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T'maekh Hwaerianh

Name T'maekh Hwaerianh

Position Boatswain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 39
Known Aliases Real name: Subcommander Terrh Jhaelaa

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3" or 1.9 metres
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel/green varies according to local lighting
Physical Description Tall and broad-shouldered (by human standards), T’maekh usually tilts on his left hip, his arms loosely by his side. His jet black hair falls in messy waves around his shoulders and frames his squarish face. He can often be seen habitually tucking strands of hair behind a pointed ear. His nose is wide, his eyebrows full and swept upwards. His hazel-green eyes seem to vary in colour under different lighting and his wide mouth is set straight above a strong chin.

His clothing is typically simple and utilitarian: a simple linen or cotton shirt, the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Loose, rugged pants (trousers) with pockets in the thighs are held in place by suspenders (braces) which have their own small pouches built in. Sturdy boots, scuffed and scraped from their once black colour are now a sort of marked and stained grey. T’maekh often wears a battered brown leather jacket with reinforced shoulder-pads, a throwback to Romulan fashion. He is never without a grey and black-flecked knitted infinity scarf that hangs loosely from his neck and over his chest.
Distinguishing Marks or Features None

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse Aidoann Jhaelaa - A Stellar Cartographer currently stationed on Hfihar station
Children Maec Jhaelaa (boy) currently eight years old and fascinated by animals. At last check, aspiring to be a veternarian.
Father Centurion S’Tev Jhaelaa, Tal'Shiar Operative - Infantry Support Commander aboard the IRW Rh'vaurek
Mother Centurion Saeihr Jhaelaa, Tal'Shiar Operative - Counter-Espionage Agent
Siblings None
Other Family and Acquaintances An uncle in the Romulan Republic that none of the rest of the family speak to.
Grandfather Maiek Jhaelaa - Paternal Grandfather and key carer for much of his early childhood

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview:
T’maekh is naturally secretive, although typical for a Romulan, in his case it is a full-on protection system designed to keep him and his family safe. He portrays a gregarious, outgoing and calm demeanour, which hides seventeen separate layers of paranoia and safety.
T’maekh makes sure he is openly welcoming, friendly to all and inquisitive about people and their lives, but will attempt to deflect or redirect questions about himself. He often forces a smile, or a laugh and tries to portray an open, optimistic appearance, but it is all fake.
T’maekh likes to think things through before taking decisions and relies on preparedness and backup contingencies to get him out of scrapes.
T’maekh is not a bad person, but he is careful, closed off and a natural liar. He will, however, stand up for those who can’t defend themselves, resenting bullies and the arrogant who decide they can control others. This is the only time when his facade may slip and he risks exposing a real emotion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
T’maekh is physically hardy, not super-strong by Romulan standards, but has the will to endure even the harshest or most uncomfortable of situations for an extended time.
His military training means he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship and he specialises in piloting. Though he has the ability to pilot most starships, he has a keen grasp of smaller reconnaissance and fighter craft. He finds larger, older craft to be sluggish and interminably unresponsive, leading to outbursts of impatience.
He has an affinity for computers and programming, trained as he is in cyber-infiltration.
He is hard to manipulate or control, choosing his own path based on his judgement, rather than following someone else’s orders or ideals. He often varies the goals and directives he has been given to suit his own purposes.

