S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Posted on Saturday October 13th, 2018 @ 18:40 hours by Mayterial Droz & Volok
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Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Airlock 13, Starbase 72
Timeline: MD05 - 10:30 hours

"I've had some interested parties for our services." Mayterial handed Volok a spare PADD with a copy of the information on her personal device. There wasn't much scrolling involved with going over the list. Last time she took the Fawkes out for a cargo run everything on board was in lock up for a few months. That was enough to scare most people off. They needed to attract new people, or bargain hunters.

Volok looked over the list of prospects. He was of course new to this business, but from the information on the PADD on every contract and the knowledge of the vessel he was now serving on, he could deduct that most of these opportunities would not be very profitable to say the least. "Perhaps we should set up meetings with all the prospects." Volok suggested. "It is only logical to make the most efficient use of our cargo space by combining contracts."

Mayterial nodded, it only made sense if they didn't have to go to the four corners of the quadrant. "Let's go see what Starfleet has to offer." She pointed at one of the names on the list, a Lieutenant in the fleet stationed on this starbase.

"Why would a Starfleet officer have need for a cargo vessel?" Volok wondered. With all the Starfleet ships going around also hauling various cargo, the lieutenant should be able to arrange transport via Starfleet. "But it is illogical to speculate if we can ask him for the reason when we meet with him."

A small shrug from the Betazoid, "I've transported plenty of stuff for the Fleet. Sometimes they just can't wait for the requests to go through all those layers of bureaucracy. Sometimes it's personal. Usually it's a bit of both." They arrived at the turbolift on the promenade. "As long as they realise that outside of the Fleet and their precious core worlds we have to make a living and can't survive on the betterment of the Federation alone I don't mind dragging their crates all across Alpha."

::Ten Minutes later, Outside of science lab 42::

The two of them arrived at the indicated meeting point. It was one of the many science labs aboard this station. May looked at Volok and shrugged before pressing the chime next to the door. "You're probably much more in your element here than me. Why don't you take the lead?" The doors parted moments after she had made him responsible for this exchange.

Volok raised his right eyebrow slightly, looking at Mayterial. "Your barter skills are more advanced than mine. Logic dictates that you lead the proceedings." He said as the doors opened. "However, this is as good a time as any to enhance those skills." He added, clasping his hands behind his back and walking into the lab, looking for a Starfleet lieutenant.

Mayterial followed him inside the sterile environment of the science lab. The lighting was extremely bright for her tastes. She couldn't imagine someone being able to work here. Every surface, every piece of equipment, it all gleamed in the reflection. There was nothing laying around where it shouldn't be.

The Lieutenant that stepped forward the moment they entered was just as well kept. His hair neatly combed backward and a long white lab coat over his regular Starfleet uniform. His nose ridges and an understated earring immediately identifying him as Bajoran, he seemed old enough to have fought in the resistance. "Good morning. You must be representatives of the Fawkes." he stepped forward, "Lieutenant Mayik Falor, but you probably don't stand on rank and ceremony." He extended a hand to the Vulcan, who had ventured into the lab first.

Volok returned the greeting. "Your assumption is correct. My name is Volok, first mate aboard the Fawkes. This is miss Droz, the captain of the ship." he said motioning to Mayterial. He took a look around taking in the familiar sights of a Starfleet lab. "I understand we can render assistance with transporting some items for you?" he asked getting right to the point.

"That must be why you bring Vulcans along." Mayik stepped forward and also shook Mayterial's hand. "Straight to the point, I like it." He stepped back and motioned for the two civilian to follow him.

Mayterial gave a polite smile, "That's definitely part of it." She also needed to know if this guy was to be trusted. Too often had she been approached by fleeters trying to get around Federation regulations. It wouldn't be the first time one of them tried to ship bio-mimetic gel out of the secured Starfleet facilities.

"I need some scientific organic substance to make it's way over to Langley Station. They needed it yesterday. You're the first ship heading out there and seeing the situation you're in I gathered it could be done at a reasonable rate." Mayik was all for being transparent from the get go, he wanted this done as quickly as possible and normally he'd be paying a premium to do so. This time, however, was different since these people were trying to rebuild a reputation.

The transparency of the lieutenant worked both ways, he did admit to the urgency of his transport. But for Volok the safety of the ship was also important and he knew medical transports could involve risk of contamination. "Are there special precautions needed for your... scientific organic substance? Quarantine segments, Isolation fields, temperature arrangements?" Volok asked. Special arrangements could logically lead to a better negotiable rate.

"Everything is built into the container. All you need to do is secure it in your cargo hold and plug it in to your power grid. The connections should be pretty universal." Mayik didn't seem too fussed about safety regulations. "It's just to keep it contained and at a good temperature. It's not unstable or anything. Just a natural substance they want to run some tests with over at the Colony they're orbiting. It was the target of some sort of bio-weapon back during the Dominion War." He got to the back of the lab and pushed aside a room divider. The container was a cube about two meters in every dimension. There was a soft hum coming from the otherwise solid block. "I can give you all the records you need to pass the sectors of Federation space you need to traverse."

