S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Medic needed?

Posted on Saturday December 15th, 2018 @ 12:28 hours by Ami Lewis & Mayterial Droz

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply

Ami was looking at the various ships in the many berths. Some civilian, some from different militaries. She knew some would need a medic and she needed a new place to stay. She moved regularly but it was wearing thin. She had a PADD with her qualifications tucked into her jacket as she walked.

Pausing she frowned at the dark haired woman who was limping out of an entrance hatch. A glance at the ship listing above the hatch, Ami noted it was the Fawkes. They were advertising for crew and she had seen the notice. And she recognised the woman from the notice.

The limp was concerning. They obviously needed a medic. Taking a breath, Ami moved towards the hatch and when she grew close said "Excuse me?" To the dark haired woman.

Mayterial had been walking around the Starbase for the better part of the day and she was starting to feel that the broken bone in her foot hadn't been healed properly. That's what she got for stubbornly refusing help from Starfleet. It reminded her that she needed a new physician on her vessel as soon as possible. Sure she could always ask Volok to help her out but she needed him to focus on his First Mate responsibilities. When she heard someone trying to grab her attention. "Yes?"

"Captain Droz? I'm Ami Lewis. I'm a medic. I am here about your advertised crew opening." Ami held out a hand to the woman. "And from the looks of you, you need a medic."

"I'm not sure what you're getting at." Mayterial was suddenly very aware of her weakness showing through, making an effort to stand up straight she tried to mask the pain. She should definitely have her foot looked at. "We have a job opening for a Ship's Physician, if that's what you mean."

Ami had to smile at that. "Uh huh. Well I am more than qualified. Why don't you let me look at your foot and leg and if you don't like the outcome you don't have to hire me on."

Mayterial eyed the woman over top to bottom, "Do you mind if I view your credentials?" She held out her hand to receive whatever the woman had to show her the requested information.

Ami handed over the PADD from inside her jacket. "Of Course."

Taking a moment to look over the information on the PaDD Mayterial tried to straighten out her leg. She knew that if she showed weakness people would be ready to pounce on it. She had been one of those people. Maybe this Ami woman was one of those people too. Going through the certifications they all seemed legit, the PaDD synced up with the Federation network and upon request gave a positive ping back. "I'll need to have this double checked by my First Mate." She said before handing the PaDD back to the woman. "But for now, let's say I'll trust you." She gave a smile to the physician. "Want to accompany me to the medical bay?"

Ami nodded."Of course Captain. And as we go, you can tell me how long you have had the injury."

Heading into the vessel Mayterial looked back over her shoulder to see if the woman was following close by. "First day I came back here, so that's six days ago now, they ripped the ship apart. I lost my temper. Kicked a loose panel." She remembered the pang of pain in her foot, most certainly one of the small bones in her foot was broken. She had patched it as best she could herself using the equipment available in the medical bay. "I self medicated but yesterday I've spent most of it running errands on the Starbase. It's starting to act up."

Ami listened and nodded. "I understand that you are busy, however you may need to stay off it for a few hours at least after I fix it. Sit at your desk, do paperwork. Give the muscles a chance to settle." She looked around as they walked.

"That might not be possible. I'll see what I can do." There was still quite a lot that needed attending around the ship and she wasn't one to shirk having to do that manual labour herself. They came to a stop in front of the turbo lift, she was glad Damien had prioritised fixing it up. "Why are you hopping ships?"

Ami gave a half shrug."Restless feet I suppose. I enjoy new places and such. Also add to the fact that my former captain has a new wife who thinks she is a medic. She is lucky to know that she has ten fingers and toes." She scoffed. "I could have stayed but what was my domain has become her's and she has already screwed up. I refuse to save idiots from themselves."

There was something to be said for leaving idiots to tend to themselves. May herself had never had much trouble using other people's idiocy against themselves. "At least it's your own choice in this way, I suppose." They came to the turbo lift and she called it to their level. "The sickbay is on deck two. Ever you ever worked on a Groumall class before?"

"No." Ami looked around as they walked. "It will be interesting."

After a short ride on the lift they got out on deck two and headed for the medical bay. "I would call this the main medical bay, but since it's the only one it seems a bit redundant." Mayterial gave a smirk and pressed the button to open the doors and allow themselves entrance. "Please don't mind the mess." The room had all the trimmings of a medical bay, with two bio beds standing at the centre of it and a curtain that would separate the two patients from each other. It had also been fully stocked six months ago when Starfleet raided it. Most of that stock was now spread out over the floor. Nobody had time or the inclination to go through all of the medical stuff and put it back in their place. "Don't mind the mess, it's been an interesting few days."

Ami looked around and nodded."Its ok. I would have started from scratch anyway." Then she waved a bio bed. "Let's get that foot fixed captain."

"Thank you. You can call me May." She had never really been too big on protocol. Part of the reason the fleet didn't appreciate her presence all that much.

Ami nodded and after May had sat on the bio bed, carefully took the boot off the affected foot. She pulled her own medical scanner from her jacket pocket. "Until I can find one in here." she said. Then she ran the scan. "Ah well its not as bad as it could be May. I can see strained tendons and a few bones not realigned properly. Do I have your permission to realign them?"

"By all means." May braced herself subconsciously for the upcoming realignment. She couldn't imagine it would be a very pleasant procedure, especially knowing that she already did some work to fix the bones herself.

Gently Ami carefully rested May's foot on the bio bed and then after a moment looking through the piles around she spotted a hypo syringe. Smiling she picked it up, read the medication name on the side, considered and then turning she said. "Local anesthetic. Do you want it?"

May nodded slowly, "Hm let me think, a localised feeling of numbness or excruciating pain?" She looked at the physician, "I think I'll take the hypo, doc."

Ami smiled and administered the hypo, then began the process of gently manipulating the foot and ankle. It didn't take her long. Running a scan she nodded with approval. Then she looked around and found a box marked 'bandages' she opened it and nodded with satisfaction. "I'll bandage it for you. It will hold it in place so you can walk at least."

"Thank you, doctor." For the first time in a long time, May laid back and relaxed for a moment. Perhaps it was the anaesthetic, perhaps the chance to finally reflect on the past week's madhouse. "I'll get your contract forwarded to you as the first order of business when I get out of here." She turned her head to face the medic and smiled a bit, "That is if you'll still take it after seeing this, that is." She motioned at the medical bay that was in disarray.

"I can deal with it." Ami said as she wrapped the foot. "I suggest you take it slow when walking ok?" Ami finished the wrapping. "And I will take the job Captain."

"Welcome aboard, Doctor." May slipped off the bed and tentatively put some weight on her foot. It was clear that Ami wasn't kidding that she should take it easy. She winced a bit as she made her way out the door and back into the corridor, leaving their new physician behind in the room that she would be calling her home and office for the forseeable future.

Ami watched her go and then turned and surveyed the Medical Bay. She sighed, walked to the comm in the corner and contacted the Starbase. She would get her belongings brought aboard and set about making this a medical bay to be proud of.


Mayterial Droz


Ami Lewis
Ship's Physician

"Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real."


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