S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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I need you to pack your things and leave

Posted on Wednesday February 10th, 2021 @ 22:40 hours by Mayterial Droz

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Hirral Furx' guest quarters, Deck 3, S.S. Fawkes
Timeline: Two hours before docking with Betazed Orbital
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Mayterial wondered how she would approach this, she needed the man to relinquish his life's work. That wasn't going to happen unless she threatened something of his. Was it the right thing to do? He was on her ship after all. Couldn't she just try and convince him to stop resetting the poor programme. Perhaps convince him that while she's not exactly a perfect carbon copy of whomever it was he had lost, that she was a person in and of her own right? Just as she was about to reach out to the chime on the door they opened with a loud hiss.

"Wow, what the fuck," Hirral was immediately startled and on the back foot when he tried to step out and Mayterial was standing right there, in front of him, "how ar-.."

There was no time to think this through, and she already knew she was going to regret this, but she grabbed the man by his shirt and pushed him back into his quarters violently before hitting the panel behind the door to close them again, "I should ask you the same thing," She pushed him further back into the small quarters, "What the fuck, you bring a neural net on board? You wave around some fake paperwork and you bring an illegal neural network onto my ship?!" She yelled at his face.

"Wow! Hold on. What are you talking about?" Hirral seemed to be scrambling around to stay upright but also to stay ahead of this whirlwind of emotions that was being aimed at him.

"Did you think we wouldn't find out? Did you think the authorities wouldn't fucking realise what it was that big piece of junk was actually for?" May sensed that she had him on his back legs, "I should shoot that thing into the nearest star, erase it from our manifest," Her eyes narrowed, "Erase you from it too."

"No, no, it's not what it looks like, no..." There was a moment of panic welling up inside of him that overwrote his sensible reasoning, if he had thought about this he knew that it was impossible for the crew of the Fawkes to pretend he was never there.

"I know exactly what it is, don't you think I've never seen a perv with his personal sex-bot before?" Mayterial shook her head, "You disgust me!"

"Hey, now, wait a minute, no, that's not at all.." He tried to get a word in edgewise.

Mayterial poked a finger onto his chest as she loomed over him, having cornered him in the small guest quarters, "You get off this ship on Betazed," She poked him again, "you find someone else to drag you back to whatever hole you crawled from," another poke, "you don't talk about us", and a final hard poke, "and you never, ever, talk about that damned box again."

"Now hold up," Hirral was starting to collect his wits and he was starting to get quite pissed at this woman's insistence, "I don't know who you think you are, and I don't care what you say, but I refuse to be pushed around by a grifter like you. What is it you want? More money?" He turned and dug around in his bag, grabbing a hand full of GPL slips, "here, take it, if it'll shut you up." He pushed the hand full of up against her, "I will get off this Vole infested rust heap, and I will take my personal belongings with me, including the container you're keeping in your cargo bay."

It felt counter-intuitive to not accept GPL, everything she'd done over the past years was all aimed at accruing more of it, but she knew that if she took it she would lose this fight. As he let go she allowed it to simply drop to the ground, "Fuck you and your Latinum, there's not enough latinum to buy your way out of this one. We're disposing of the box, we're going to pretend we never met you, and if you're very, Very, lucky we'll allow you to step through the airlock while it's connected to an orbital station."

The combination of threats, the idea that he might lose everything he had worked for, the one chance to get his daughter back, he simply couldn't handle it anymore. He swung for her face, he needed to hit her. He needed to knock her out, tie her up, delay her for long enough to be able to get off at Betazed. They were close, he knew it, otherwise she wouldn't have been so damn antsy. When the first hook missed he hooked his other fist into her body.

Mayterial was able to dodge the first incoming blow but wasn't quite prepared to get out of the way of the uppercut into her stomach. The wind was knocked out of her and she staggered back trying to keep her feel and catch her breath.

Hirral reached for his bag again, this time to pull a phaser pistol from it, it was the quickest and easiest way to get her to comply, to get out of there.

As May straightened herself out she saw the flash of metal in his hand and immediately recognised it as a phaser pistol, she rushed forward and slammed her body into him. Not having time or finesse to do anything more targeted. Hoping that it would jar the thing loose from his hand. Why did the ZG-Football players always make it look so easy? The collission through both of them into the wall and then onto the ground. She slammed her fists into his sides. She didn't quite know Trill physiology but hoped she could hit a liver or something to make him black out.

With her slamming into him he couldn't keep holding onto the pistol, it bounced off the floor plates and into the corner as they both crashed to the ground. The fists were digging into his sides, he pushed his arms down to protect himself from taking the brunt of it, "get off of me to crazy hag!" He tried to push his leg in between them to be able to kick her off.

With him shimmying his leg between them May got an idea, there was one part of the Trill anatomy she would have no trouble finding. She lifted her body up from the floor by pushing her hands on his neck, it was just a distraction that allowed her to violently dig her knee into his groin.

As he clawed at her hands around his neck he suddenly felt a sharp and excruciating pain in his genitals. He tried to scream out but the hands on his throat prevented any real sound from escaping. His eyes watered up and he tried to curl up in a fetal position to protect himself from any future assault on his privates.

With that Mayterial launched herself off of him and into the direction of where she heard the pistol scatter. She found it half under the small cupboard in the corner. She pulled it out from under it and twisted around onto her back to aim at Hirral. In the time she had taken to get to the pistol he had recovered from the dirty attack and was now leaping towards her to repay her in kind. She immediately pushed the trigger and an orange beam ripped through the short distance between them to embed itself into his chest.

The limp Trill body landed on top of her with a loud thud, she immediately checked the setting as she hadn't been able to do so before and was relieved it was set to stun, not even a high setting at that. She pushed him off of her and just lay there for a moment trying to catch her breath. That definitely hadn't played out the way she had intended but it gave her enough opportunity to come up with a better solution.

"I should've stuck with pickpocketing..." She told the unconscious form next to her, "but no, you wanted a ship. You wanted freedom..." she got up from the floor as she scolded herself for past life decisions. She put the phaser pistol in her pocket and grabbed the man by his armpits, dragging him over to his bunk and throwing him on top of it, "You sleep on what you've done." She made her way out of the quarters, only stopping to scoop up the hand full of GPL slips that he had tried to push on her. She wasn't one to waste any credits. With those in her pocket as well she stepped out of the room and locked the door from the outside using her Captain's credentials, setting up an alarm for if the doors opened despite of this. The man was an accomplished engineer, after all, he was good enough to create a neural net from scratch, without Federation backing, and keep it secret to boot.

She looked back at the door and considered posting the Master-at-Arms to make sure he would stay inside, then decided against it. The less people in on this particular thing the better. She didn't want to have to lie to them, and she also didn't want too many people to know and be able to spill the beans on what it was that this man was paying them to transport. She headed for the cargo bay, in order to sort this bloody mess out.


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