her she has gained a sense of ease with herself and the world, while remaining conscious of difficulties of life. She has also come to realize that she has the capacity of patience, sometimes seeming endless and all encompassing, according to several close friends of hers.

Given her experiences, she has little taste for the usual and ordinary, so she will often be seen doing the most unlikely things and befriending the underdogs. Same goes for her taste in men, the more unusual and out of the norm they are, the more she likes them. But for someone to capture her heart and affections, they have to truly be special.

On a physical level, she keeps up her stamina and endurance via running and swimming, as a host needs to be in good physical condition to deal with the necessities and unpredictabilities of Starfleet life and space-faring life in general.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Due to her joined state she possesses a vast amount of knowledge in many fields (see list of hosts), knowledge which she has good access to due to the successful and equal blending of the host Taleria and the symbiont Lin. Being herself a patient person, having been joined to Lin she got the art perfected to a whole new level so now, to the onlooker it seems that she has endless amounts of patience. She's naturally a calm person, and with the Initiate Training and the intense meditation she's had to do while in it, she's learned to keep a cool head under pressure and to keep control.

She's a brilliant and intuitive physician, not just relying on the book knowledge but actually living and breathing like a healer and identifier of ills and injuries. On a personal side of things she's a very sociable person who's going to try and do just about anything (within reason and decorum of course). She's also a very good listener, and very open to people so they do tend to come and talk to her and confide in her about things.


She can sometimes seem too aloof and distant due to her calm and cool attitude, but to anyone who knows her they know she's just being professional. Taleria despises combat from the depths of her being, as a result of which she only just managed to scrape the 'pass' line on the self defense and combat courses at the Academy. Via Lin she did gain more insight and knowledge into both, but she is loathe to use it, and she would rather talk someone down than to knock them out, which has not always worked to her advantage.

Like some Trill, she gets dizzy after using the transporter. The effect sometimes dissipates immediately upon rematerialization, but sometimes it stays in effect for a while. When explaining things or talking about past experiences she tends to go off on a tangent, and sometimes needs to be reminded that she's in company or that time is of the essence.

She has the typical Trill allergies to insect bites. While she's not had this fear before she was joined, ever since the joining, she has suffered from the anxiety of sitting in the 'Captain's Chair' - reason: the extremely violent death of the previous Lin host, Baran. The Lin symbiont still suffers from the trauma suffered then, but it has been managed to tolerable levels. For this reason, Taleria refuses to step into the Command line and get her own command one day.

Ambitions To run her own medical practice one day.
Quirks & Flaws Eventhough she's been joined for a while, Taleria is still finding out all the little quirks she's acquired and lost through the joining with Lin. She likes to knit apparently, something she never knew how to do before, since she was joined. She has also developed a flare for changing her hair colour every so often, which at times annoys the host herself, as she likes her natural blonde locks.

Previous hosts:
1. Anzid Varan - musician
2. Marta Gavran - propulsion engineer
3. Gallia Korvallen - alien anthropologist/exo-archaeologist
4. Norvan Pelleny - medical forensic officer
5. Valora Halez - Science Instructor - Starfleet Academy
6. Baran Othrell - Commanding Officer - USS Hendriary - A
Passions Catching up on Medical works, reading, socialising, swimming, running, tasting various new foods, singing, playing the flute, learning to cook new food when she has free time (she's actually a decent cook).


Personal History Born on the Trill Homeworld as the eldest child to the Telchar family. Ever since childhood she displayed a healer’s mind, heart and skill. Her mind was always practical and mostly organised. It was at that time (2368.) that the Telchar family moved to live on Earth where Elestrina Telchar (Taleria's mother) was given a position on the Federation Medical Council. Once there Taleria practically begged to be let to attend the Henry McCoy Medical High-School. She very much wanted to be a Physician. The only condition was that she entered the Symbiont Host Competition and train for a host for three years. And she managed it. In 2380 she enrolled into SFA. During winter break in her second year she was chosen as the next host for the Lin symbiont, however she was not to be joined yet, but as was the protocol, the hosts were chosen in advance based on compatibility, drive and accomplishments during training and in life. She graduated in 2384. in the top 25 percentile.

Taleria spent her residency years on the USS Prague, a medical ship, a veteran of the Dominion war. Her years there were spent in the perfection of her craft, and focus on her studies. She'd made some friends there, one of which was a feisty, extremely sarcastic Bajoran doctor, Nimh Ahressa. The two became friends, and had stayed in contact eversince.

Her next posting took her to the USS Nicaragua, where she stayed for the next 6 years, rising through the ranks to the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. In early 2390 (February 3rd), the Nicaragua was sent to aid the USS Hendriary-A, a Korolev class cruiser that had just barely survived their disastrous encounter with the Kinshaya . It was sheer luck that the ship was commanded by one Baran Lin, the current host of the Lin symbiont. It was fortune that they were within 96 hours of Trill, and that they had the next host in line for Lin on the Nicaragua already, Captain Baran Lin having been killed in the incident. On February 5th, 2390, Taleria Telchar became Taleria Lin. Coping with 6 powerful identities was hard but Taleria managed to prevail, accepting a few traits of her previous hosts along the way.
She'd had a brief relationship with the ship's Chief Engineer, which fell through due to his unfaithful nature.

The Nicaragua was decommissioned in 2393, leaving Taleria up for a transfer.

The next transfer lead her to the USS Cassini. In 2394 she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and having already held the post of Chief Medical Officer, she was assigned as the ship's second officer, due to her vast command knowledge as the previous Lin host, one Captain Baran Lin. Taleria made several good friends on the ship, namely the ship's Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Hira Arihashi. She had also made friends with the Chief of the Boat, SCPO JL Hansen, and the Scientist's Mate Kira Henwick. She maintained a fairly difficult, but solid friendship with Ralf Thomassen, the ship's Commanding Officer which had recently turned into a full fledged yet just as complicated relationship.

However that relationship was not to last, as both Thomassen, and Lin had their problems with the Nicodia mission where the team Lin was part of was captured, where Lin was tortured and nearly killed. Due to her joined state, this harrowing event left some psychological and physical issues with Lin, and she had requested a leave of absence to receive treatment on Trill. During the year she was in treatment, Thomassen broke off the tentative relationship and went on his way.

In 2395, Lin was pronounced mentally and physically fit to go back on duty. However, with everything that had happened in the past few years had made Lin re-evaluate her role in Starfleet. She had received an offer from the Federation Health Organization to join their ranks and was beginning to consider a new path in her life. Perhaps a new link in the chain was needed? Taleria agreed to meet with a representative at Langley Station. Having had some latinum saved up, Taleria booked transport on the S.S. Fawkes and she didn’t mind a few stops along the way.
Service Record 2380-2384 - Starfleet Academy (Medical Training - specialization: Virology and Immunology)
2384-2386 - USS Prague (Medical Resident)
2386-2390 - USS Nicaragua (Medical Officer)
2390-2392 - USS Nicaragua (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
2393- USS Nicaragua decommissioned
2393-2393 - USS Cassini (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
2393-2394 - USS Cassini (Chief Medical Officer)
2394-2395 – Medical Leave of Absence, Underwent Host-Symbiont Reassociation Therapy
2395–pres - cleared for duty but resigns Starfleet Service to pursue new venues