T’maekh is naturally deceitful and prone to adopting a persona that puts other people at ease. He does this to hide his real name, background and to keep his family safe, but he is almost never “real” with anyone he meets.
He is automatically cagey and the first thing he says to anyone is almost always a half-truth or a lie.
T’maekh often takes shortcuts to reach his goals, including half-completing tasks to the “adequate” level. His coding, for example, leaves a lot of unfinished callbacks and defunct subroutines get labelled “delete me” then left in anyway.
He has a disregard for property, in as much as if he needs it, he’ll use it and if it breaks, so be it. He doesn’t tend to look after himself, or his own equipment particularly well. If people “lend” him something they don’t always get it back.
Ambitions T’maekh hopes right now extend as far as protecting his family, getting away from what’s left of the Romulan Star Empire and the Tal'Shiar. He hopes to live a life away from scrutiny and establish some kind of security for himself by hiding. Then after that, maybe he can come up with a plan to reunite himself with his family without putting them at risk.
Quirks & Flaws T’maekh has deliberately grown his hair out to change his appearance and as such it is a little unruly. He frequently habitually tosses his head to get hair out of his face, or tucks it behind an ear.
T’maekh also has a tendency towards impatience, he moves quickly, taking rapid steps to make up for his short stature and is easily irritated by having to wait for something to be completed before the next thing comes up. Often this manifests in T’maekh banging PADDs and Tricorders against a bulkhead, in a bid to get them to work faster.
Passions Subterfuge and misdirection come easily to T’maekh, but he also has a flair for haphazard and slapdash computer coding. He is particularly fond of crafting complex holo-matrices, always looking to improve the “realism” of holographic simulations both of people and environments. Predictive algorithms come easily to T’maekh, stemming from his talent for understanding people’s motivations.
T’maekh is also a capable pilot who loves pushing the systems of a craft to their limit to see what they can do.


