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Lozen Nachtnebel

Name Lozen Amelia Nachtnebel

Position Quartermaster

Character Information

Gender Female
Species ½ human ½ betazoid
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73 meters
Weight 59 kilograms
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lozen still carries herself with the strict posture of a Starfleet cadet, though it’s a characteristic which does not necessarily survive into the rest of her appearance. She keeps herself neat but has eschewed the stiff Starfleet uniform for comfortable and colorful clothing, always eager to wear something new from some exotic locale. While in Starfleet, she kept her hair in a tight bun, but without that rigid daily discipline she finds that no matter what she does to it her hair refuses to stay orderly, sprawling across her shoulders in a cascading red mane. Her training routine is perhaps the one thing that’s remained constant in her life since leaving the Fleet; she exercises daily and feels a rush of pride at how well she’s been able to maintain at least that one part of the life she’s left behind.

Family & Acquaintances

Father Arnold Nesmeth, one time captain in Starfleet. Nesmeth and his entire crew vanished in 2385.
Mother Adeweild Nachtnebel, Maquis resistance leader. Killed in 2375, her cell was one of the last to fall to Dominion counter-insurgency forces. Lozen was just three years old.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lozen is very strong-willed, intelligent, and passionate… and like many individuals with such traits, she also suffers from anxiety and a generalized depression. Rather than giving into these elements of her psyche however, she pushes herself even harder to achieve excellence. For much of her childhood, her dream was to join Starfleet and follow in her father’s footsteps, and the structure of the Academy and the Fleet helped her to excel as her best self. Without that structure, she fears that she will be unable to find fulfillment or make anything of her life. Generally, she cares deeply for people and believes strongly in the ideals of the Federation, but her opinions of Starfleet were swayed considerably (first by more old-guard elements within the Academy who disliked the direction the Fleet was taking, and later from her CO aboard the USS Alcatraz) and she now lives with the turmoil that such mental friction brings.
Strengths & Weaknesses She can be too headstrong at times and unwilling to listen to reason. She is loyal, quite literally to a fault. She carries grudges, mostly (at the moment) against the Starfleet Brass and conservative Federation politicians. She can be extremely moody, but generally always tries to do her best and be kind to those around her. She makes friends easily enough but can also be too willing to see other people’s points of view, to the point where she can lose herself in someone else’s ideas.
Ambitions For most of her life, all she wanted to do was join Starfleet. Now, she’s adrift at sea without any idea of what to do with herself, and she’s concentrating on making it through one day at a time. She wants to find meaning again, and some childish part of her still hopes to understand what happened to her father.
Quirks & Flaws Her mother’s betazoid heritage has never manifested strongly in Lozen. Though she is somewhat emotional and is probably an empath, she never spent time with other betazoids and therefore has never been in the position to exercise her powers of telepathy. However, sometimes she does get overwhelming rushes of emotion which she often assumes are her own (even when they probably belong to someone else), and this can lead to awkward experiences.
Passions Just like her father, she loves the archaic and anachronistic. His home on Earth, which he left her in his will, was filled with relics from the old Earth pre-eugenics and from before the 3rd World War. One of the things which she covets the most is her collection of old Earth swords, with which she is extremely competent. When she was little, her father (when home on leave) would fence with her, and later in her teens she took up old English longsword sparring. She also has a strong political streak, which makes sense given the dispositions of both of her parents, and she continues to be politically active on the interstellar net.


Personal History Born in 2372, just at the cusp of the Dominion War, Lozen’s childhood was not a happy time. Her mother, Adeweild Nachtnebel, an ex-Starfleet officer turned Maquis fought a running war with her baby in tow. Arnold Nesmeth, her father, a Starfleet captain sympathetic to the cause (as were many Starfleet officers at the time), ferried the Maquis supplies whenever his patrol route took him close enough to the demilitarized zone. But then the Dominion entered the fray and the fight for freedom took on a terrifying downward spiral. Adeweild, as doom closed in around the Maquis, sent her three-year-old daughter away to Earth to be cared for by Nesmeth. Just two weeks later, her cell was eradicated by Cardassian forces, one the last operating Maquis groups to fall.

Arnold Nesmeth, devastated at his wife’s death, nonetheless cared for his daughter as best as he could. His family lands in Northern California fostered a small community of like minded people who cared for Lozan while he was on tour. After the war ended, he spent seven years at a desk posting on the Moon to be close to his growing daughter with whom he had formed a close bond.

But then, Nesmeth suddenly accepted a new command, his first in almost a decade. Barely a year later, he and his entire ship vanished from the face of the galaxy. None of his friends could find out anything about his disappearance, leaving Lozan without the answers she craved.

The Romulan crisis came to a head and the destruction of the aid fleet on Mars created ripples throughout Federation politics and Starfleet policy, but, for grieving Lozan all that mattered was living up to the idea she held of who her father was: kind, brave -- Starfleet. She attempted early enrollment at sixteen but failed the tests. Undeterred, she joined the Academy as soon as she turned eighteen.

However, during her time at the Academy politicization took hold. The policies of both Fleet and Federation were beginning to diverge from their stable points. From the Borg to the Dominion to the attack on Mars, too many stresses had fractured some of the Federation’s idealistic spirit. In the Academy, Lozan came to greatly admire a number of the instructors who espoused strong traditionalist values: pacifism, peace, defense, cooperation, scientific exploration. The new xenophobic policies and conservative atmosphere rankled them and they passed this on to some of their students. Lozan graduated with both honors and a head full of passion for political revolution. At the recommendation of some of her Academy instructors, she was assigned to the USS Alcatraz straight after graduation, where Captain Alana Fairbanks took Lozan under her wing.

Fairbanks was a member of the old-guard idealists, one of those people who thought that the Federation’s responsibility to the galaxy needed to be upheld at any cost. She surrounded herself with a core group of extremely idealistic younger officers and, under the relative autonomy granted the captain of a Starship, proceeded to cut each one of her orders as fine as she could, interpreting each in such a way as to fulfill her own goals. While she brokered peace deals, put down pirates, and helped keep the peace, Fairbanks also consistently drew the ire of the increasingly conservative Admiralty. When, near the end of 2394, a breach of the Prime Directive caused an inquiry which saw Fairbanks dismissed from Starfleet, a number of her closest officers resigned in protest. This included one Lieutenant Lozan Nachtnebel.

The plan was for Lozan and her fellow ex-officers to crew with Fairbanks on an old mothballed Starfleet ship and make a difference in any way they could. The plan faltered when the shuttle carrying Fairbanks exploded en-route to Tigros Station, killing everyone on board.

Lozan returned to Earth for a short time after that, staying on her family’s land and spending time with her father’s old friends. But the sharp pang of loss and the confusing place her life was now in itched like a bad burn. Desperate to get away from it all, to escape, and perhaps to find some sense of meaning once more, she shipped out on a civilian vessel for the outer sectors, hoping she could find work and perhaps some sense of fulfillment at the edge of the black.
Service Record 2389-2393: Starfleet Academy Graduate (honors)
2393: Ensign; USS Alcatraz
2394: Promoted to Lt. JG; USS Alcatraz
2394: Resigned Commission
2395: Is recruited to work on the S.S. Fawkes as Quartermaster