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Some unexpected help

Posted on Monday September 17th, 2018 @ 23:09 hours by Mayterial Droz & Richard Fitzsimons

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Stardust Lounge, Starbase 72
Timeline: MD03 - 03:00 hours

"Get away from me!" Mayterial gave a strong push against the chest of the guy that had grabbed her by the arm earlier. He didn't budge but instead laughed. The smell of alcohol on his breath almost overwhelmed her.

"Now, now, that's not very nice. We're just trying to show you a good time. Just like you asked. Big, strong men to help you out." Kent grinned crookedly and reached to grab her by the arm again.

::And now, the conclusion::

Fitz had started to turn back to the back, his eyes lingering for longer than perhaps was polite but in this time perhaps bit was to both of their benefits. He watched the interaction of the other men, only hesitating as he knew the women to be stronger than appearance let on but weighted against the alcohol consumption; she wouldn’t stand a chance.

“I thought I told you to go straight back to our room.” Fitz’s voice carried as he slid from the chair, noticing how the room seemed to have grown more quiet. “You just never can do what you're told Angel?”

"You stay out of this, Dick." The gruff voice reacted to him without looking in his direction.

Kent wanted to grab on to Mayerial her arm again, she slapped his hand away and then lunged forward and put both her hands on the side of his face. Her abilities were not as well developed as some of her kind but she knew enough to defend herself in this situation. She pumped fear and terror into the man's head and screamed as it immediately exhausted her.

A fist from the other guy found its target as it connected with May's liver. The force behind it would've put a dent in a bulkhead.

May's vision went black and she went to the floor like a sack of Bajoran turnips.

Fitz had moved to react but it wasn’t quick enough as a fist made contact with his own stomach; causing him to stumble as the air was temporarily knocked from his body.

“She’s ours now.” Roger’s voice contained a certain glee as he watched the man double over, allowing him a chance to turn and pick the woman from the floor.

“I don’t think so..” Stealing his body as his lungs fought to intake air, Fitz pushed his foot forward until it made contact with the thug in question, planting firmly into the back of his leg before the opponent's body buckled and sent both him and the woman to the floor.

Fitz winced as he realised the Betazoid was going to feel it when she woke but right now, his attention needed to focus on the the man’s fellow accomplice.

After the mental assault Kent had whimpered and scurried into a corner, trying to make himself as small as possible. Right now he just wanted all of this to be over. Tears were slowly collecting in his eyes.

Roger growled as he pulled the woman’s body behind him; they were drawing too much attention but at this point he was damned if the gorilla who seemed to the a protector was going to get in his way.

Lounging forward from where he lay on the floor; Rodge made contact with the man’s legs as he attempted to take him down a level.

The force of contact against his legs caused Fitz to wobble as a string of swear words left his lips. He was mad now...it should have been simple for the men to run before they were in deeper trouble but it seemed that this one was braver than he should have been.

Unleashing that anger, Fitz let loose with a swing that made contact with the brutes cheek as the man on the floor felt his head fly back before his body dropped.

Fitz took a moment as he tried to force his breathing to stabilize, it was rare but when it appeared it was so difficult to control; the prone abductor at his feet was more evidence of this.

“Why the feck couldnt you just listen woman, this isn’t how I wanted you to fall for me.” Richard glared at the room at large, daring them to say or do anything more before taking the limb body of the woman on the ground into his arms. “What the hell am I meant to do with you now?”

The shallow breathing from May was suddenly interrupted with a sharp intake of breath as she came back to consciousness. Looking and seeing Fitz rather than one of the two brutes she immediately relaxed a bit again. "Can you drop me off at airlock 13?"

Fitz just shook his head as his arms shifted the woman’s weight to a more comfortable position. Part of his mind was on the drink he’d left behind, another part was on the men sulking away and the other was on the pure fact that he seemed to attract troublesome women no matter what he tried to do.

It was all too much of a headache if he was to be honest with himself, it was easily to just head in the general direction of a turbolift from where he might be able to figure where airlock 13 might be located. “Would Madamn like some munchies for her journey? Maybe drink while being transported in first class?”

Mayterial put an arm around Fitz and smiled meekly at him. "Nah, I'm good." She rested her head against his shoulder. Her eyes hurt if she opened them, probably due to the artificial lights on the promenade.

Fitz slightly shifted the body once again, not because she was heavy (far from it) but because this was overall becoming a little uncomfortable for all the right and wrong reasons right now. She was nice to hold...it had been awhile.

“You got someone waiting for you who’ll look after those bruises?” Fitz tried to focus on the walk rather than anything else right now.

"It's not the bruises I'm worried about." May winced a bit as Fitz tried to reposition her in his arms. This was the first time the haze in her head subsided long enough for her to actually notice the bruise on her back.
"I hate it when they punch you in the liver."

Managing to manovour their bodies, Fitz’s hand pressed against the turbolift button as his arms cradled May closer in relax to her wince. “Still mightn’t be any harm to be checked over. They hit you hard enough to knock you out, you wanna rule out any internal bleeding. Damaged liver won’ do you any good when you want to consume alcohol later on ya know.”

"Oh, and who will be providing said alcohol?" Mayterial could probably manage to walk again but she was never one to shy away from taking advantage of a situation. "I actually found a doctor that seems to be semi-capable earlier today. Or I guess technically, yesterday. I'll be sure to check in with her, dad."

