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Samantha Jenkins

Name Samantha Jenkins

Position Boatswain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25
Known Aliases Sam

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65
Weight 60
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Her love for running gave her a slim and toned body. She wears her red hair always in a tail because she feels it would get in the way if she doesn’t. Her work outfit consists of cargopants, which hang low on her hips, a simple tshirt and boots. Off duty she doesn’t look much different because she doesn’t really have a life besides her work. She does own a dress, but never wore it. Her aunt send it to her in her attempt to make a woman out of her. Being raised by men made her a true tomboy.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Tattoo on her left upperarm

Family & Acquaintances

Father James Fielding (Deceased)
Mother Susanna Fielding (Deceased)
Other Family and Acquaintances Aunt Carolina (Mother’s sister)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Strongminded
+ Stronger than you would expect from her size
+ Knows the basic engineering skills
- Stubborn
- Swears like her life depends on it
- Has no diplomatic skills
Ambitions One day have her own vessel
Passions Playing the guitar, in private only. Exercising and jogging.


Personal History Samantha was born to James and Susanna Fielding. Her birth didn’t bring the joy and happiness most couples get after the birth of a child. James was working as a deck hand on a civilian freighter when his wife was pregnant. Before she would go with him, but her pregnancy had been giving her trouble from the start. So they decide Susanna would live the remainder of her pregnancy with her sister on Earth. They had it all planned out. James would take leave and come home around the time of his child’s birth. But that all changed when Susanna went in labor after only 7 months of pregnancy. After a hell of a 24 hours delivery their daughter was born, premature but alive. Hours after Samantha, a name they had already decided on together, was born Susanna died due to complications.

It took James weeks before he reached Earth. By that time his wife had been buried and his daughter released from the hospital and was being raised by her aunt. The first time he saw his daughter he fell in love with her instantly. Even though Sam cried her longs out when he held her for the first time he knew instantly that he would do whatever was in his power to make his daughter happy. The first few weeks they lived with Susanna’s sister, who thought him everything he wanted to know about being a father. But then his leave was up and he needed to make a decision. His sister-in-law offered him to raised Samantha so he could work, but just the idea of leaving his precious daughter alone broke his heart. So he decided to take her with him.

The first few years were very hard for James. A freighter was no place for a single dad with a baby, but the whole crew helped him raising Sam. The first few months he took her with him in a carrier on his back whenever he could and the other moments she spend in a playpen near a crewmember who just happened to have a bit of spare time to watch Sam. She became the ship’s mascotte.

When she was older she would follow her father around and he would teach her whatever he knew. She didn’t go to school, but was thought by everyone on the ship. Things she couldn’t learn on the ship her dad would learn her in their quarters with material her aunt send over periodically. By the time she was a teenager she was became an official member of the crew in the function of a deckhand. First ordinary, but at 16 she became an able deckhand.

Eight years later, when she 24 her father suddenly died during an accident on the ship. She was grieve stricken for weeks but hide in her work. With her father’s dead she became acting Bosun. She wasn’t sure weither she wanted to replace him indefinite as the ship’s boatswain or move on to another ship.
When the ship visited Earth she made a visit to her aunt and there she decided she needed a new surroundings. She said goodbye to the ship that been her home for 24 years and found a ship that was looking for a Boatswain.
Service Record 2384-2396 SS Conestoga - Deck hand (Ordinary)
2386-2394 SS Conestoga - Deck hand (Able)
2395-present SS Fawkes - Boatswain