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Olivia Wright

Name Olivia Nasrin Wright

Position Boatswain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 43
Known Aliases O - Olive - Chief -

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 3 in (1.63 m)
Weight 120 lbs (54.4 kg)
Hair Color Dark brown, below the shoulder blades. Tied up neatly when on duty.
Eye Color Light brown
Physical Description While not physically impressive, Olivia is in very good shape. One might correlate her years of service with her physical fitness, as it seems to have improved considerably over the years. Somewhat under the average height for women of her species, she holds herself as if she was a good foot taller. Her hair is kept in a neat bun when on duty, but let loose to roam as it will otherwise.
Distinguishing Marks or Features noblisHer left shoulder blade hold the list of the battles she participated in during the Dominion war. One is in bold letters AR-558. Below the list is a disruptor burn scar. On the right is a list of all battles she participated in directly after the war; the list is significantly smaller. A stylized tribal inspired angel- like figure separates the two lists, taking up most of her upper and middle back. Under is the italicized word nobis. Both were drawn with bioluminescent ink. On her left ankle, is a life size Forget-me-not.

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse None
Children None
Father Cliff Wright
Mother Nadia Wright (née Yassir) - Lauren Wright (née Anderson - Stepmom)
Siblings Step brother: Erick
Step sisters: Melissa, Vanessa,
Half sister: Llillie (born Patricia)
Other Family and Acquaintances Several uncles and aunts, many cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Professional, yet easygoing. Olivia knows when to be which and what to do with it. She has the laid back attitude of those who’ve seen everything in the book and beyond, but not the blazé part that usually rides along. Superiors have categorized her as a well balanced individual, a comment she’ll simply nod and smile at. After all, who is she to contradict an officer?

She appears content with her lot in life, and completely at ease with both enlisted and officers. She is a loyal friend and coworker, a true believer of Federation dogma and principles. She goes about her duties with great joy and pride, understanding the very fundamental truth of starship life; everyone’s life depends on everyone else's actions. A truth that only pushes her to better herself every day.

As of late her infatuation with Starfleet has waned. While she still believes the organization has it's place and is deserving of the trust put upon it, she is weary of the toll it takes on it's members.
Strengths & Weaknesses With over two decades of starfleet experience, and a lifetime of shipboard living, Olivia knows her way around any ship given a few minutes to get her bearings. With that comes years of practice in various departments, and a general love of learning anything people were willing to teach her.

Years of service during both peace and war, have fortified Olivia’s emotional and mental strength, giving her the ability to act with determination and courage even in the most dire of circumstances.

Being a boomer has many benefits, one of them is cultural expansion. One might say a life in starfleet also offers that possibility. As such, Olivia is well versed in many cultural identities of both the Alpha and Beta quadrant. She knows enough of most major regional languages to get by, or at the very least, how to get to someone who can help.

Olivia loves to learn new things. May it be about a new culture or species, or how to work the water recycler. That love of learning is strong enough, she has been known to infect her charges.

Olivia’s love of learning has turned to a love of teaching with time. She is patient, adaptable and very enthusiastic when she imparts others with the knowledge she’s gained. There is rarely more satisfying a feeling than to see a young recruit doing their jobs properly because of the time she spent with them.
Ambitions After twenty three years of service, and having reached the Boatswain position she had aimed for, Olivia didn't have any ambitions that she is aware of. Doing her job until they throw her out would had been the extent of it. This lack of ambition didn't mean she didn't love her job, quite the contrary as she hoped to serve for another twenty years.

Unfortunately, the loss of her sister hit her harder than she ever could have thought. After some reflections she left the service, and started looking for work in the civilian sector. For the moment, she's mostly running away from the pain, hoping to somehow make a new home somewhere.
Quirks & Flaws Olivia picked up a love of botony from her sister Llillie. She tries to always keep a few flower plants with her wherever she goes.

Following the loss of her sister, she's been having chronic nightmares and has started to indulge in a few vices that help her sleep without dreaming. She's ashamed of this, and tries to both hide and deal with it on her own.

Olivia's venacular has a very "Starfleet lifer" feel to it. It once held an added mix of Orion and Andorian words and phrasing, something she’s worked hard to push out, but that occasionally sees itself through when surprised, or in intimate situations.
Passions Ping Pong
Bajoran form of tàijíquán
Tech manuals


Personal History Olivia had a rather standard boomer life for the most part. She spent most of her time aboard the ship, playing with other kids, and learning how the ship worked. Like most boomer ships, theirs was a mix of cargo transport, personnel carrier and the occasional salvage. She learned how to fly the ship, how to make repairs, and how not to get in the way in emergencies. By the time she was ten, she could be counted on to help during a crisis. She spent most of her days in engineering with her mother, when she wasn't being forced to school herself in languages, cultural history and sciences.

Between the many passengers they would take in, the various space ports they would visit and her family's own addition to her cultural education, she was soon well versed in the basic customs and greetings of most of the alpha quadrant's inhabitants. Knowledge that would undoubtedly serve her well in the future.

Young OliviaWhen she was eleven, tragedy struck. Her mother, exposed to a lethal dose of radiation following a pirate attack, subsequently died. The blow was, unbalancing at best, closer to numbing. It took about a year before she would start opening herself up again. And that was when her father met her soon to be stepmother. To say tragedy struck again, would have been an understatement for the young girl. Not only did she have to deal with a woman she wanted nothing to do with, she also had to juggle three new younger siblings. But as they say, tragedy always strikes in threes. So it was that somewhere the following year, a child was born to the newly formed union.

