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Taben Natal

Name Taben Natal

Position First Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 33
Known Aliases Tay, Tabor, "Sheol"

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 170
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taben is tall and fit. He is well built, and has the piercing, sapphire blue eyes. Like most Trills, he has spots running down both sides of his body. Both of his ears are pierced. While he changes his earrings out constantly, he usually wears a pair of black gauges given to him by his late husband.

Taben's hair is blond and he tends to form it with pomade in either a ducktail or fade style. While off duty, Taben wears tight, form fitting clothes that are often reflect the latest fashions. He has a particular fondness for leather clothing. He also enjoys wearing a variety of peculiar accessories, particularly when he goes out clubbing or for drinks. While on duty, Taben defaults to wearing a variety of (semi-stylish) tank tops that allow for ease of movement (and help him deal with the heat when the climate control system is on the fritz...again) with cargo shorts.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Taben has a medium-sized tattoo on his back that reads "DESTINY NCC-74680" on the upper line and "Semper Amor" on the line below. In between the text is an image of an Intrepid-Class Federation Starship. On his upper right chest, he has a tattoo that reads "Esse Quam Videri." A large scar is visible running diagonally down from Taben's right shoulder to just below the lower midsection of his collarbone.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse LCPL Jason Yates, Starfleet Marine Corps (Deceased)
Children None
Father Jefran Natal, Freighter Captain (deceased)
Mother Allayna Natal, Deckhand (deceased)
Siblings Detrya Gant (joined), Theoretical Physicist, Location: Trill, Age 39
Other Family and Acquaintances Jamar Leket, Trader, Location: In the Vastness of Interstellar Space, Age 27, Relationship: Toxic Friends with Benefits
Peter Fife, Master-at Arms, Location: SS. Sharnell, Age 31, Relationship: Frenemy with Benefits
Vedek Nea Laral, Vedek, Location: Bajor, Age 43, Relationship: Friends who only had benefits once...or was it twice?
Lt. Felicity Moore, Starfleet Intelligence Officer, Location: Earth, Relationship: Friends with no benefits
DaiMon Brell, Ferengi Freelance Captain, Location: Marauder Kovek, Relationship: Fair-weather friends

Personality & Traits

General Overview "A walking series of contradictions that come together like matter and antimatter." -Lt. V'rell Nvru, Taben's Former Platoon CO.

On one hand, Taben has a very rebellious personality. He is a very independent person who prefers to do everything his way and can often be very confrontational when people challenge him. Taben is never afraid to be blunt--often to the point of excess, and can often be harsh with others.

On the other hand Taben seldom takes anything seriously and often has a barbed wit. He deflects serious situations with sarcasm. His wit can often be turned into more jovial interactions endearing himself to the very person he insulted or yelled at a minute earlier.

While Taben often pushes people away, he also craves social interaction--particularly when he can let loose, grab a few bottles, and party. These represent some of the rare moments where he feels alive and his inward pain is dulled somewhat.

Taben can be deeply warm, protective, and intimate with those he cares about, and possess the soul of a poet, a musician, and a philosopher. Ever since the death of his husband though he has allowed his more chaotic impulses have reign over his personality and seldom shows his "true self" to anyone else.

Despite an outward appearance of being an extrovert, he's actually an introvert (an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs). When he needs to "recharge", Taben spends most of the time in the armoury, often preferring the company of his guns to the company of others--at least, until he's got a bottle (or two...or three...).

He has also been known to be a bit too forward with guys he finds attractive. Taben tends to get right to the point--and has a series of paramours at many ports and enjoys docking frequently. Despite his promiscuity, Taben has never let another man into his heart after the death of his husband and has been resistant about entering another serious relationship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Taben is an exceptional in combat. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the ships weapons systems and has had ample experience repairing, improving, and maintaining these systems with limited resources given his past experiences. Taben is also extremely creative in his solutions to problems and can envision unorthodox solutions others would not think of. Taben also has an excellent memory. He totally engrosses himself in his work, and is always willing to devote the long hours to make sure that projects get done quickly and correctly.

Taben is also a master of martial arts across various cultures, though his primary expertise is in Trill, Klingon, Cardassian, and Human disciplines which gives him an edge in hand-to-hand combat. Taben has also mastered the use of the Trill Yarga, a bladed weapon which is something of a cross between a longsword and a katana. He is also proficient in the use of bladed weapons and always carries a small dagger on his person in addition to his other weapons.

