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Thaddeus Yu

Name Thaddeus Yu Dr

Position Ship's Physician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon/Human
Age 43
Known Aliases Thaddeus the Warbringer,Ted Yu

Physical Appearance

Height 186 Cm
Weight 95 KG
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thaddeus has a broad muscular build, typically wears brown clothing; his hair is long and dark with a slight natural curl to it and is graying.
Distinguishing Marks or Features Tattoo “Healing is Pain, Pain is Life” in Klingon on his left bicep

Family & Acquaintances

Spouse none
Children None
Father Mothos Son of Kotha
Mother Changying Yu
Siblings Kothos (male, 58), So’vok (Male, 65), Tral (Male, 62)
B’lora (Female, 50), Valar (Female, 47)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thaddeus has a gruff bedside manner from years of working only with Klingons. He enjoys a good laugh in typical Klingon tradition, and yearns for the life of action while at the same time needing long quiet times for study. Not one to hide his feelings Thaddeus will express them as he feels them. Like most Klingon doctors there is a sense of shame around the loss of his family and chance for glory.
Ambitions Travel, learning and acceptance
Passions Klingon culture & opera, hunting, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, biology - especially that of non-Klingon species.


Personal History Born the last son in a Minor house Thaddeus was the result of an illicit affair between Human Diplomat and Klingon Captain. Raised in the Federation until the age of six when his mother was killed in an industrial accident. He was sent to live with his father; a choice not popular with his half siblings.

The change of culture was difficult as Thaddeus was more interested in the after effects of battle than the battle. Although his father condemned him for his lack of warrior spirit, Thaddeus always found some satisfaction in patching up his siblings after one of their brawls, than brawling. A practice commonly deemed beneath that of a warrior. Being the last in line of the house and a only part Klingon, there were many times that Thaddeus was simply left to his own devices, other times his siblings tormented him because of his difference. This was the cause of a number of sibling’s brawls, which Mothos took secret pleasure in. He had the hope that such fights would ignite the warrior within his wayward son and drive out the passion for lesser pastimes not worthy of his offspring.

Thaddeus did manage well enough in this warrior training, and sibling fights, his father often pushing him harder than his brothers in an effort to break him of his love of medicine. And the numerous fights he had with these siblings, both from frontal attacks and ambush, honed his skill and senses. However in the dark of night in the corners of the house where no one went he would hide himself and study the inner works of organic beings.

Thaddeus had the usual upbringing, hunting, fighting, and a strong upbringing in Klingon traditions. He only just managed to get through the First Rite of Ascension, almost failing it because he spent the night before studying heart transplants.

After the Second Rite of Ascension, this time somewhat more successfully than his first, Thaddeus decided that he would leave his father’s house in order to find a place where his passion would be useful without being considered a burden. He made a bold move and left the family stronghold and joined the Klingon Physician Enclave. He was subsequently disowned by his family and has only seen them in passing since.

Thaddeus flourished under the tutelage of the KPE and after many years of study, training and sleepless nights became a skilled professional physician. It was a dream that became reality. However life did not become much better for him in the Empire. Although most Klingons could understand the need for doctors, the professional physician was still treated with scorn and generally worse than second class citizens. Working to treat patients who wore their scars and wounds proudly and preferred death over life saving procedures stumped his professional growth.

After a decade and a half of treating patients who didn't want to be treated Thaddeus made his second bold move and left Klingon borders in the hope of growing as a doctor and seeing more of the galaxy before he became too old too.

Living outside the Empire however wasn't much better. Most potential patients reacted in fear, distrust or outright disbelief that there was such a thing as a Klingon doctor. Especially one who wanted his patients to survive and flourish.

It was one of these times that he managed to gain the reputation as “The warbringer”. It was not intentional and as the new nickname spread across the Quadrant Thaddeus continued to roam the Federation looking for a place to call him, a place to settle but struggled to fit in with the local population. Eventually he settled for ship postings, as it at least gave him the chance to travel and attend the occasional medical conference. Aware that having a full time practice wasn’t going to be a reality for him. Not many systems were willing to give the “Warbringer” a home.