S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Hasty Departure

Posted on Thursday November 29th, 2018 @ 03:57 hours by Canaan Serene

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Starbase 72, Airlock 10
Timeline: 1645, MD07


He'd made it. The trip from earth had been long. Canaan booked passage on a Terrelian star jumper bound on a direct flight for Starbase 72. This was the station at which the Fawkes was listed as docked, or so he'd learned after a bit of research. The freighter was scheduled to disembark at 1800 and was bound for Langley Station. Canaan could have made less frenzied travel plans to meet the ship at its intended destination, but that would have meant a two week layover. Canaan wasn't interested in delays, so the decision to leave sooner rather than later resulted in his slipping off campus earlier than intended. He told no one of his plans, except Oshy, and even that was by way of subspace text.

By personal choice, Canaan led a minimalist lifestyle; he owned a few cherished items and had a rather modest wardrobe that easily packed away in a small travel bag. The remainder of what wasn't taken, was summarily recycled in the replicator or left with a note addressed to who he intended to gift said item. Canaan then made his way to the nearest starport to barter passage. This had been the most arduous task thus far; finding a direct flight to the starbase presented a unique challenge, as nearly all of the available options either had layovers at other locations that wouldn't allow for an arrival time prior to the Fawkes' departure, or would completely deplete his credits account. It wasn't until one of the attendants recommended the Terrelian star jumper, that Canaan was able to solidify plans.

The Terrelian captain, a man by the name of Velner, was pleasant enough, albeit brusque. Although he wasn't able to offer a comfortable trip, the price was more than fair and there was enough that Canaan could do to stay preoccupied; worse case scenario, he'd try to sleep for the majority of the trip. The accommodations were tight, as Velner packed more passengers than the ship was rated for and it didn't take long before learning even the lavatory offered the most basic of needs. What the ship lacked in both comfort and amenities, it made up for in speed; the ship made good time and arrived at Starbase 72 a full fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.

After disembarking the star jumper, Canaan found a quiet corner near the airlock to sort himself out and freshen up. He pulled the data slate from within his bag and connected it to the station's link-up. It took only a moment to pull the docking port assignments and locate the Fawkes. There wasn't much time before the freighter's intended departure time and he had no idea how he was going to secure a place on the ships roster. He was now a bundle of nerves, with a crippling degree of uncertainty and doubt burbling to the surface.

Canaan had come a great distance, but was he close enough to start a new chapter in life?



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