S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Improper Propositions

Posted on Monday September 17th, 2018 @ 23:09 hours by Mayterial Droz & Richard Fitzsimons
Edited on on Monday September 17th, 2018 @ 23:10 hours

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Stardust Lounge, Starbase 72
Timeline: MD03 - 02:30 hours

The day had been long and Mayterial really needed some time away from the gloomy confines of the ship. She still hadn't found an Engineer and the gathering of the crew had gone a lot less smoothly than she had hoped. It was to be expected with the new reputation that the Fawkes would have gathered among the experienced civilians looking for a ship. She was glad for the people that she had found but there were still a great many seats to be filled, especially licensed ones. For now she was simply content sitting at the bar in this lounge, slowly sipping away her Andorian ice wine.

Fitz pushed his fingers through his hair as he surveyed his surroundings. The lack of uniform was still taking some getting used to but if he was honest with himself it was the first time in a long time that he actually felt free. Free of dotting i’s, crossing t’s and having to deal with stuck up snobs that judged you based on your rank instead of experience and position.

This...this was what he’d been born for. To embrace the days of before, to free wheel and be no ones boss but his own. And when the feet got itchy to go further afar, jump on a ship, dirty his hands and see where life took him.

“Scotch straight up my good man.” The man threw himself onto the first available stool, grinning at the bar keep as he figured his years of absence from alcohol deserved a break given the situation.

The position also allowed a quick survey, a weighting of the crowd as he briefly studied both exits points and pinpointed those that required more concern than others...much alike the woman seated beside him now. With the black orbs for eyes he could see easily signal her race as Betazoid but beyond that she was a blank canvas. Betazoid though...they could be fun from time to time. “Can I ask, did it hurt?”

Mayterial felt a tingle run across her neck when she heard the man lean in and deliver what she was sure to be something awful. "At the risk of being very disappointed, what exactly?" She looked over at the man that had approached her and gave a half hearted smile.

The half smile didn’t deter Fitz as instead a twinkle entered his eye as he leaned in just a little closer. “When you fell from heaven because you have the face of an angel.” At that moment, his drink was delivered which allowed the man to lean back a little so if she was to strike a blow it might not land as hard as intended.

Mayterial frowned a bit. "I'm sorry. I'm not really familiar with Terran culture, did you just tell me I look like I fell on my face?" she wondered how this was supposed to win her over.

“Well now...” sitting back into the stool, Fitz studied the woman a little closer as the smile continued to play across his lips. “Seems like you are a tough cookie. Instead of the history lesson why don’t I try again? Are you my Appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.“

"I may need a refill to be able to stomach that." Mayterial showed her empty glass at the man. There was no way this was going to be successful but she might as well get some free drinks out of this.

Fitz couldn’t help but laugh as he indicted to the bar man and back to the woman’s glass before taking a latinum bar out of his pocket and leaving it on the counter top. “I’ve never been able to say no to a beautiful woman; one of my many faults.”

Angling his body to watch the crowd while allowing attention on the woman at hand; Richard had to admit that she was a beautiful woman. The messy hair might have thrown some but the glimpse at waves amongst the trestles teased at more. The clothes, suggested carelessness in the sense of having no particular care in what she wore but still they teased at perhaps a little more. “To borrow another of us Terrans cheesy lines; what’s brought a beautiful woman like you to a down and out place like this?”

"You know what. I was right." May accepted the new drink and sipped a bit of it, the cold touch to her lips, slowly washing down her throat a moment of pure bliss. "I do need more drinks to be able to stomach this." She took another sip to prove her point. "I'm looking for a crew." She looked over to him and raised her glass in a toast, "Nobody but you dumb enough to engage me in conversation though."

“Dumb or smart though that would be the proper question surely.” Fitz sipped his own scotch, savouring the drink that had been so long awaiting his lips; internally sighing in pleasure. “No matter your reason for being here it’s not a good idea to be on your own. While I don’t doubt your well able to look after yourself, you're out manned, out numbered and stand out like a sore thumb.”

