S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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One Mystery Box

Posted on Tuesday April 7th, 2020 @ 00:21 hours by Mayterial Droz & Mercy

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Cargo bay 2, Deck 3, S.S. Fawkes
Timeline: MD01 - Early morning

The man seemed antsy, standing in front of the black furred Sirran. He had done some dealings with Caitians before but this was on a whole different level. He looked up at the woman, at least he thought it was a female, and swallowed the lump in his throat as he awaited her final confirmation that his special cargo could be placed in a safe environment, hooked up to the ship's power supply. The small emergency generator would assure that it remained up and running if the ship's power was needed elsewhere, but for the full trip, he needed the hook up to a persistent power supply, "As you can see, all the administration is in order. It just needs some electricity. It won't connect to any of your other systems or threaten anything else on the vessel." the schematics of the thing were intentionally vague, and the papers he had procured from the local government were enough to prove that it wasn't anything illegal. Other than that it was difficult to tell what the purpose was of the large metal container.

"I honestly don't give a flying fuck about the administration." she spoke, peering straight at him over the rim of her small, round reading glasses. "That's the Captain's concern." she added, her voice he could tell was barely above a whisper, yet the sheer low rumble of it resonated through his very chest. The flash of white fangs, the size of daggers, as she spoke. "And these schematics are worthless, say jack nor shit about what it does." she flicked an ear. "And Jack just left town."

"Look, your first mate assured me it wouldn't be an issue," that was only half true, but Hirral was banking on the fact that communication wasn't this civvie crew's primary concern as they were filling up the bays, "what is it you need to know so I can plug it in to your wall socket?"

"The first mate doesn't make that call. I do." she sat down, pocketing her reading glasses. "What I need to know is that you fully understand that without more complete schematics, you're not plugging that - whatever it is - directly into our wall socket. And I need to know that you fully understand that if this - whatever it is - proves in any way, shape or form, harmful to this ship or its crew, I'm going to personally throw whatever's left of you out the airlock." She narrowed her eyes, though her voice remained absolutely calm. "Now, I'm willing to fix up a quick feedback buffer unit to plug your thing in to that will filter out any potential harmful feedback along the power line, but that's going to take a few hours."

"The schematics are complete, some things simply aren't labelled," Hirral huffed, "a competent Engineer would be able to tell." He was, of course, not a Starship engineer. Didn't stop him feeling superior to the rabble that ran around on these civilian freighters, "the patent on this design is pending and I'm not obliged to divulge anything with you that could harm or infringe on my intellectual property."

Hirral shook his head and sighed, "So, if you need to build a buffer, go right ahead, the generator will keep for another 24 hours or so."

"Important information missing, like, for example, an incomplete legend and missing symbols, is the very definition of an incomplete schematic. Without those I don't know what this does exactly," she pointed to a specific part of the schematic, "and how it interacts with this," she shifted her finger to a nearby portion, "nor how those two affect this secondary circuit." Mercy replied flatly, pointing to another nearby part of the schematic. "And one more even remotely negative or uppity word from you and this box is leaving this ship in pieces, after I tear it apart with my bare hands to see what's inside of it." Beat. "Which I am very tempted to do anyways. Because I trust you and this box about as far as you can throw me."

"You build your buffer, and put it in a containment field, isolate it from every system and subroutine you have, I don't care," Hirral shook his head, if harm were to come to the box he would put a price on the woman's head that would not make the Orions hesitate to shoot the entire vessel out of the sky, "this is the most complete schematic that you'll see of the device."

"Fair enough." Mercy agreed, her tone relaxing a bit. "Where'd you get it, anyways? It's Federation technology, I've worked with enough of it to be able to tell that much. Though some Trill influences maybe. Where'd this come from?" She asked. Now that all the posturing was done and they'd reached an agreement, her Engineer's curiosity took over. "Did you build this?"

It took Hirral a moment to lower his defenses, he wanted to make another snide remark but could recognise that the engineer was starting to show a professional interest, "The parts were all legally acquired in Federation space. I come from Trill, as you might've been able to tell," he wasn't sure how familiar the woman was with Federation species, "The assembling has been done by me."

"I suspect that's all I'll get out of you, but it'll do." Mercy gave a nod. "I'll get to work on the feedback buffer, should have the parts on hand, maybe two hours."

"I'll be here when you're ready," Hirral wasn't planning on letting his device out of his sight until he could be assured that it was properly connected and safe from the inquisitive hands of the Engineer.




Hirral Furx (NPC)
Passenger with some cargo
(as written by Mayterial Droz)

S.S. Fawkes


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