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Kala Marika

Name Kala Marika

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 35
Known Aliases Kali

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 2in / 1.57m
Weight 120lbs / 55kg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kala is of average build for her size, all 5ft 2in of it. She grows her (died blonde) hair out to just below her shoulders, letting it fall naturally into place in a clean but messy style. Framing an exquisite face unmarred by life, her face is soft, brown eyes split by a delicate set of ridges along her nose, the trademark feature of her race. She keeps herself in shape through regular exercise though her body doesn't display much tone or muscle. While she wouldn't win any strength contests she is surprisingly strong for her stature.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Lack of the traditional Bajoran earring, the earring being symbolic of a belief she does not hold.

Family & Acquaintances

Father Tuyro Marika
Mother Meru Jatrem
Siblings Akorem Marika

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kala is inquisitive and outgoing though a bit on the shy side. She prefers working with people she knows so may seem a bit quiet at first but once she's had time to size up a person, she easily opens up. Despite her shyness, she also enjoys flirting with guys, usually the geek type finding them to be the most interesting to chat with. Raised on Earth, Kala was raised on a mix of Terran and Bajoran cuisine, with a sprinkling of other Federation worlds thrown in. In short, while is not adventurous with her food, she is willing to try most foods at least once. Also to note, as seen by the lack of the earring on her left ear, is her belief, or more accurately, her disbelief in the Bajoran gods.She does not see them as gods, merely as non-corporeal entities that exist outside the flow of time. She respects the influence they hold on her people, but does not believe they guide her in life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kala can be a bit scatterbrained at times, easily losing things like her padd's, combadge, etc. She finds herself engaged by variety and disengaged by routine boring tasks. It's almost as if she craves chaos, which is funny considering how badly she tends to handle it. Having been like that since her teens, Kala has learned to compensate with technology and daily ritual that helps her keep track of things. That need to organize her life so she can remain on track means that she tends to be very disciplined and will show up where, when, and why she agreed to. It's that level of discipline and need to think logically that made working with technology and in a lab a good fit for her. The flip side to that is that when confronted with chaos and confusion she finds it harder to cope and sometimes, the frustration of the moment boils over and she snaps, taking that frustration out those around her, even if she doesn't want to or means to. It also means that at times she is hard to get along with, despite her otherwise laid back and happy personality.
Passions Anything tech, she's always tinkering with things, figuring out how they work, or how to make them do things the original designer never intended for them to do, sometimes simple, sometimes not


Personal History Born to 2nd Generation Bajoran expats (Dad) and (Mom) on May 12, (year) in Paris, France. Kala is the youngest of two children. Her brother, Akorem, serves at Starfleet Academy as an instructor. Kala's early years were very liberal, her parent's gave her free reign to explore whatever she wanted to. As she grew, Kala developed a fondness for living things. She spent hours exploring the land around her parent's property on earth. By her mid teens, Kala had developed skills in a number of outdoor activities. These activities were mainly aimed at letting her go farther afield in her explorations. By 16 she was proficient at climbing, hiking, as well as some rudimentary piloting skills in small craft.One frustrating aspect of growing up on Earth however, being a Bajoran and the daughter of expats, was the ignorance of her classmates, the assumption that she was a 'rescue' a Bajoran pulled from Bajor and emotionally scarred by her early years as an orphan or some such. Word eventually did get around as her classmates discovered the life she lived, the family she was part of but even as she grew older, there was the odd child who didn't quite get their head around the idea she wasn't an orphan or a rescue, she was as much a citizen of this planet by birth as they were.

After graduation from high school with honors in physics & chemistry, Kala entered a degree program at MIT University on Earth. She studied for four years, concentrating in the physical sciences though she did take some courses in the arts & humanities. Having met some researchers as the Daystrom Institute, she applied there upon graduation. While her application was turned down, it landed in the hands of a senior engineer at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, who expressed an interest in taking her on.After some deliberation, Kala would accept the offer and go to work for the ASDB. While she wouldn't initially spend much time outside the lab, her training in materials science was best used developing new alloys and systems for new ships on the drawing boards, it did occasionally afford her some time to visit the yards and see how her work was being put to use. It was fun but over time she found herself wanting more variety from her job. Within a year or two, that desire would drive Kala to request consulting assignments to the yards, assignments which were granted and by years end, Kala was out of the lab full time and working at Utopia Planitia fleet yards full time as the Yard's rep to Starfleet on several ships under construction.

After several years working in the fleet yards, Kala was given the opportunity to serve aboard a starfleet vessel during it's shakedown cruise. That six month assignment would turn into four years aboard the Luna class explorer as the ship explored the expanse of the Alpha quadrant beyond the Cardassian territories. Her time however, would come to an abrupt end when her ship was nearly destroyed during her transit back to DS9. Unknown to the crew, the explosive hold down bolts that allow for a rapid separation of a warp nacelle, failed while at warp six, causing a rapid separation of the port nacelle, an asymmetric collapse of the warp field, resulting in a violent ejection out of warp. The IDF fields unable to compensate for the forces involved, subjecting the crew to potentially lethal inertial effects. Nearly 30% of the crew were killed, what was considered a favorable outcome under the circumstances.

The ship limped back to DS9, but after her return, Kala no longer felt she could remain in Starfleet. She would resign partway through the board of inquiry's investigation, opting to go into civilian life. She would wind up taking several berths on civilian freighters, earning herself the Able Seaman rating.
Service Record 2376 - Graduates HS
2380 - Graduates MIT
2384 - Graduates Academy
2384 - Assigned ASDB - Lab Tech
2385 - Promoted to Fleet Yards - Technical Rep
2386 - Assigned to USS Phobos - Engineer
2391 - Resigns Starfleet
2393 - Joins Fawkes