The following years were very difficult on the young woman. She spent most of her time studying, or working on the ship. Every moment she could spend away from the lot of her … punishment, she did. Space is a rare commodity on a cargo ship, as such she learned to be creative. The years passed and the rift between her and the rest of them grew. The more Llillie grew, the more their father seemed to bond with her, the more Olivia’s bitterness increased.
Which was why, on her 18th birthday, following a few … disastrous ‘conversations’, she left the ship and took a ride to the nearest Starfleet Enlisted camp. Being a boomer had it’s advantages, easy acceptance into the enlisted program was one of them.

The war shook Olivia’s view of the world rather drastically. Afterwards, when she could orchestrate it, she took her leave time back on her home ship and attempted to reconnect with her family. These efforts weren’t very successful with her step siblings, but did find fruit with Llillie and her stepmother. As for her father, it took time, but the effort was worth it, even though there are times Olivia wondered who she got along best with, father or step-mother.
Service Record civies1Olivia started her Starfleet career on Andoria’s Starfleet enlisted boot camp. Six months of learning things she already knew for the most part. It was also the longest she’d ever been on solid ground in one sitting. All in all it went by pretty fast, her only difficulty being to adapt her speech to fit within proper Federation Standard.

Upon completion, she was ordered to the USS Steamrunner, the first of its class. There she took the mantle of Damage Control Specialist. Something she took to rather easily given her boomer heritage. For two years she served in that capacity, even receiving her first promotion within that time.

An unexpected departure from the ship's operations department, gave her the opportunity to fill in until the war broke out hard and she found herself drafted into the general ground troops pool. War was something she had never even considered as plausible to happen. And yet, for the following years, she would find herself jumping from planet to planet, staying long enough to reinforce a position, or take one back.

Being a soldier was not something she had ever wanted. The fact that she was good at it bothered her even more. By the time she was sent to AR-558, she had amassed a reputation strong enough that the marines who accompanied them offered respect and admiration. Of course AR-558 would change how she viewed the world completely. 5 months in a live warzone would have been rough for anyone. Losing your commanding officers and being surrounded by subspace mines, has a tendency of triggering pretty much anyone.

After their rescue, and a few weeks recovering from her injuries, she was transferred to the USS Soval, where she served as Damage Control Specialist once more.

The following years exemplified the attempts many of the war veterans made to adjust. She tried her hand as Transporter Chief, Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist and Impulse Systems Specialist, until her counselor suggested she ought to stop running from one thing to the other, and try to settle for one thing for more than a year. Given her experience so far, it was suggested she could be a good Engineer’s Mate. A job she accepted and excelled at for the next year and a half.

During her time as Engineer’s Mate, the XO became their new Captain, and the COB took interest in her. After many discussions, much thought, and more than a few hesitations, Olivia set herself a precise goal for her career. Boatswain. And thus the following years saw her change jobs on several occasions once more, but this time with purpose, as to learn and acquire the necessary skills for such a position.

Starfleet From Tactical, passing through Flight Control, Quartermaster's mate, and then Quartermaster in replacement for an ELOA. Captain’s Yeoman followed upon her fellow enlisted’s return, with what she expected to be a final stop to Ship’s Quartermaster.

She expected to be at that post for many years yet. After all, enlisted didn’t tend to change jobs as much as she had. And at one point, especially nearing her goal, truely things would calm down? But such was not to be. After two years in a job she was enjoying far more than she had expected, the COB retired, leaving a vacuum, he and the CO apparently had planned for her.

For three years she served as COB until a tragic accident deprived the ship of it’s Boatswain. The CO knowing this had been her dream job for a long while now, offered it to her. To her surprise she hesitated. Being COB had merit, and put her in a very interesting position. She finally opted to take her new assignment, feeling her assistant, who had also been the previous COB’s assistant, more than capable of handling the job.

Upon accepting her new position, the captain informed her, that due to her diligent service, she had been chosen amongst others, to receive a Warrant from the President, should she accept, which she did. The following three years represented the culmination of all her hard work. There were times where she missed being COB or even SQ, but in the end, she felt she really was where she belonged.

civies2When they called the Soval back for decommission, the old Ambassador class having done its duty beyond its expected lifespan, there was a short period of time where she gave thought to resigning herself. Perhaps go back to cargo hauling. This ship had been her home for nearly 18 years. But she could not see herself outside of starfleet anymore. This was her life. This was what she had worked for. She signed for a new tour of duty, and found herself assigned to the USS Viking as boatswain, with a promotion.

She worked on the Viking for nearly three years when tragedy struck. A whole colony disapeared bringing along several of the ships personnel that had been there to help the locals with some strangeness. While they were successful in retrieving the missing people, many lives were lost in the process, including her sister's. This pushed her to reevaluate her situation, and after some time, she resigned and went looking for work in the civilian sector.

Service Record
2370 - Enlist - Crewmen recruit
2370 - Damage Control Specialist on the USS Steamrunner
2372 - Promoted to PO3 - Damage Control Specialist on the USS Steamrunner
2372 - Operations officer on the USS Steamrunner - replacement
2373 - Transferred to general ground troops pool.
2374 - One of the surviving ground troops of AR-558
2374 - Promoted to PO2 - Transfer USS Soval - Damage Control Specialist
2375 - Transporter Chief
2376 - Structural and Environmental Systems Specialist
2377 - Impulse Systems Specialist
2378 - Engineer’s Mate
2378 - Promoted to PO1 - Engineer’s Mate
2379 - Tactical officer
2380 - Flight Control officer
2381 - Quartermaster’s Mate
2382 - Quartermaster
2383 - Captain’s Yeoman
2384 - Promoted to CPO - Ship’s Quartermaster
2386 - Chief of Boat
2389 - Promoted to WO - Boatswain
2392 - Promoted to CWO - Transferred to USS Viking - Boatswain
2395 - Left service.