Taben can hardly be described as a "team player." Although he is good at issuing orders and making the most of his resources, he does not work well with his superiors. He often has a "my way or the highway" approach that can make him difficult for his superiors to manage. Additionally, once Taben has made up his mind to do something, he closes himself off to suggestions which can be frustrating for his co-workers. Taben's rudeness can also discourage those around him, and create unnecessary tension. Though he won't admit it, he also has an alcohol problem and frequently turns to drinking when he is depressed.

The death of his husband continues to be a source of great pain to him. Taben suffers from untreated depression and anxiety, largely as a result of his death. He also has untreated PTSD from the myriad of traumatic events he has experienced from his childhood, being a Starfleet Marine, and some of his less fortunate adventures as a freelancer. Instead of seeking professional help, Taben attempts to dull these pains with alcohol, men, and drugs in a vain attempt to fill the hole in his soul. He struggles with impulse control. Taben has been known to drink on duty--well, rather often. He insists it doesn't inhibit his talents and usually it doesn't--usually.

Taben is a terrible pilot and has crashed many shuttles during the years. He always uses auto-pilot while using shuttles unless he absolutely must pilot manually.
Ambitions Taben hasn't figured himself out yet. His ambitions? Well--they're usually the short sighted sort. Procuring a bottle of whatever liqour he can get a hold of for the evening. Maybe a bump or two of whatever cheap drug he can get his hands on. A cute guy for a good tumble. A warm body to give a cuddle to the next morning, closing his eyes, pretending that the guy he is holding is his late husband--and a good morning fuck afterward to help dull the pain. Another swig of the bottle--and back to duty. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Quirks & Flaws As a lover of music, Taben often walks around the ship belting out a tune from an operatic aria, a patter song from Gilbert & Sullivan, a saucy salacious love song, a folk song from various cultures, punk rock--pretty much anything really. This can often catch his co-workers off guard until they get used to having a living radio around them.

Taben is a professional flirt. It's not *just* that he's just a perpetually horny slut, but he finds that he's often perceived as charming if he flirts and is one of the few ways he can interact with people without being overly gruff and off-putting. Despite being gay, Taben will flirt with any and all genders--mainly to ensure he can get his way as he often lacks basic tact and diplomacy in other forms of interaction.

Taben has a close relationship with all of his weapons. He names every weapon he uses regularly, and will often talk to them and carry on a conversation with them as if they were sentient. He is protective of all the weapons he uses, and responds badly to others misusing, mishandling, or otherwise mistreating his weapons.

Taben's experiences in his childhood with Orions have made him prejudiced toward them as a species. While he has been known to work along side them amicably, it is only after a great deal of trust is established. He is very vocal in his dislike for Orions and his desire to see "most of the fuckers dead" which frequently gets him into trouble.

"One of the best damn Marines I ever saw. You're goddamn lucky to have him transferred to your company. Only thing I can say bad about the fucker is that he takes an hour to get ready. He's gotta have his hair all perfect for some reason and be all preened and shit--even in the fucking field!" -Letter from Gunny Lee to Lt. Marcus, 4th Marine Division.
Passions Taben loves his body, a lot. I mean--who wouldn't, right? He spends hours at the gym making sure he's perfectly sculpted--and spends almost equal time making sure his outfit and such is just perfect. Quite a dandy eh? Well--don't say so to his face or he'll introduce you to his other passion--mixed martial arts. He's a lover and a fighter, and nothing gets him going quite like a fight that ends in love--or a love that ends in a fight. Hey--this isn't going in your official log, is it!?

Despite his gruff exterior, Taben has a keen interest in music, art, culture, and history. He has a particular fondness for Trill, Human, and Klingon operas ranging from the classics of each race to the comic operas. He is obsessed with the Human playwrights Gilbert & Sullivan and knows all of their music by heart--and will frequently provide performances (whether voluntary or involuntary received by his shipmates) on the ship.

Taben is an avid athlete and plays a variety of sports. He is particularly adept at wrestling, golf, rugby, football, cricket, parrises squares, and volleyball. Taben also has a passion for antique arms and armour with a near encyclopedic knowledge of the arms and armour of the Trill, Human, and Klingon civilizations.


