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Maja Angelova

Name Maja Angelova

Position Master-at-Arms

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33
Known Aliases Mia, Angel (No last names.)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 173 lbs
Hair Color Mostly Black/White Streaks
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Maja is a solid woman. She's not "heavy" by any means, but she keeps herself fit and doesn't mind carrying the weight that the muscle brings. Her hair is naturally black, but several injuries to her scalp over the years have created random spots to grow out white and mix with the rest. She keeps it long but braided back out of her face. There's a multitude of scars in a multitude of places from a clear multitude of sources... Don't ask.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Scars; Black and White Hair

Family & Acquaintances

Father Vik Angelov
Mother Mira Basso Angelova

Personality & Traits

General Overview What... What... What, really, should we say about Maja? Her last name has connections to the heavenly creature known on Earth as an "angel," but good gods, she ain't no angel. She grew up in a hard place and she became a hard woman. Who really could be surprised, of course. She seems to care about little, but she actually feels things quite deeply. She doesn't mind being around people. She doesn't mind being alone.

Having spent plenty of time brawling and shooting, she's as good with weapons as she is with her fists, but still... Maybe she's taken one too many blows to the head? Sometimes, she seems perfectly normal. Other times, there's just something wrong about her. It might be obvious or it might be that weird feeling you can't shake. One never really knows which Maja they'll get on any given day. But, personality quirks aside, she has one thing going for her: when she has a job, she gets the job done. One way or another.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strong mentally and physically, good fighter, can think strategically (though no tactical genius), hard worker.

Weaknesses: A little (or more) touched in the head, will shoot first and ask questions never when given the chance, acerbic wit. A little bloodthirsty at times...
Ambitions She really doesn't have any. She grew up "just living" and that's how she gets by. It's day-to-day for her, with little thought to the future beyond the next few days.
Quirks & Flaws Maja is covered in scars. There's some on her face and others on her body. The things never seem to fade, though she's the only one who knows why that is.
Passions In many ways, Maja is passionate about everything she does...which might at times look like she's passionate about nothing.


Personal History Some say that if a person stays in one place long enough, they become that place. It's like the person soaks in their surroundings and it changes the person. People don't talk so often about the other side. They don't mention, or even realize, that if a person stays in one place long enough, the place becomes them. Few people realize that a place can soak in the people that live there and became like the people; a place where bad people live will never be good or clean again, no matter what you do... As if it likes being dirty.

Turkana IV is such a place. They probably should have blasted that heap of rock out of the sky by now, for all the trouble it's caused and all the lives it's ruined. But they haven't.

You only come to live on a place like this for one of two reasons. Either you land there by accident, or you're up to no good. Those in the former category do all they can to escape. The majority of the population belongs to the latter, however. Over the past several years, any attempts at aiding the people of the failed colony have been given up. Neither the planet nor the people on it seem to want any help, so now the underground tunnels and city-like places are primarily havens for any number of vices.

Maja Angelova was born into this world. Her parents were smugglers who had set up shop there two years before Maja was born. They were beyond Federation Law and unashamed of it, but they were good parents, in as far as they could be. They did not leave Turkana IV, but they protected their daughter from the violence around them. Still, the planet and the people in their ever-moving cycle of negativity fed into the growth of the child. She grew up always ready for a fight and with a 'chip on her shoulder.'

She grew up damaged.

When she was nine, she began helping her parents' smuggling. They worked in drug and weapon contraband, using their small ship to connect with larger ships in the same rings. Occasionally, they ventured to bases and planets and used their daughter to hide things. Security was usually laxer for small children like her. By the age of thirteen, she had perfected her technique for looking small, helpless, and cute.

It wasn't actually as perfect as she thought it was, however, and when she was sixteen, she was arrested along with her parents. As a juvenile, she wasn't charged. Her parents were found guilty and sent to a penal colony while words like "foster care" and "problem child" were thrown about and caught by Maja's ears. Well, she didn't think too much about that. She used some of those skills her parents taught her and she escaped, stowing away on the first merchant vessel she could find.

* * *

This became her life.

She worked at all manner of jobs, and she did her best at everything she did. She never took any crap from anyone, and those who suggested "alternate" work or means of payment for passage...well, they were lucky if they managed to walk away under their own power. She knew herself and wouldn't subject it for anyone.

Sometimes, she became attached to a ship and its crew. They even might have said they were attached to her. Other times, she kept to herself, kept her head down, and just did the work. Whatever happened, she always got the job done. Eventually, her inherent violent nature led her towards the security-oriented jobs and even a few pitfights on a station or colony here or there.

Now that Maja is once again a free agent, she's started looking for her next ship...