The alcohol part went ignored for the minute, instead the woman's other words giving Fitz cause for concern. "Dad? Seriously?!?" Momentarily studying the deck and turbolift plan, the man shook his head before talking to the system. "Deck seventy four, section four."

"You sounded like an overprotective parent." May realised she might have overplayed her hand there. "I think I can walk."

As the doors of the turbolift slid back open, Fitz moved through as he proceeded to follow a corridor to another turbolift which would take them to the spacedocks. "I thought you were more so making remark on how old I look. I can take over protective parent, sometimes a person needs someone else to point out the obvious."

"That's why I hired a Vulcan to be my First Mate. They are basically born to point out the obvious." Mayterial had opened her eyes and looked at the guy still carrying her despite her indication that she could walk on her own again.
"Knowing my line of work, I might need someone to accompany me to more meetings, though."

As they approached the second turbolift, Fitz once again shifted the woman in his arms; trying to take as much care as possible as his palm hit the control panel once more. "Vulcan as a first mate? Angel you must be a glutton for punishment. Why require more company when you've the power of a nerve pinch at your fingers?"

"He's a doctor. Probably knows his way around sedatives and dermal regenerators better than around weapons and martial arts." Mayterial had already indicated once that she was fine walking the rest of the way but he didn't seem intend on putting her down. Who was she to deny a man carrying her to her home.
"And please, my name is Mayterial."

"Mayterial...well that's a new one on me." Moving into the turbolift, Fitz glanced down at the woman with a warm smile on his lips; instinctively his arms tightening around her. "My niece is called Rose, she was a May baby. Her birthstone is symbolic of love and success...an emerald."

"What do I call you, aside from super cheesy?" May retorted, not quite sure what to do with the whole May baby birthstone kind of thing.

"Super cheesy seems to be a regular nickname so you wouldn't be far off Angel." Fitz stuck to the earlier nickname, not quite sure but feeling it seemed to suit the woman. "On more regular days, Richard would be my given name."

"Richard." Mayterial seemed to consider that name with as much familiarity as he had considered hers. "Isn't there a more common nickname for men called Richard on Terra?"

As the turbolift doors reopened, Fitz hesitated a minute before moving through, "Well that's a complex one. You've got Rich, Richey, R, Rick-ard. Then there's my surname, Fitzsimons. Some old Captains have used that as a preference, typically means I'm in some sort of trouble again."

"Oh no, wait, I remember. Dick." Mayterial was quite happy remembering that and give herself a stern nod for the accomplishment.

Fitz couldn't prevent the escape of laughter as he came entered into the space dock area and tried to orientate himself to number seventeen. "Some people in my life have said that that one is fairly appropriate at times. What the lady wishes the lady shall get."

"It's right around the corner here. I think I can manage walking again." May tapped him on the shoulder indicating that this was as far as she was willing to be carried by him.

Focused on the destination, it took a few moments more before Rick processed the request and lowered the woman to the ground; momentarily keeping his hands on her hips with a cocky smile on his lips. “You sure you can be trusted this time to stay away from seedy men?”

"Well, one of them followed me home." May smiled with a practised faux smile and using her now free hands to move his away from her body. "Kidding aside, thanks for the help. If you are ever in need for a transport, or you know, want to keep me safe for a living, this is where I'm at." She pointed at airlock 13, which was currently docking the S.S. Fawkes.

Rich easily stepped can before giving a mock salute. The inviting was tempting...there was something about the woman that he liked but given his previous history with the fairer sex he wasn’t quite sure how trusting that instinct might be. “Well if your finding yourself in need of personal protection once more sure give me a call Angel.”

"I have a job opening for a Master-at-Arms." Mayterial wasn't sure if it was the mental fatigue, the alcohol, or the desperation for a capable crew but he seemed like as good a catch as any for the role. She hesitated a moment before slowly starting to walk backwards in the direction of the airlock.

Fitz said nothing for a few moments, just watching the woman as she walked and wondering the meaning behind her words. It was matter of fact...there was no denying her behaviour tonight indicated a distance she preferred to keep and it was intriguing to say the least. He’d have made a move if he’d have thought there was more in a romantic sense but this woman...he was always a sucker for those he considered vulnerable in some ways. She seemed like a lone rider but every lone rider always needed crew to keep a ship moving.

Still not moving, instead Fitz raised his voice so she’d hear him. “I’d expect a high payment if the role involves digging your ass out of bar fights on a more regular basis.”

"We can have you work on commission for ass savings." Mayterial had turned around and was now in front of the airlock, keying in her access code.

Fitz lingered, the idea still tugging at his brain that the position appealed to him. He’d promised himself some fun and games for a period before drifting again but hadn’t life taught him that plans always changed...perhaps it was time to go back to he flow. “Ten latinum strips per ass kicking and you have a deal.”

"Not a slip over seven." Mayterial looked over her shoulder, waiting to press the last button to open the doors for her to give him a chance to react.

It was more than he’d expected, given the chances were slim to none now that she’d allow a bar brawl to happen again but then again...the money didn’t really matter. “You strike a hard bargain Angel but it seems you’ve got yourself a new Master-at-Arms so.”

"Want to see your new home?" Mayterial pressed the button and the door slid aside allowing her, and Fitzsimons, entrance aboard.

“Never let it be said that I’ve turned down an invite from a woman to enter her home.” Fitz grinned as he moved up to slightly behind the woman, indicating for her to move ahead. “After you mi’lady.”


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