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Mayterial Droz

Name Mayterial Droz

Position Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 33
Known Aliases April Draher (Human), T'Mey (Vulcan)

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 57Kg
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Full black
Physical Description Mayterial is fit. She sports an athletic physique and is able to remain rather feminine despite her rather masculine work history of dragging crates around in different cargo bays. She isn't afraid to flaunt her female attributes if she feels it will serve her in getting towards her goals. While running scams she can therefore often be seen walking around in skinny dresses and other revealing outfits. On her own ship, however, is an entirely different story. She wears what is easy to walk around in (and at times run away and duck for cover in). Usually consisting of baggy jeans with an abundance of pockets and a tanktop which normally haven't seen a reclamation unit is some time and are covered in grime and dirt from her boat. Sometimes she wears a pair of sunglasses or coloured contacts to obscure her rather outspoken black Betazoid orbs.
Distinguishing Marks or Features While in boot camp she had a tattoo set during a night out on the town. She has since had it removed, but it was hastily done by an unlicensed doctor and there is residual scar tissue on her right wrist as a result.

Family & Acquaintances

Father Lieutenant Commander Casdian Droz - Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus, Starfleet (K.I.A.)
Mother Jade Droz - Betazoid Ambassador, Trill

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mayterial is an easy going and life loving woman. She likes living on the edge and occasionally hang down the side a bit. Her friends and acquaintances call her May. She likes to drink and stands her ground against anyone willing to take it to a competition. Under all those layers of misguidance and happy-go-lucky lurks a meticulous and analytical mind. She has honed her skills in deception and misdirection; as such she scours the many Starbase lounges and planet-side bars to get what she wants. And May always gets what she wants, or May will most certainly get very angry.
Strengths & Weaknesses Due to her hereditary empathic abilities she almost always has an edge over the opposition, Ferengi not withstanding. She uses this advantage in most of her schemes and cons. She relies not only on her inherent abilities but also on her athletic physique and good looks. She prides herself on being able to con almost every known species in the universe.

This pride is also the seed of her weakness. It makes her susceptible to being caught off guard by things not going fully according to her own plan. She seems a bit stubborn in her planning and execution of them. She also got into trouble more than once because she thought she'd be able to handle a situation with ease and was surprised by the opposition.
Ambitions To enjoy the freedom her boat grants her for as long as possible. When no longer possible she hopes to have set aside enough credits to retire to a peaceful house, or small moon, to call her own.
Quirks & Flaws Mayterial can get fairly physical fairly quickly with people. Touching, tapping, playful punching. It grew during the times where she was making most of her living as a confidence trickster.
Passions May has a fascination for old fashioned parlour tricks. Be it cards, sleight of hand or some other minor illusions. She likes the tricks where no holo-emitters are used to fool the audience but the skill of the magician still mattered. She's quite adept, something that comes in handy sometimes in her line of work. She also has developed an interest in rare antiques and artefacts from across the universe, even though she doesn't collect them herself she will recognise a bargain when she sees one.


Personal History Mayterial was born into a pre-arranged marriage on Betazed. Her parents, Jade and Casdian, were bonded at an early age and kept to traditions. She was an only child and lived quite happily through her childhood. Mastering her inherent empathic skills as well as being curious into other fields of interest from an early age. Her father was a Starfleet officer and he tried his best to educate her on some of the more simple matter/anti-matter theories.

In her early teens her homeworld was invaded by the Dominion during the ongoing war between the United Federation of Planets and their allies in the Alpha Quadrant against the Dominion, hailing from the Gamma quadrant. Her world changed during those years as lines were crossed that could not be uncrossed. Everything the Betazoid culture had stood for was thrown into the wind as they fought for their freedom against the superior armed forces of the Dominion. During this time she lost her father to the occupational forces, later it turned out that he had joined the rebellion and that their method of fighting was to blame for his untimely demise.

Following those traumatic events her youth was not regular and she was starting to rebel against her mother as her teenage years kicked into overdrive. At the age of eighteen that all culminated in her packing up and enlisting into Starfleet. Heart full of ideals, about protection of the weak and exploration of the unknown, Mayterial attended Starfleet bootcamp in 2381. The two years she spent there were mostly filled with late nights and alcohol induced blackouts. She mastered many skills, very few of them related to actual Operations onboard a Federation Starship, but she did get through. Even though she had to sleep with one of the instructors to get there, she was assigned to the USS Gemini as a Boatswain's mate.

