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Cat-like reflexes

Posted on Thursday May 7th, 2020 @ 09:21 hours by Mayterial Droz & Gregory Alein

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Greg Alein's personal quarters, Deck 2, S.S. Fawkes

The cat carrier in Mayterial's hand shifted uneasily as she walked through the Fawkes' corridors at a rather brisk pace. She knew that if she ran into Alexandria during this endeavor she'd probably have to put up with a roommate for the rest of the way to Betazed. That's why she had come on board with it so late in the evening. She pressed the chime to the first mate's quarters and waited for a moment, then as impatience took the best of her she chimes again. Twice.

Greg had just finished what was to be considered a rather long day, the ship needed to be prepped for departure and he was doing his job to ensure they would leave on time. Having just gotten back from the showers, Greg was in no mood to entertain a guest. However, the second chime he realized whoever it was didn't plan on leaving. Grabbing a pair of shorts, Greg dropped the towel over his shoulder as he opened the door. "Captain," he plastered on a smile, "what can I do for you, this late..." he asked?

"I have a very special, very secret, task for you," Mayterial didn't seem too flustered by the fact that his upper body wasn't covered. She looked around the corridor rather shiftily, wanting to make sure nobody noticed her, "I need you to take care of this during our trip." She pushed the carrier forward towards Greg.

Greg pushed back, "hmm, I'm gonna need more than that," he looked around grabbing a shirt. "I'm not a veterinarian nor an animal." He looked in the carrier, as the animal hissed and jumped at the door. "I don't think Fido likes me."

Mayterial heard a door open somewhere down the corridor and pushed herself past Greg, "Close the door," she hissed, anyone catching that might've thought something entirely different was going on between the First Mate and the Captain. She looked around the room she had stepped into, "I like what you've done with the place."

"Hmm, thanks, I think," Greg looked at the woman, "typically, I have to get a member of the opposite sex rather drunk before they leap into my quarters. Not sure I have ever had one come in sober and carrying a cat," he was rather perplexed. "So I am going to assume you are here in need of help," he pointed to the carrier, "I don't pet sit..." he gave a rather stern look. "Besides, I am more of a dog person."

"Right look. We got paid premium for the transport of this animal. And. uhm." Mayterial gave a bit of a sheepish grin at Greg, "I had to put it in your name." She put up a hand to stop him from protesting, "I have very valid reasons for doing so, but the most important one is that I can't have it in my quarters because Alexandria has a tendency to sneak into them. And if she gets into contact with a cat she'll probably turn into a gooey puddle of sadness and allergies."

"You had to put it in my name," Greg sighed, "honestly..." He looked at the Captain. He hadn't been with her long enough to be able to read her expressions, but something told him she was telling the truth. He took the carrier, as the cat hissed and screamed at him. Inside the carrier, a low growl could be heard at the animal clearly didn't like her new caretaker. "Tell me, Captain," he smiled, "just how long will be I watching Fido?" He didn't like the cat, and it was clear the cat didn't like him. He looked at the animal as she moved to the rear of her carrier and growled, periodically hissing at the door.

"Until we reach Betazed, and if anyone asks, you love your little Bubbles like she was your daughter," Mayterial was relieved that Greg gave in. The paperwork had been more nightmarish than she had remembered and having the cat residing outside of the listed owner's quarters would definitely raise suspicion if someone checked in on them between now and Betazed, "and whatever you do, don't let Alexandria know we have a cat on board. We don't need that kind of drama."

Greg looked inside the carrier as the cat growled and hissed, "I am sure we will get along great," he was mocking the Captain, but at the moment there wasn't much he could do. "I will ensure the beast gets to our next step," he smiled, "but that is all." He set the carrier down as he looked out in the corridor, "nothing else you plan on surprising me with," he walked past the carrier, as the cat reached a single paw out, taking a swipe at Greg's leg.

"Why you little piece of..." Greg muttered under his breath. "Bubbles is gonna get sedated if you ask me."

"Bubbles will receive the best care you can give it," Mayterial stated flatly, "no surprises as of yet, but we haven't left the dock yet, so who knows. You might have someone new you'll have to call mommy before long." She gave a wink before stepping towards the exit of the room, "and keep that creature away from the common areas." She warned before opening the doors from the inside, giving a quick glance up and down the corridor, before stepping out and heading for her own quarters.

Greg nodded but didn't say much. He looked at the cat as the doors to his quarters closed. "Listen here fido," he sat the carrier on the ground the cat still hissing at him. "This is going to be a long trip," he added.


Mayterial Droz


Gregory Alein
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