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Name Malia "Mal"

Position Quartermaster

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 26
Known Aliases Malia isn't the name Landau gave her when she was ten and it certainly isn't the name she was born with

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 103 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Slender and petite, Mal dresses for practicality and comfort. Drawing attention to herself through slinky clothing, makeup, and such is something she avoids. She nearly always wears some sort of a heavy or thermal top along with pants and boots. She is underweight and has some scarring on her back. Her hair is long, to mid-back, and curls slightly; her eyes are Betazoid black.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Scars on her back

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Other Family and Acquaintances A few but she's not giving out names

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mal suffers from dissociative amnesia; she literally can't remember anything of her childhood. Her first memory is Landau, a slave trader associated with the Orion Syndicate, who kept her as a sort of living lie detector. Mal is smart and very patient; she's good at biding her time, waiting for the right opening. In another life, she might have been a sniper, she's got that kind of patience. She is gentle by nature and somewhat creative, likes to laugh and very much lives in the moment. She understands how fleeting the good times are and treasures each one. She's easy to talk to and is always interested in hearing what you have to say though she's not likely to tell you what's on her mind or even you trust you for that matter. Fourteen years under Landau's thumb and then two years on the run, have made her guarded and cautious, slow to trust and more than a little fearful. For all that, she has a kind and caring heart which means that she will find ways to help others when she can even if sometimes, that meant accepting punishment later.

- Telepathic and Empathic(highly skilled)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Good at figuring people out through a combination of body language, telepathy and empathy
- Good at talking to people/negotiating/getting them to open up
- Something of a natural born scrounger
- Loves to cook (some say that she could make shoe leather taste good)
- Good in hand-to-hand combat though mostly its just enough so that she can get away. She's not a natural fighter.
- Loves music and loves to dance
- Reads all the time

- Dissociative Amnesia
- Guarded and cautious, she's slow to open up and even slower to trust
- Suffers from insomnia
- Fear of being caged/trapped
Ambitions Okay, so not something she'd talk about much but she'd love to find a permanent place, one that she could consider 'home' even if it was a ship and if that ship had people she could count on, so much the better.
Quirks & Flaws Mal likes to sing. She's a sweet soprano and is pretty much always humming when she thinks she's alone.
Passions She has two. Mal discovered the ocean on one of Landau's 'business' trips and has been in love with it every since. She learned to swim and really wants to learn how to surf. Though the idea of being land-locked doesn't appeal, she does love the water whether its real or created on a holodeck. Her other passion is dance. She was taking ballet lessons, in return for extra food rations, from one of the fancy girls in Landau's stable and while she doesn't miss being a slave, she really misses those lessons.


Personal History Malia doesn't remember anything prior to the age of ten and her first memories were of being tended to by a less than reputable doctor that Landau, an Orion Slave Trader, had in his 'employ'. The doctor called it dissociative amnesia and said that she might or might not remember over time. Its been 16 years and so far, she remembers nothing. Maybe her body does since she suffers from bouts of insomnia, has recurring nightmares she can't remember, and gets panicked when she's caged or trapped. For fourteen years, Mal 'worked' for Landau as his living lie detector. She went where he went and attended all of his meetings. Over time, she became adept at figuring out who could be trusted and who was lying. As she grew older, she took on other jobs as well - she learned to cook and worked in the kitchen and helped manage the inventory. These were jobs that she accepted willing since both were 'currency' that could buy her favors with others. As Landau grew to trust her, Mal used her abilities and position to help others (including Mayterial Droz). After May had wrested her ship from Landau, Mal realized that she had taken things a step too far. There had been beatings but this one was severe. When she saw a chance to escape, she took it and remained on the run for nearly two years.

Life on the run wasn't easy but then life with Landau had never been easy either. She was used to going without and working long hours at menial jobs. What she hadn't counted on was Landau's determination, bordering on obsession, with tracking her down. She learned to use her gifts to surf the minds of anyone that came close to her, looking for the ones who wanted to capture her, and it was that skill, the same one that Landau had so prized, that kept her one small step ahead of him. To protect herself, she cut all ties with that world and changed her name.

Service Record Has never served in Starfleet