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Name Mercy

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sirran
Age 76
Known Aliases Gera Minoborn

Physical Appearance

Height 260cm / 8'5"
Weight 275kg / 606 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description A hulking behemoth of black fur on her back and sides with dark gray fur on her muzzle and chest and yellow, predatory eyes, one wonders how a being with the bulk of a Sirran could fit in the narrow confines of a civilian bulk freighter. Lupine features, keen triangular and very mobile ears adorn a muzzle feature with fangs like steak knives. A generally heavily muscled physique, clad normally in simple clothes - camouflage cargo pants, and a tank-top or form-fitting t-shirt. Long black hair is usually worn either loosely cascading down broad shoulders, or worn back in a simple ponytail. Finally a thick, bushy tail generally in a lazy wag when happy.

Yet for all her fearsome appearance, she carries herself with a surprising approachability. A ready smile and thick, warm voice welcoming conversation.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse Mark Harmon (deceased)
Children N/A
Father She doesn't speak of her parentage
Mother She doesn't speak of her parentage
Siblings N/A
Other Family and Acquaintances N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally friendly and approachable, always willing to share her time with her crewmates. Though a little bit hesitant and closed off at first, she'll soon open up to people who show genuine interest in her as a person. Honest to a fault, exceedingly loyal to those she considers her family - close friends and crewmates, she has great capacity for patience. Just be wary of reaching the limit of said patience.
Strengths & Weaknesses A typical Sirran, Mercy posesses near biblical strength, stamina and constitution. She also has heightened senses of smell and hearing, though she is slower and less agile than smaller races, and her visual acuity doesn't reach human standards, lacking both color depth and sharpness.

She is a terrifying physical fighter, though a lousy shot with any weapon that relies on quick and subtle aiming, like any ranged weapons.

Her greatest asset though, as she would claim herself, is her sheer determination and strength of will.
Ambitions To rebuild her life, and become a respected elder.
Quirks & Flaws Mercy has a bit of a temper, though she has undertaken therapy to get it under control. She's also not fully up to date on the socio-political landscape of federation space and beyond, having been out of the loop for as long as she has been.
Passions Music. She favors old styles of music of a certain brutal and energetic nature, called 'metal'.

Metalworking. Her artisanic hobby is the working of metal. Cutting, welding, shaping.


Personal History Not known as a race that spawned many great explorers, rare is the Sirran that leaves their home world of Sirrah to explore the universe. Even more rare is the Sirran that pursues a career in Starfleet. One such a rare example was young Gera Minoborn who, after a falling out with her family, set out to Earth to enroll in the prestigious Starfleet Academy. There she proved herself a keen student, and here - though her Sirran nature had her excel in most physical activities - she majored in Engineering instead.

Her first posting took a while to come; many COs were hesitant about taking on a Sirran, unsure of what to expect. This all changed when she found a posting as a junior engineer on the Excalibur class Starship USS Naglfar. Here she spent all her Starfleet career, proving herself a hard-working and diligent engineer, rising through the ranks, even meeting her husband-to-be, and finally making Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer, in that order.

Her idyllic life changed for the worst though when she found the ship's Executive Officer in bed with her husband. Losing all self control, she brutally murdered both officers, after which she turned herself in. Her trial was short and to the point, although at her request, the sentence of thirty years in a maximum security prison was changed to a twenty year sentence of hard labor.

Her time in the maximum security penal colony doing hard labor was one of few incidents. One such incident was when she'd just arrived, and sought out the leader of the inmates, the one that 'ruled' the facility and made known in no uncertain terms that she was there to take the job, backing her words up with force when challenged. The second incidence occurred when she was released from Solitary Confinement for the first incident and found herself challenged by the offended inmate and several of his goons. Though, after defeating them a second time, she had become the undisputed alpha in prison.

The third incident occurred several years later, when a new inmate, a Klingon, challenged her as she had challenged the former kingpin. After she defeated him too they became fast friends, and remained so for the rest of her internment. It was him who gave her the name of Mercy, a name that she took as her own and kept after release. Of her twenty years she served seventeen, being released for good behavior.

Finally free, she traveled to the backwater trading world of Olimar IX, having heard that that was a good place to start if you were looking for an employer that didn't mind their employees having red in their ledger.