As she was working on the Gemini she had already forgotten all about the ideals she once had. The glamour of rebelling and running away from home had worn off and even though she still wanted to see the universe she slowly started to realise that Starfleet was not going to be the way she would get where she wanted to go. It was during a particularly memorable shoreleave that she got into contact with Meghan. A human hustler and scammer that had her hand in supplying Starfleet personnel and families with wares that might not be fully appropriate for those sworn into the Starfleet service. It started out innocently enough, with rare spices, some artefacts and alcoholic substances, but quickly enough it got more out of control with some more strictly controlled substances.

With the large Galaxy class Starship offering enough clientele for her wares. She was living a life of luxury off her gains in no time. She was able to hold onto these luxuries for about a year before someone caught on. It took JAG another half year to build a solid case against the smuggling ring. She was arrested, together with Meghan and some other top level smugglers.

It was two years she spent in prison, she was found guilty of smuggling, owning illegal substances with the intention to sell and multiple counts of blackmail. The sentence was initially going to be ten years in the penal colony but through a plea bargain she was able to get out of most of those years, testifying against some people higher up the food chain. During her time in Aukland she learned some valuable tricks and gained knowledge she wouldn't have even gotten close to if she would've remained in Starfleet.

It was 2387 when Mayterial stepped out of the penal facility a free woman, so to speak. She had no chance of returning to Starfleet, she had very little luck in finding a job on Earth. That was until the Hobus supernova later that year. Then suddenly there were a great many civilian freighters looking for capable personnel, in order to capitalise on the demand created by the gigantic disaster. Never one to shy away from an opportunity she 'hitched a ride' away from the lush green and blue planet and into the black unknown.

The six years that followed were interesting to say the least. She put herself in the market as a Jack of all Trades, she helped many different colonies, occupied by many different species, with mundane work around the house or facility they were running, as well as paying for her voyages on several different Freighters with manual labour in the lower decks and cargo bays.

During her years doing jobs here and there she came back into touch with Meghan. They had merely been partners in the business sense but their individual predicament following their mutual incarceration kind of forged a deeper relationship. Finding it more profitable to scam their way towards success, rather than taking menial jobs, they almost fully concentrated all their efforts in that field. With it they were able to gather a nice bit of gold pressed latinum. Their scams, forgeries and other non-legit business grew further and further. They took good care to not let it blow out of proportions though, and covered themselves in thick layers of false persona’s, so they could keep their cover as a legitimate business duo.

In 2393 the duo scammed their way into the comforting seat of a Freighter ship, which Mayterial remains the self-proclaimed captain of until this day. Having won the SS Fawkes in a game of poker with an Orion Slave trader by the name of Landau. In the end it was her free life against the freighter. The deck was stacked fully in her favour, of course, and she obliterated Landau. The SS Fawkes, so named only after she had acquired it, was officially registered back with the UFP after she returned to friendly space.

The years thereafter both Meghan (now her first mate) and she spent most of their time evading their Orion Syndicate tail and try to make money on the side. They called themselves freelance merchants, willing to transport anything you like anywhere you like at reasonable rates. Mayterial made sure to keep the business clean, knowing the kind of scrutiny their names would mean on Starfleet installations and Federation colonies. She didn’t accept any smuggling runs, even from the old people she used to run with, not even when times got hard and Meghan swore it was a shoe in, safe job.

As it turned out, even without Mayterial her permission Meghan had followed through on the contract, and a few others after it. Starting to build a name for herself again. The smuggling operation got out when Meghan, running fully behind the back of Mayterial, fell into a trap set up by Starfleet Intelligence. Mayterial lost her entire crew as a result in early 2395. She was lucky to get off with just a hefty fine, the amount of which was yet to be determined. Due to Meghan who had been unable to let go of her old ways. In the months followed Mayterial realised something profound about herself and what the Fawkes meant to her. She didn’t want to run the risk of losing what she had built up. She didn't want to lose the feeling of sitting in the captain’s chair of her old, trustworthy rust bucket. She had finally found what she had been looking for her entire life. A home. A purpose. Freedom.
Service Record 2381 - 2383 : Enlisted into Starfleet, San Fransisco, Earth
2383 - 2385 : Boatswain's mate, USS Gemini
2385 - 2387 : Prisoner, Federation Penal Settlement in Auckland, New Zealand, Earth
2387 - 2393 : Jack of All Trades, Orion Syndicate/Ferengi Alliance/United Federation of Planets/et al.
2393 - Present : Captain, S.S. Fawkes, Independent (UFP)