"Those would be most helpful." Volok said. "Also the specifications for installing the container in our power grid. Our engineer is more than capable to make the necessary modifications." Volok turned his attention to the container. That hum would sound disconcerting if he weren't Vulcan. He looked back at Mayim to get a sense of his demeanour. "However, a substance that needs such extensive paperwork and precautions for transport is... irregular." Volok was looking out for the best interests of his ship, with that came negotiating the best deal. That worked best if you had the upper hand. "What can you offer if we offer safe passage for your cargo?" He asked, opening negotiations.

"I know you're looking to rebuild your clientèle after a brush with the law." Mayik knew all too well the positions in this negotiation. Sure he needed this transported and sure he needed it done fast. Despite all of that they probably needed this more than him. "It would of course go a long way towards your reputation if you help out the scientific endeavours of Starfleet and the Federation." He tapped the side of the cargo container with his hand and smiled at the Vulcan. "Of course we would also compensate you. There's your business to consider after all. Do you barter in latinum or is it maybe more in your interest to get your hands on some Federation technology?"

Mayterial her interest piqued at that, she knew the sonic showers were still acting up and some, Federation, ones wouldn't go amiss in their vessel. Of course that wouldn't feed the crew or replenish the dilithium but it would be nice to have nonetheless. She folded her arms and was able to hold back on making any remarks though, she really wanted to know how Volok would be handling this situation and how much she could trust him to handle in regards to acquiring contracts. The more people she had running around gathering contracts, the better it would be for business.

Volok saw the potential for both types of payment. The ship could use some upgrades, but the crew also needed to be paid. It seemed only logical to work out a combined deal, perhaps on some special performance bonuses. From his earlier experiences with transports he had a slight indication of what the going rate for part of a cargo hold was. Now he realised he hadn't spoken with Mayterial about what the rates of the Fawkes should be. "What Federation technology do you have to offer?" he asked, trying to work out a suitable compensation.

"I still have a last generation replicator unit laying around that Operations can probably release to me. I can have them brought your way. Seems like a fair trade." Mayik was sure it was a good deal for them. Though knowing civilian operations they would probably want to jackpot for anything they did.

The replicator system on the Fawkes was working quite well, but it was already a few generations older than the one on offer. They always marketed them to be 'higher texture and taste resolution than before'. Mayterial could really do with a higher resolution on her food, but probably not at the price of a full cargo bay. She bit her tongue, waiting for Volok to make the next move.

Volok was not quite sure what the version of the current replicator system aboard the Fawkes was, but from first hand experience he knew it worked. Otherwise the replicator unit could also be converted to currency at the right party, provided it worked. "I must agree that a recent version of replicator unit would be adequate compensation for your transportation needs. However, monetary compensation is preferable to us in this case. We can accommodate your needs for a separate cargo hold with upgraded power requirements for seven bars of gold pressed latinum." Volok countered, adjusting mildly for inflation.

"Seven? Seven Bars?" Mayik shook his head immediately, that was far too steep a price. "Sorry, for my candor, but I didn't expect a Vulcan to rip me off." He looked over at Mayterial, as if to say 'can you believe him?'. "I wouldn't even think it'd run me half that with a reputable big enterprise cargo hauler."

Mayterial still kept quiet, she was actually quite impressed by Volok's thinking. It would take them about two weeks to get to Langley, if the cargo hold would be fully occupied by this thing and also draining power seven might be slightly underselling it, perhaps they could drag the replicator out of this deal after all. She folded her arms and was content to wait for Volok to complete this deal.

Bajorans were known to be able to express their emotions, but Volok was unfazed by the sudden outburst in disagreement by Mayik. "The offer I made was a fair amount. However, I have investigated the current market for available cargo spaces and combined with your transport needs, we are the only vessel that can supply your demands." Volok said countering the proposal. "If the amount of latinum is a problem, I can offer you the rate of five bars including the replicator unit."

"Well, I. Hm." Mayik wasn't sure whether to be impressed or ticked off. "3 Bars, the replicator unit, and not a slip more." He was going to have to explain this one to his CO, but was sure it'd be sorted out before tomorrow morning. He put out his hand to shake on the deal.

Volok slightly raised his eyebrow. The Bajoran was a tough negotiator but another drop of two bars in the offer was a bit steep according to Volok, on the other hand they did need the work. "Perhaps this is a proper time to conclude our negotiations in agreement." He said sticking out his hand about to shake Mayik's. But he held back at the last moment. "However, this is dependent on the correct operation of the replicator unit."

"It'll work! It's in fine working condition." Mayik assured him and put his hand in the Vulcan's to shake in agreement.

"Good. I'll have some of our people collect the cargo once we've made room for the crate." Mayterial was pleased with how Volok handled this exchange and was happy to be able to replace one of the old replicators in their mess hall. She stepped forward to shake the hand of the Bajoran scientist as well.
"We better get moving, again" May told Volok before turning to the exit and heading back out.


Mayterial Droz


First Mate

"This is the beginning, and the dawn of a new era of transportation."


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