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Name T'Kisha

Position Signaller

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan hybrid
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description T'Kisha is a slim but femininely curved woman with smooth, light olive skin. She wears her hair long (past shoulder length) partly in deference to her human heritage, and partly in deference to Kol-Ut-Shan (IDIC). She tends to conduct herself in a staid (but not necessarily formal) manner.
Distinguishing Marks or Features T'Kisha has a pierced belly button. She does not discuss the circumstances in which she acquired the piercing, nor is the knowledge she has one common knowledge. She does not, however, have any desire to have it removed

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children None
Father Solerk
Mother Dr. Mina O'Sullivan
Siblings None
Other Family and Acquaintances Dr. Seamus O'Sullivan (maternal grandfather)
Dr. Saba Nideri (maternal grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview As with most Vulcans, T'Kisha presents herself in a staid fashion, declaring logic to be the driving force in her life. However, unlike many Vulcans, whose pursuit of a logical lifestyle often seems to require displaying disdain for other less logical beings, T'Kisha demonstrates the ability to move among others with no problems while still remaining Vulcan in her attitude. And she is not above making an observation laced with dry humor.
Ambitions T'Kisha is searching for the legendary (perhaps mythical) Shavok-Trilpa. To that end, she is willing to take unorthodox steps to find it.
Passions Though T'Kisha is well versed in both human and Vulcan culture, her one primary passion is the study of Shavok-Trilpa. If it weren't illogical, one might even say she was obsessed with the sword and eventually finding it. However, since T'Kisha is Vulcan, she definitely isn't obsessed with Shavok-Trilpa. She is, however, very fascinated with the subject. It is, however, a subject she is careful not to discuss with others, particularly since the Vulcan Archaeology Council refused to support a mission to locate and retrieve the sword.


Personal History It could be said that T'Kisha's life began in the nineteenth century, with Sir Richard Burton. The explorer, not the actor. Among the many accomplishments in Sir Burton's life was the writing of "The Book of the Sword."

In the middle of the twentieth century, Shahram Nideri, a distant ancestor of T'Kisha's, acquired a copy of the book that had been signed and inscribed by the explorer himself, presumably presented to one of Sir Richard's contemporaries.

That particular book was the start of a collection that would make the Nideri clans cultural heroes in the modern age. As Earth descended into chaos, beginning with the end of the second global war to the re-emergence of humanity with Cochrane's invention of the warp drive, the extended Nideri clan collected treasures and artifacts from the Red Sea to the Tahlab River. And not merely physical objects. Customs, traditions, skills...all of these were collected( point of fact, one of the martial arts T'Kisha is adept at is Razmazfar, an ancient Persian martial arts form).

When the proverbial dust settled with the formation of a United Earth, the extended Nideri clan had "set up shop" in the city of Baku, on the Caspian Sea. From there, they began the Caspian Cultural Center, a museum and cultural center that displayed all the cultural treasures and knowledge they had rescued. The Caspian Cultural Center would evolve into the Caspian Center, as it became an umbrella organization for other groups in the region, such as the ecological movement to restore the Caspian Sea.

It was the Caspian Center that would draw T'Kisha's grandfather, a noted specialist in environmental restoration, and T'Kisha's father, a member of both the Federation and Vulcan Archaeological Councils, to Baku, where both would end up finding a wife from among the Nideri Clan.

The only child of Solerk and Mina O'Sullivan, T'Kisha spent her formative years on Vulcan, and accepted Kolihnar as her guiding philosophy. She is not someone, however, who rigidly clings to the tenets of Kolihnar. Rather, she has shown time and again to be able to remain herself while moving through different cultures with ease.

While being raised on Vulcan, T'Kisha spent a good of time not only in Baku and nearby regions with her grandmother's family, but also with her grandfather's clan in Rosslare. It was during that time in Rosslare that T'Kisha became an accomplished feadóg stáin player.

