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Richard Fitzsimons

Name Richard Adonis Fitzsimons

Position Master-at-Arms

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description At 6'2, Rick keeps his body in shape with regular workouts. His brown hair is of a longish length but kept within regulations. His hazel eyes are a deep rich colour which could be mistaken for being black from a distance.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children Stephen Cummins-Fitzsimons - 7
Father Mark Fitzsimons
Mother Sylvia Fitzsimons
Siblings Mark Fitzsimons Jnr - 34 (Brother)
Jamina Curran - 30 (Sister)

Other Family and Acquaintances Colin Curran - 32 (Brother In Law)
Christopher Curran - 5 (Nephew)
Rose Curran - 10months (Niece)
Christine Cummins - 34 (Mother of Son)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rick can come across easily as a flirtatious and forward kind of person which is natural to him. It is only when one goes deeper they realise that he's the kind of person you'd want on your side as a friend. His loyalty to people is next to none and he'd never see a person alone in a difficult situation where he could help.

Even though he works out, this is purely in order for fitness. During his time as a small craft pilot, he found a love of tinkering with the smaller vessels, a lot of this tinkering involves the hauling around of heavy objects
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Attention to detail
Problem Solver
Loyalty to those he calls friends
His sense of fairness
Weapon use

Quick to temper
Hand to Hand combat
Ambitions Still trying to figure that one out.
Quirks & Flaws Rick can come across easily as a flirtatious and forward kind of person which is natural to him. It is only when one goes deeper they realise that he's the kind of person you'd want on your side as a friend. His loyalty to people is next to none and he'd never see a person alone in a difficult situation where he could help.
Passions Target Practise
Working Out


Personal History After leaving home at the age of 18, Rick had aimed for the stars but not in the way his family would have preferred. Running away from home he took up work with the freighters which drifted in Federation space, delivering anything from relief supplies to private merchandise. From the very first instance, Rick was singled out by his first Captain as being a hired help in the form of a personal bodyguard. The life of a private freighter Captain was one which carried with it dangers and enemies easily made. While the freighter’s were in space, Rick would earn his keep doing odd jobs but when docked, he was stuck to the side of his Captain.

During the following years, Rick built a reputation for himself as being reliable so he was never short of jobs when needed. Rick drifted from one freight to the next, never staying anywhere long enough to make friends as he ran from the life he left behind; trying to reach for that new life which always felt out of his reach.

At the age of 25, in early 2377, Rick found himself acting as personal guard to one Captain Palius Richardo of the SS Denise which was tasked with delivery of food supplies to the colony on Mars. What Rick wasn’t to know was that the ship also contained a shipment of the newest pleasure drug of the Alpha Quadrant, maraji crystal.

When the ship arrived in orbit of Mars, they were approached by a Federation vessel which requested permission to board in order to carry out a surprise inspection. Immediately Captain Richardo suspected that the Federation had been given a tip off.

Being the new body onboard, blame was immediately placed on Rick’s shoulders by the crew, backed up by the fact that when the quarters were checked a personal stash of the drug was found in Rick’s personal belongings.

Rick became the easy target, his Captain handing him over to the authorities with the piling evidence; allowing Captain Richardo and his crew to escape scot free. What there weren’t to know was that Captain Richardo had been on the Federation’s radar for a long period of time and they had just played into the Federation’s hands when they handed over Rick.

Rick was given an ultimatum, serve time in a penal colony or turn over everything he knew about Captain Richardo and the SS Denise; allowing the Federation to form a rock solid foundation on which to take the Captain and his crew down. The second option would allow Rick to go free.

The decision didn’t require a second thought, Rick had been screwed over and he held no loyalties to the Captain nor his crew. He also found that he was growing tired of forever running away...what had he managed to achieve with his life in the last seven years? What had he got to achieve with continuing how he had?

Rick was assigned to one Lieutenant Commander Edmond Rivers, a JAG officer for the Federation. Rick was to spend weeks in what seemed like endless interviews with Edmond, reviewing character references for each crew member of the SS Denise and for Captain Richardo himself. Ship schematics...other ships which the Denise had encountered during his time onboard. Each little minute detail and memory of Rick’s time served onboard was taken and picked apart over and over and over until the JAG officer was satisfied that he had what he needed.

By the end of it all, instead of feeling lifeless and drained, Rick felt reinvigorated. He found his passion sparked by the process he observed and how Edmond dealt with the case. It was just the legalities involved which sparked his interest but there was the whole attention to detail. How something which was a minor memory to him, was ballooned out in the hands of the other man and made a piece of the bigger jigsaw puzzle.

Edmond noticed Rick’s interest, at the beginning he said nothing just observed and noting. Edmond knew of the man’s past, relatively clean even if it involve protecting the lives of some of the men Edmond himself spent his life trying to take down. But, a job was a job and that he understood.

On their final day before Rick was to be realised back into the wide open universe, Edmond came to him with a proposition; he was prepared to be Rick’s sponsor to enter Starfleet Academy under the security programme. Edmond saw in Rick something which the man didn’t seem to understand and the JAG officer hoped that the Academy would be able to take Rick’s attention to detail and love of taking information, using it to solve a problem; thus moulding him into a security officer who would serve the Federation well.

At first Rick laughed, what had he to achieve by being a Starfleet officer. He would be just conforming to the person his family had been trying to make him into. Starfleet stood for everything he had spent seven years running away from.

As the hours passed while Edmond processed his release, Rick thought over the idea more and more. The weeks he had spent with Edmond...the feelings and emotions he experienced during that time better those he even felt when he got into a fight. The surge of adernaline, the pleasure felt when pieces of the puzzle started to click together...the fire he experienced in his gut when it all came together.What had he got to lose...he could drop out of the Academy any time he wanted, it would be something different to try and experience.