Personal History Taben was born aboard the freighter Karamazov. His father, the Captain of the ship, ran a lucrative transport business between Cardassia and outlying Federation worlds. Taben grew up on the Karamazov, and at an early age showed an aptitude for engineering. His mother, the Chief Engineer of the Karamazov, began teaching him at age ten and he proved to be a quick learner. He was formally added to the duty roster of the Karamazov at age 13.

His family's transport business was often involved in unsavory deals, and Taben was frequently exposed to the major crime syndicates in the quadrant. As his family was involved in such dangerous activities, he was raised at a very early age to be independent, slow to trust, hardened, and strong. The death of his mother during a skirmish with Orion Pirates only strengthened his resolve and hardened his heart further. By age 15 he had killed his first man--an Orion Pirate who had boarded the Karamazov.

A year later, the Karamazov was destroyed in an "accident" arranged by the Syndicate. The details of this are unknown. What is known is that only Taben and 3 other members of the Karamazov crew were able to escape the vessel before it exploded. Taben's father also died in the explosion, leaving Taben alone to fend for himself.

Being financially unable to support himself in the world of trade, Taben decided to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps for a couple of years until he could develop the connections to get "on his own". Taben proved to be an exceptionally talented Marine, and was quickly promoted up the enlisted ranks. Despite his brash behavior and frequent confrontations with his superiors, his Platoon Commander recognized his talents and was able to handle Taben's difficult personality.

After the promotion and re-assignment of his Platoon Commander, Taben began to butt heads once again with his new commanders. He found himself being transferred from platoon to platoon, each LT initially thrilled to have someone as skilled as Taben on board and then quickly eager to be rid of him after dealing with his impertinence and defiance.

Everything changed when Taben was assigned Starship duty for the first time on the Destiny. The ship's Marine CO, Captain Davis, took Taben under his wing and helped to form his strengths and deal with his weaknesses. Captain Davis was the only commanding officer Taben truly respected, and the two had a decent working relationship. Things finally seemed to be working well for Taben, and he was Staff Sergeant.

Shortly after his promotion, he fell in love with Jason Yates, a fellow Marine aboard the Destiny. The two immediately hit it off together, and Taben allowed himself to truly fall in love for the first time in his life. The two had a very strong, passionate relationship, and both brought out the best qualities in the other--and it seemed that love had turned Taben into a better man. The two quickly married aboard the Destiny, with Captain Davis officiating. Many on the ship quipped that Taben was actually tolerable to work for after his marriage, and everything seemed to be going well. A year later, Taben was even nominated for the prestigious Marine Cross for his strategic successes and heroism during the defense of Klinara Station.

All of this progress suddenly ended when Jason was killed in a special operation commanded by Taben. Taben was utterly devastated and took extended leave to deal with his grief, blaming himself for the death of his only light. The joy and progress he had found with Yates seemed to die with him, and Taben no longer had an interest in remaining in Starfleet and left the organization once his enlistment was over.

Following his retirement from Starfleet, Taben turned back to the "shadier" parts of the civilian sector to earn a living variously working as muscle for hire, a drug dealer, a bounty hunter, smuggler, and even an engineer for a time.

After a couple of years of running a successful smuggling operation with a small shuttle he had managed to scrounge up the gold press latinum to by, his enterprise came to an abrupt end after a drug deal gone wrong. After this setback, Taben found a job opening on the Fawkes and seized the opportunity to earn back some latinum.
Service Record 2359- Born on the SS. Karamazov
2372- Begins serving as an engineer aboard the Karamazov
2378- SS. Karamazov destroyed, Taben escapes with 3 other crew members
2380- Enlists in Starfleet, attends basic training
2380- Assigned to Starfleet Marines, Private
2381- Assigned to Charlie Company, 5th Division, SMC
2383- Promoted to Lance Corporal
2385- Re-assigned to Echo Company, 4th Marine Division, Promoted to Corporal
2388- Received Punitive Letter of Reprimand for Conduct Unbecoming
2388- Re-assigned to USS. Destiny at request of Company CO
2389- Promoted to Staff Sargent
2389- Nominated for the Marine Cross
2390- Death of husband, leaves Starfleet
2390-2393- Freelancer, Smuggler, Lover, Fighter
2093- Joins the Fawkes as First Mate