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Spirited Away

Posted on Thursday August 8th, 2019 @ 20:01 hours by Kari Pahlmihr & Mercy
Edited on on Friday May 15th, 2020 @ 07:49 hours

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Rangalor V
Timeline: MD01 - 2100 hours

"Thank you again for coming along with me." Mercy smiled, heavy footfalls carrying her and her heavy box with mechanical components towards a cafe, flanked by Kari. The box held many components Mercy had decided needed to be replaced onboard Fawkes to ensure more reliable and efficient running of the engines, and less glitches in the system. Some of the safety equipment had really been on the verge of failure, though the previous engineer had done a marvellous job at keeping them barely functioning. "It's nice to have the company," she added.

"It's no problem at all, happy to stretch my legs a bit." Kari, the young Trill deck hand, smiled at the large dark furred Engineer that joined them on their last stop. She had helped once or twice getting into nooks and crannies that weren't really easily accessible for the Sirran, "Besides, this time you didn't ask me to hang upside down in a maintenance hatch while unscrewing a shorting circuit that we couldn't disconnect from the power feed."

"Are you sure the boss meant that one?" The Nausicaan's face crumpled up even more than it already was as he looked from a distance at the hulking black wolf, accompanied by a pale toothpick of a girl, "Can't we just take the wee Trill?"

"Oh come on now, Dgarr, I thought you'd like a challenge." The Orion bald guy responded, cracking his knuckles, "Besides, the bigger they are the harder they fall." He lazily shuffled past a couple of shops, trying not to get noticed by the two civilian freighter crew.

"I thought you enjoyed that. The rush of blood to the head, the vertigo, the feeling of approaching death if my grip on your ankle were to slip but a little bit." Mercy chuckled. "I tease. Your help really is appreciated." the engineer added, tail giving a lazy wag. "So, know of any decent watering holes in the area? I could use a drink."

Kari shook her head, "I can't say I've ever been here." she looked around a bit, there were plenty of shady people around. She could tell why the Captain had chosen this city to go to, "Looks like you would be able to find a disreputable dive bar around any corner, really."

"Sounds good to me." Mercy agreed. "You want a drink? My treat. And don't worry about shady characters. Long as you stick close to me you should be safe." Mercy grinned, revealing a rather impressive set of knife-like fangs. "Smart people know not to mess with me."

Geloh, the Orion, shuffled to the next store, pretending to be deeply interested in what ever it was the store had on display, though in reality he used a combination of peripheral vision and reflective windows to keep watching the two civilians. Dgarr was right, the smaller one would be easier to take, but there was also something about the other, the one they were supposed to be after. A smile quirked at the corners of his mouth. He was never one to shy away from a challenge.

"We'll just take them both." Dgarr gruffly asserted, "will make the wolf woman more complacent." he decided for himself, "Besides, how much sedative could we possibly need for one person?" he rummaged around in his pocket, handling the two hypos he had, knowing his friend had at least two more as well.

Kari pointed at a bar with bright neon lights outside, "How about this one?" She asked pointing into the alleyway.

"Sure. Sounds good." Mercy agreed, heading over in that direction. She had to duck down to pass through the gateway leading into the alley, ears brushing against the doorframe as she did. "Best stay close to me. This smells like a bad neighbourhood." The Sirran woman offered.

Dgarr started to walk down the alleyway in pursuit. A couple of steps would give them the advantage of close quarters, hopefully nullifying one of the Sirran's advantages over them. When he inched closer he knew that the sharp ears would hear him so he had to strike fast and he decided that the best strike would be over the head of the Trill next to her. He lunged forward and brought down the baton over her head.

Kari barely noticed anything, just suddenly a blow to her head and a searing pain through her ringing ears. She went down like a sack of potatoes. With a dull thud she hid the pavement underneath their feet.

Everything seemed to slow down, time from a jog into a crawl. Mercy's instincts picked up on the movements, an ear flicked in Dgarr's direction, but too late. Those few weeks out of prison had already dulled her instincts, slowed her reactions. But even before Kari hit the ground, Mercy - massed amounts of adrenaline racing through her immense form - dropped the box with equipment she was carrying and with a deeply resonating, inhuman snarl, spun around and swung an arm like a mooring cable, with dagger-like claws, in the direction of the one who had just knocked out her friend. Her crewmate

Dgarr was just barely able to duck under the huge arm. The speed and power behind it would've probably lobbed him around the alley like a rag doll. Looking over at Geloh, he started to creep closer to engage the wolflike woman, hoping to get some help from the Orion brute. He swung at her knees with his baton, hoping to take out her legs and decrease her mobility even further.