During his first year, it was here that he met a fellow Cadet, Bronte Carroll; the one person he came to trust and rely on during his time in the Academy. Bronte was studying flight in comparison to Rick being in security but the difference in courses didn’t interfere with their friendship beyond that.

As the years passed, when Rick struggled in classes where he was seven years senior to his classmates, making him isolated from others; he still could rely on Bronte. He found the coursework difficult but interesting. It wasn’t from lack of study that his results in some courses were sub-standard, it was purely down to Rick’s academic abilities which were mediocre at best. But he struggled on, earning at least pass in 90% of his subjects, and merits in the other 10% where practical was involved more than theory.

In their final year, Rick made one of the biggest mistakes of his life, one which would have huge ramifications for the future life infront of him. One drunken night, he confessed feelings to Bronte for which he got knocked back from. He should have known but in a drunken haze he thought he could persuade her that the feelings were real. Bronte was a lesbian and had been from when she had first become aware of secuality and what it meant for her. It was never anything personal against Rick but her feelings for him never went beyond anything more than friendship.

Hurt and his pride damaged, he went out that night with the intent to drink himself into a grave. Instead he ended up back at the home of a random woman. An act which should have been a one night stand resulted in the birth of his son Stephen 9 months later.

Knowing nothing could ever come from a relationship with Stephen's mother, both decided that a firm friendship was better. With his hold being back on Earth, they rarely get to see each other but communicate every other day through sub space.

This event, Bronte’s rejection and learning that he was to be a father almost derailed Rick from his studies and his future in the Federation. His grades went down, even in those where his strength lay. He seemed to give up on life and had the PADD in hand to hand in his resignation. As far as he was concerned, he had failed again in life and he needed to run away from it all.

Lucky for Rick, Bronte recognised what was happened and took it upon herself to seek help. She couldn’t change how she felt for him, but she could change how he felt about himself. Knowing Rick’s story and how he ended up in the Academy, the fighter student contacted the one person who had gotten through to Rick in his past...now Commander Edmond Rivers.

Edmond had been keeping close watch on Rick through the preceding four years. He couldn’t help it, The JAG officer had developed a soft spot for the young man. As a result, he had seen the sudden destabilisation in the Cadet’s grades and knew that something was brewing...a something which Bronte was able to give a name to. Edmond never made contact nor interfered as he knew that Rick needed to be able to do this on his own but he also predicted that a moment would come where the Cadet would need to be reminded of what he was made for and this moment had now come.

Edmond approached Rick who tried to turn the man back. At this point, Rick wasn’t willing to listen to anyone, his mind already made up.

Unwilling to give up on the Cadet, Edmond took control and with some help from Bronte they staged an intervention, secreting Rick away to a location, even to this day, he couldn’t identify. It served to be a neutral ground on which both Edmond and Bronte could try to turn him back around.

In that location, both Edmond and Bronte took Rick back through his life from when he had turned 18. They took him through every position he had held in his life, the work he had done, the people he had encountered. Edmond took Rick back through the case which had created fire in Rick’s life for the very first time. The weeks they had spent together, the processes involved and the outcome. Bronte took him through the preceding three and a half years, their time together in the Academy. She made him see the efforts which Rick had made to get to where he had been before his life was upset again. She showed him the joys he found in subjects such as weapons training, forensic investigation..she even showed him how hard he tried at the subjects he didn’t do well in; hand to hand combat, DNA analysis.

It was a hard and long drawn out process but Bronte and Edmond managed to get through to Rick and reverse his decision to leave. They made him realise that he had genuinely found his niche in life and that he shouldn’t give up on what he knew in his heart was his true calling.

Going forward was never going to be easy, the dynamic of his and Bronte’s relationship was forever changed and now he was to be a Father is meant a further step in life but his career would be one thing he would have control over it and his control right now would allow him to throw it all away or to pick himself up and plough through..to make it work.

Months later, when he was 29, Rick sat his finals and the impact of the year reared their ugly head. It meant that although he managed to graduate from the Academy, he did so with only a Pass which didn’t reflect what his abilities were to truly be. This pass would influence his career in Starfleet and his progression through the ranks and position which were to be offered. It meant that he had to work even harder to prove to his superiors that he had what was needed to succeed.

Before he was stationed on his first ship, Rick had something important to take care of first. Having stayed in constant communication with the woman who would be the mother of his son, Rick made the proper arrangements to ensure that both she and the child would be looked after. They both knew that there wouldn’t be anything more than friendship but both agreed that whatever happened, their child would know who his father was and they would stay in constant contact; even meeting when Rick’s position allowed it.
Service Record 2377-2378 - Cadet Freshman - General Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2378-2379 - Cadet Sophomore - Basic Security Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2379-2380 - Cadet Junior - Intermediate Security Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2380-2381 - Cadet Senior - Advanced Security Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2381 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign and entered into service.

Starfleet History/Records
2381 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign and entered into service.

2381-2383 - Ensign - Security Officer - USS Elizabeth

2383-2384 - Ensign - Investigations Officer - USS Elizabeth

2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG

2384-2386 - Lieutenant JG - Investigations Officer - USS Elizabeth

2386 - Reassigned to the USS Hanover & Promoted to Lieutenant

2386 - 2388 - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief of Security - USS Hanover

2388 - Reassigned to Tranquility Station

2388 - Lieutenant - Chief of Security - Tranquility Station

2388-2395 - needs completing

2395 - Drifts into the role of Master of Arms on the SS Fawkes