Mayterial quirked an eyebrow in a fashion that would put a Vulcan to shame. She forced out a grin, "You're forgetting that I have nothing worth stealing." She shook her head and then leaned in "Also, you're forgetting that I could kill you with my mind."

Fitz didn’t budge nor flinch as his smile grew a little wider. The danger was almost as pleasurable as this encounter alone. “While I have no doubt unlocking the thoughts in my head alone would probably kill us both on the spot, sweetheart you have a lot to warrant being kidnapped. Your attempts to hide your beauty and classic good looks hasn’t been very successful. There’s a few alien races whom I’m sure would pay a pretty penny to have you.”

"I never thought I'd see the day that someone would use the threat of sex slavery as a compliment." It had been a long day and a lot had happened but she hadn't thought this was the way it was going to end. She hadn't changed her attire or appearance for the express purpose of avoiding these types of avances. Find some drunk brawn to help out on the ship and then be on her merry way. So far anyone she had approached had declined, some more politely than others.

Fitz nodded to a group of men situated a number of tables away from the pair; throwing a casual wave and smile in their direction before leaning a little closer to the woman and pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “Well I could think of a few other means for sex to enter this conversation but for the interim; be careful. You’ve just admitted you’ve drawn attention to your presence here on the base. Time has been given to plot and plan, all they need is opportunity.”

Mayterial quickly jerked her head back when his hand reached for a stray hair on the side of her face. Her reflexes not as fast as she remembered them to be. Perhaps the Andorian Ale was a bit tougher on the senses than she remembered. She finished her drink and placed the glass back on the counter, looked at him intently, putting her index and middle fingers on her temples on both sides before mimicking her head exploding to him. "Thank for the drink and the concerns. I'll be fine." She slid deftly off the stool and was a bit surprised herself that she could walk straight to the door without swaying too much.

Fitz laughed, sitting back in his chair as his eyes followed the woman moving away. If she didn’t wish to heed his warnings, it was no loss to Fitz. He wasn’t here to play babysitter to strangers anyway; no matter how good looking they might be. Judging by that delicate sway of the hips with the body following suit; he’d put latinum on it not taking too long. “Give us another bar keep. After that I think it’ll be bed time. Another night with an empty bed.”

"For you, maybe." The barkeep refilled his glass to a double scotch as he gave a nod to one of the guys in the back striding forward confidently and catching up with Mayterial in his stride.

"Leaving already?" The harsh sound of his voice startled Mayterial, this wasn't the same guy that she was at the bar with. She might have approached this man before settling down. Taking a look to the side she immediately knew she hadn't approached him for his intellect.

"Early day tomorrow." May gave him a wave of the hand, motioning him to step off, "Let me know if you're still looking for a job in the morning. I'm hiring deck hands."

"How about we do the job interview right now? I can show you how much I can lift" He grabbed her by the upper arm and stopped her from walking further out of the bar.

Rogers moved to block their view, his eyes leering across the woman’s body as he moved in the little bit closer and infringed on her personal space. “You made an offer earlier on myself and my friend...we figure we’ve got one better for you.”

Mayterial looked up at the two guys and sighed in disbelieve. This was the 24th century, why did they have to be like this. "Please, I think it's best we all forget about any offers anyone made to someone else and move on with our lives." She tried to move past them and into the promenade, her way being blocked by the two men. "Just step aside and we'll all just forget this ever happened."

Rogers reached out, the top of his finger nail pressing down on the material of the woman’s jacket as he felt the muscle beneath. “Put up a fight if you’d like...it just makes what’s to come even more exciting.”

"Get away from me!" Mayterial gave a strong push against the chest of the guy that had grabbed her by the arm earlier. He didn't budge but instead laughed. The smell of alcohol on his breath almost overwhelmed her.

"Now, now, that's not very nice. We're just trying to show you a good time. Just like you asked. Big, strong men to help you out." Kent grinned crookedly and reached to grab her by the arm again.

::To Be Concluded::


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