S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Charlie Akron

Name Charlie John Akron

Position First Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 33
Known Aliases Mack, Spa'ik, Charlie the Giant.

Physical Appearance

Height 7'1
Weight 270 LBS
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A big Vulcan. Charlie towers over most of his crewmates and has big, calloused hands if you see his Vulcan hand sign. He is rather thin for his height and well-built, a force to recon with if someone decides to board his ship and attack him. He has a gentle smile. One of his ears is slightly smaller than the other, but this is by millimeters. His hair is shaved into a typical Vulcan cut.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Freckles across his face and a pair of buckhorn earrings from a recent kill in the mountains of Wyoming.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None.
Father Harry Jackson
Mother Maria Jackson
Siblings None.
Other Family and Acquaintances None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his appearance, he is a very calm and welcoming person. He tends to protect those around him, and he tends to attack those who threaten him or those he considers friends or family. He enjoys a good philosophical discussion and a calm place to sit and think. He does have violent anger issues, however, that come about when someone does painful damage to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths are very unexpected coming from a large, rugged figure such as himself. Like many other Vulcans, he has a telepathic shield to stop himself from projecting his strong emotions onto others. This shield also acts to distort readings by other telepaths. He is very good at command and rallying, and he will help his crewmates with his array of vocational skills. He knows how to pilot a ship as well as encourage his crew.

His weaknesses are scientific fields such as biology or chemistry. He can't process these things as he wasn't taught. He can learn these skills, however. He is very weak when it comes to someone he likes getting hurt, he can react rather violently to the attacker.
Ambitions He hopes to return to the mountains of his human parents' ancestors, the Apache Indians.
Quirks & Flaws He practices a form of ancient human meditation, praying to the Sky Spirits. He can do this for a day or more, not moving at all. He won't react unless he is pushed over.
Passions He love playing baseball and football, as well as watching these sports. He loves learning about new cultures, and collects things in his quarters from each of them.


Personal History Charlie Akron was born on July 18th in Galveston, TX. He was abandoned as a child on Earth and was raised by human parents. His human father was the a member of the native Apache tribe in northern Texas. They made it their purpose to raise the boy as their own, their life's challenge. His early childhood was exactly like a human’s childhood. His parents knew to keep him away from sugar as it is very intoxicating to Vulcans. He went to a human school and copied many habits from the other children. He grew up with many friends into his teens. They raised him the best they could and he was not taught the art of emotional suppression until he was in his teens. He joined the baseball team and became quite good at being a batter. He aspired to join the major leagues but decided against it due to not being good enough to join. He saw his parents as good tribal leaders and he decided to mimic their moral compass. He had great trouble suppressing his emotions and decided that he would simply deal with them the human way. He became rather interested in space travel after looking at past explorers’ achievements. He had hoped to discover something interesting and to better the galaxy.
In his belief that a Starfleet career would be more beneficial to him, he pursued that route. He took a Starfleet entrance exam after months of endless studying, and barely made it in. He joined starfleet at 18 and excelled in his courses. Although he excelled he experienced many hardships. He had a series of emotional outbursts, and took almost all of his will to control his emotions. He eventually reached a point of complete control of his emotions and resembled a very normal human minus the pointed ears. He took many courses about psychology, and one about self defense techniques. He avoided other Vulcans due to the fact that they weren’t like him. He once thought about avoiding Vulcans altogether though, but decided against it as they were his teachers. He was very social with many of the people and made many lifelong friends. He became quite distant from his family and his brothers became very distant from him as well. The last time he saw his parents was at the age of 24 due to a dispute about how he handled himself and logic. He wanted to further deviate from a path of logic, and his parents always lectured him on his Vulcan lineage.
He graduated from the academy and took a post on a research vessel. A member of the security department, he was invaluable to the vessel. Of course, a mistake he made was violently slapping the Vulcan captain when he insulted Charlie's life choices. Charlie broke the man's jaw and busted his cheek bone, facing a subsequent dishonorable discharge.
His life outside of Starfleet was very adventurous. He tagged along on many freighters and even made his name when he stole back a crate of phasers for a galaxy class starship. He gained plenty of experience and manipulated his way around, posing as a logical Vulcan here and there to gain access to otherwise closed off spaces. He made plenty of profit for his employers as he served on their vessels for eleven years.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 4 years, graduated with honors in security and command; minor in psychology.

USS T'Lath - 3 days, badly injured the captain and was subsequently discharged.

Various freighters and jobs - 11 years, worked as anything from a conduit repairman to a ship's mate.