On a side note, unlike her relatives in Baku, the cousins she had in County Wexford could be safely described as "hellraisers." And though T'Kisha did prevent her Irish cousins from participating in endeavors that were too risky, she did participate in some of their illicit schemes that were only "mildly" risky. And her cousins came to appreciate their Vulcan cousin's ability to get them out of most of the hot water they found themselves in from time to time.

It could be safely said that when T'Kisha was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy, she had not only embraced, but had been fully immersed, into Kol-Ut-Shan. It would also be safe to say that the young T'Kisha had life experiences that were distinctly unique among her fellow students.

T'Kisha would leave the Academy with (the Vulcan equivalent) of a doctorate in archaeology, with an emphasis on the supportive sciences (analyzing geological sediments, biological remains, and the like). It was on T'Kisha's first off-planet expedition, organized by the Vulcan Archaeological Council, that her true talent would be discovered.

During the excavation, several recently unearthed artifacts had disappeared during a rest period, and the thief or thieves had bypassed the security recording devices guarding them with ease. The local constabulary was proving to be of no assistance, and the artifacts were deemed to be lost and beyond recovery.

T'Kisha asked the head of the expedition if she might attempt to navigate the local bureaucracy in an attempt to recover the artifacts. The head of the expedition considered it a futile effort, but allowed T'Kisha to attempt it.

Through deduction, a single instance of logical extortion of a high ranking police official with decidedly shaky moral beliefs, and two break-ins, T'Kisha recovered the stolen artifacts. It was at this moment that T'Kisha's new career in the Vulcan Archaelogical Council was born.

In the ensuing decades, T'Kisha developed a number of skills that proved useful in recovering artifacts that had, for one reason or another, "disappeared." For instance, she could serve as an honest broker, one whom even a Ferengi couldn't get anything over on (and in the process, developed a reputation of being an formidable Tongo player).

During this period, T'Kisha established a merchant persona, piloting a single person vessel in pursuit of small but moderately valuable cargo while gathering information to find and retrieve "disappeared" artifacts. She also became skilled at retrieving certain "disappeared" artifacts from supposedly very secured locations.

It was also during this time that T'Kisha began her own academic pursuit, learning all she could about the legendary Vulcan sword, Shavok-Trilpa.

The stories of Shavok-Trilpa vary. Certain legends state that it was a sword ceremoniously broken in half by Surak, marking the beginning of the Time of Awakening. Other stories say that it was the sword held by the leader of "those under the raptor's wings", before their exodus from Vulcan. Most modern historians argue that Shavok-Trilpa has been found, as it was the name of the third piece of the Stone of Gol, representing peace. Though this theory is not universally accepted by Vulcan historians, it is the belief of the mainstream Vulcan history community. And truth be told, research into Shavok-Trilpa was never more than a fringe pursuit of the Vulcan history community.

So as T'Kisha performed her tasks for the Vulcan Archaeological Council (and more than occasionally being "lent out" to other allied institutions on Vulcan and within the Federation), she pursued her own studies of the Shavok-Trilpa. She eventually came to the conclusion that the sword had been taken off Vulcan sometime soon after the Time of Awakening, passed through many hands, and was currently forgotten somewhere, in a private collection where even the owner was unaware they were in possession of it.

When she approached the Vulcan Archaeological Council to logically present a plan to search for and retrieve the Shavok-Trilpa, requesting resources and backing to do so, her logical plan was logically rejected. At that point, T'Kisha resigned her position with the Council. (The circumstances of her presentation and subsequent resignation are not known beyond her and the Council leadership). She has not completely severed her ties with the Council, nor with the other Vulcan and Federation organizations she has occasionally done worked for. Rather, she presents herself as an honest information broker, with her cover story being that she wishes to be aboard the Fawkes in order to garner information about the whereabouts of certain "disappeared" artifacts and relay that information back to the Council, with the understanding that T'Kisha herself won't be acting on any information she acquires, and will, in exchange, get information from the Council and other sources for the benefit of the Fawkes.

For the most part, that cover story is true. But if T'Kisha ever gets information on where the Shavok-Trilpa is...as the old human idiom goes, all bets are off.