The baton hit with a loud crack, buckling Mercy's leg and sending her staggering, though Dgarr would quickly realize that moving in close to hit her in the leg meant coming within range of those massive, powerful arms ending in equally massive, clawed hands. Though her leg hurt, Mercy snarled in rage then, with a roar, charged forward, aiming an upwards raking swipe at Dgarr's face.

The Nausicaan quickly took a step back, trying to dodge the incoming paw, but was unable to do so fully. Luckily for him only the most extended point of two of the nails made contact, he immediately felt the warmth of his own blood trickle down his face, "The bitch has claws!" A nervous grin from his, already rather scarred, face as he realised that in the environment they had chosen he was outclassed by this hulk of a woman. Quickly he struck again with his baton, this time aimed for the head. He felt slightly panicked and he knew he needed to disorient her, get her down, there was no way he was going to be able to overpower her, let alone sedate her.

Momentum carried Mercy forward, aimed straight at Dgarr's form as the baton hit and disorientng her, though less than Dgarr might have hoped for. Still barreling forward she grabbed for him to lock him into an embrace.

The confines of the alleyway made it impossible for him to get out of the way, the collision reminded him of the one time he was kicked by a Nausicaan ox, it kicked the wind right out of him. Dgarr had very little time to reminisce over his youth back on Nausica as the ground seemed to meet them halfway. The slam on the floor, with the full weight of the woman on top of him, the world around him turned black.

Geloh, in the meanwhile, had quickly dispatched of Kari. One arm around her neck in a chokehold, the other immediately ramming the sedative into her throat. Kari went down like a sack of potatoes. He grabbed a transponder and slapped it on her shoulder before standing back up and seeing his friend being tackled to the ground, "Oh for fucks sake." He cussed under his breath. He grabbed another sedative and stepped behind the wolf woman. She probably noticed him coming, but he felt he was probably quick enough to administer the drugs.

If Mercy was aware of Geloh at all it was on an instinctual level, at best. She was almost entirely running on instinct right now. Searing pain in her knee, her vision a mix of black and stars from the hit on her head, she felt herself stumble and fall down, pinning her assailant underneath her. As the black turned red, only one thing, one concept, existed in the Sirran's mind. Destroy. And so with a vicious snarl of pure rage, sharp claws backed by arms like mooring cables tore in to the flesh underneath her, she didn't even know or care where she was hitting him, all that she knew is that he was in between her and her crew mate.

Then the sting of the jab in her back, the warmth spreading out through her body, muscles giving way, and the searing stars and red of rage gave way to soothing blues and dark blacks, She wavered, snarl turning into a grunt, as she tried to stand up, though knees buckled and failed her. Barely holding on to consciousness, on hands and knees, she threw up.

With a kick the Orion tried to push the Sirran out of the way, seeing the blood beginning to flow from his Nausicaan compatriot, he wouldn't last long "What the fuck, you animal!" he shouted, but then immediately backed down seeing that the creature was still standing and lumbering around. He immediately hit his communicator, =A= Three to beam up, Dgarr directly to sickbay. Lock onto the transponder directly to the brig! =A= And with a swirl of energy the alleyway was left empty, just a large puddle of blood on the floor and a dazed and confused black furred Sirran barely standing in the middle of it.

She fell over, shaking her head to try and clear it. It barely registered that the two men had beamed away with Kari, as she was struggling to maintain a grip on reality. Eventually after realizing they had gone she just slumped to the ground with a wince, leaning against a wall, eyes closed, concentrating on breathing first and foremost. As she did she reached into her pocket and pulled out a communication device, opening a channel. "Mercy to Fawkes. Please ... beam me up. Kari was - ... taken. I'm hurt." she managed, her voice weak and words slurred from the sedative and pain.

The static cut away with Mayterial her voice, "Mercy, this is May, we're getting you out immediately." and with that, the yellow hue of the Cardassian transporters enveloped the black-furred woman laying on the ground. Leaving the box of replacement parts as the only silent witness to what just went down in this alleyway.



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