S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Dr. Sigora

Name Dr. Sigora

Position Ship's Physician

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Ferengi
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 145
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sigora is short and stout, however thanks to some latinum being thrown around in the correct places she has an enviable hourglass shape to her body. Her ears are normal in size for a female Ferengi and her skin tone is that nice shade of burnt orange. Her nails, like all Ferengi, are perfectly manicured with blue shimmery nail polish. Attached to her ears are several individual pieces of jewelry that decorate the outer rim of both ears. She wears what appears to be, several pounds of ostentatious makeup, but seems to have the confidence to back it up.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse Anazenna (Seperated)
Children None
Father Grit
Mother Yalapia
Siblings Rono (1 year younger)
Agrazar (3 years younger)
Other Family and Acquaintances Smeeg (Nephew, Agrazar's Son)

Badac (Father-in-law)
Leralisa (Mother-in-law)
Irovena (Sister-in-law)

Frago (Paternal Uncle)
Krim (Frago's Son)
Luriba (Frago's Daughter)

Beeda (Maternal Aunt)
Tat (Beeda's Twin Son)
Tulva (Beeda's Twin Daughter)

Sorbo (Maternal Uncle)
Adress (Sorbo's Son)

Tyenog (Maternal Uncle)
Rago (Tyenog's Son)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sigora is an uncharacteristically quiet Ferengi. While she, like all other Ferengi, like to show off, she doesn't take as much joy in it as everyone else seems to. Even though she may be female, is is a shrewd businesswoman to her core, always looking out for the best deal, whether latinum is involved or not. She isn't afraid to be cutthroat and is determined to get whatever she wants after a careful consideration of the costs and profits of the situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

Greedy (which she wouldn't see as a weakness)
Ambitions 1. Live as her true self

2. Make as much latinum as physically possible

3. Open another private medical practice
Quirks & Flaws She is honestly horrible at lying, which is rough for a Ferengi. She is often brutally honest as well which doesn't help.

Like....the WORST gossip. Her tendency to stay quiet and her sense of hearing make her a deadly weapon when it comes to overhearing conversations.

Unlike most Ferengi who prefer slugjuice or eelwasser, Sigora's favorite thing in the world is a extremely hot cup of black coffee from Earth.

She is also obsessed with the Earth movie Steel Magnolias. She has petitioned multiple times for the phrase "There is no such thing as natural beauty" to be included in the Rules of Acquisition.
Passions 1. Latinum

2. Psychology

3. Mok'bara


Personal History Born Kel, the oldest child of Grit, a holoprogram publisher, and his wife Yalapia. Kel had always known from a young age that something wasn't right. She didn't connect to her male classmates or even her younger brothers on their level. She often preferred the company of her female cousins or her friend's sisters, which all of the adults considered to be a good thing ("you're raising a little ladies man eh Grit"). Kel realized around the age of 15 that she wasn't a "ladies man" and was, in fact, a lady. Realizing that this could get her jailed or worse, fined, she kept it to herself. It practically killed her, because everyone who knew Kel knew that they are the WORST liar that they had ever met. She mainly got by with half-truths and misdirection, but thankfully no one really wanted to flat out ask her "hey do you identify as a female".

Stuck with an inability to lie, she decided to find herself a career that made ass loads of latinum that required bluntness. Thus, the medical field. She graduated with her medical degree from Kiron's Surgical University. She, always seeking latinum, skipped over the low paying hospital jobs and instead began her residency at a plastic surgeon's office. In no time she developed quite a reputation for her amazing work with lob enlargement/reduction surgeries, as well as her lobe tightening procedures.

A few years into her residency, her family began to pressure her into starting a family. By that point, half her cousins already had multiple children. She wasn't that interested, mainly because she had to pick a female, and left the decision up to her father. Her father chose Anazenna, the daughter of FCA liquidator who had audited Grit earlier that year. She liked her well enough. They signed their contract later that week and she was able to shrug off her family's expectations for just a little while longer.

Of course, nothing could stay like that. Around the age of 35, things began to get harder. Questions became harder to avoid and pressure to produce children came not only from his family but now his wife who had been with her for two contracts and had consummated the relationship less than a handful of times. When she turned 37 she felt herself snap, she couldn't take it anymore. The desire to live authentically far outweighed the comforts of remaining "normal". That night she packed a bag full of latinum and a few essentials and began to leave. However, she was stopped by Anazenna. Anazenna demanded to know where she was going and she told her. She told her that she couldn't keep pretending anymore and that she needed to fully transition into the person she was always meant to be. Anazenna was stunned speechless and she took that opportunity to skedaddle.

A few months later she found an Orion surgeon who took latinum and didn't ask too many questions. From then on there, Kel no longer existed and instead, Sigora took her rightful place.

Knowing that Anazenna most likely snitched on her, Sigora know that she can never return to Ferenginar or ever see her family again. So, she's striking out and trying to rebuild her life. The first job she comes across is a ship called the S.S. Fawkes in need of a Ship's Physician....sound good enough for her.
Service Record Kiron's Surgical University; Class of 2380

Residency at Swoog Swamp Plastic Surgeons: 3 years

Plastic Surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates Inc.: 7 years

Head of Surgery at Fereng Plastic Surgery Center: 5 years