Personal History Born on Romulus, in a suburban part of the Capitol, both “T’maekh’s” parents were Tal'Shiar operatives: Centurions stationed aboard the D’deridex class warbird IRW Rh'vaurek. When Terrh Jhaelaa was born his mother and father took a brief parental leave, then placed him in the care of his paternal grandfather, Maeik. Terrh’s parents’ lifestyle meant that they rarely saw their son, except in the occasional message, or holo-recording. Maeik raised Terrh to be a patriotic Romulan, proud of the traditions and strengths of his people.
As per his parent’s wishes, the plan was for Terrh’s education to aim specifically at joining the Tal'Shiar. In between his studies, Terrh explored the outdoor life with his grandfather, played games with the local children and generally led a normal, suburban Romulan life.
As he matured, Terrh displayed aptitude for both physical and mental skills, with a lean towards computer programming as a stand out discipline. He was sponsored to the Romulan Intelligence Academy by a “friend of the family”, graduated and inducted quickly into Tal'Shiar service as an infiltration specialist with focus on piloting stealth craft and hacking local computer systems.
He proved capable and diligent in his duties, even when assigned a run-of-the-mill analyst job on a listening outpost. It was there that he met Aidoann, a young Stellar Cartographer working on the same space station orbiting Terix II.
Terrh liked Aidoann from the minute he saw her and set about pursuing her. She knew him for a Tal’Shiar analyst although he always denied it. He sought out information about her and used that to craft dating opportunities. Eventually she gave in and allowed him to escort her on a picnic. During the holodeck excursion, Aidoann found herself drawn to the man beneath the Tal’Shiar training, realising that a strong, passionate and above all kind Romulan man was hidden underneath.
They married two years later.
Terrh was made Sub-Commander and by the time of the supernova and the destruction of Romulus was serving as a pilot of Reconnaissance craft, far from Terix system.
Like so many others Terrh lost his grandfather, though his mother and father were off-world in their regular Tal'Shiar duties. Sub-Commander Terrh was emotionally devastated by the loss of his grandfather and failed, like so many others, to get a grip on his grief. While some Romulans chose to mourn, marking themselves with tattoos of grief and loss, Terrh threw himself into his work. The long-distance relationship with his wife was difficult and verged on collapse until eventually he asked for a term of leave in order to see her. A short vacation later and they had patched things up, agreeing that wherever in the galaxy they were, they were still a family. The loss of their homeworld meant that every moment was precious. Terrh pledged himself again to Aidoann and, though he didn’t know it, she was pregnant when he returned to his ship.
In the wake of the supernova, Terrh embraced the Tal'Shiar ideals of safety through control, adopting the doctrine that only with power would the now scattered Romulan people be safe. He kept in regular contact with Aidoann and his baby boy, named Maiek, via subspace and he used every opportunity to meet up despite their careers taking them all across the former Empire.
He renewed his dedication, embarking on more difficult and more stringent missions, until the day he was ordered, along with a contingent of Tal'Shiar troops to a remote colony on the edge of Romulan space.
The colonists had been designated terrorists by the Tal'Shiar and were marked for investigation and removal. Subcommander Terrh expected to do a couple of reconnaissance passes, identify targets and surgically eliminate them from low-orbit. Instead the entire settlement was designated a target and Terrh was ordered to level the town. He queried the order and on his second low pass noticed a school, several farms, shops and other civilian operations which he duly reported. His report was rejected and his order asserted.
As the other Tal'Shiar snakeheads began to pummel the settlement, Terrh found himself in a dilemma: how could the organisation dedicated to the preservation of Romulan life, be destroying men, women and children seemingly without mercy?
Terrh acted against his own squadron, defending the spaceport as people fled to shuttles. He destroyed several Snakehead craft before he himself was shot down, but in the process he bought time for a very few shuttles to escape.
Terrh pulled himself from the wreckage of his craft, even as his former squadron swung back for a final run. Stripping off his uniform and insignia he ran from the crash site, self-destructing the craft behind him and heading for the colony town. Without much of a plan, he headed for the heavily damaged spaceport, he where he joined the refugees trying to escape. Terrh piloted the last shuttle, packed with people of all ages, using every trick he knew to escape the Snakehead patrols and the watchful eye of the Tal'Shiar Warbird in orbit. They barely made it with their lives and the heavily damaged shuttle limped away at low warp.
Terrh plotted a course for an unaligned colony in the neutral zone, marking a long route with several course changes in order to throw off any pursues. He remembered the horror of huddling down with the other refugees, of the replicators struggling to provide food and water; the stench of so many clustered together and the cold chill of becoming used to disposing of the unfortunate dead.
It was subcommander Terrh who piloted the shuttle out of the colony spaceport, but it was T’maekh Hwaerianh, an identity taken from a dead man beamed into space, that landed them at the small colony world nearly a week later.
The colony offered little in the way of reprieve and T’maekh eventually stole the shuttle, forging a pilot’s license and heading out to try and keep his distance from the Tal'Shiar and his family in order to keep them safe. The shuttle was sold for scrap and T’maekh kept moving on, working for whomever would pay. For a time he accepted a job as crew for a Ferengi merchant. Happy to be given food, lodging and no questions asked, he worked for nearly nothing. It wasn’t long before the rest of the crew resented his hard work and diligence. They insisted he was undercutting their salary and before long they “arranged for a transfer” for him.
T’maekh then became Pilot’s mate, essentially a do-anything, go anywhere dogsbody for the pilot owner of a Kitarian scavenger. The Captain began to take jobs scavenging wreckage from battlefields, first the Dominion War, which took them to the Cardassian and Klingon borders. When someone began to pay for Romulan salvage, T’maekh realised he was getting closer to Aidoann again and jumped ship, finding a posting aboard the SS Fawkes.
Service Record As Terrh Jhaelaa:
2378-2382 - Romulan Imperial Intelligence Academy - Graduated with honours - Majored in Artificial Intelligence Alogrithmic Development Techniques, Minored in Reconaissance and Intelligence Gathering.
2382 - Tal'Shiar Sub-Lieutenant - Intelligence Analysis Division - Assigned to Terix II listening post
2385 - Tal'Shiar Lieutentant - Reconnaissance Wing - IRW S'Tokkr
2385 - Hobus Supernova
2386 - Tal'Shiar Centurion - Wing Commander Reconnaissance Wing - IRW S’Tokkr
2389 - Tal'Shiar Subcommander - Special Operation Division - Counter-Terrorist Group - Artaleirh Starbase

As T’Maekh Hwaerianh:
2391 - Freelance Interplanetary Shuttle Pilot
2393 - Ordinary Deckhand - The Nagus’ Purse
2393 - Pilot’s Mate - The Lucky Selthound
2395 - Assigned Boatswain SS Fawkes