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The information available on prices is limited from a canon, or even beta-canon, perspective. As such we've provided a list that should give an indication of what the costs are for services and products in the 24th century based on our own calculations. We're assuming about 1 EUR / USD = 1 Slip of GPL. Those prices mentioned in a Fawkes post will be linked to the particular post.


Strips (equals 100 slips)
Bars (equals 20 strips, or 2000 slips)
Bricks (equals 25 bars, or 500 strips, or 50000 slips)

Costs for Products

2 Slips - A satchel of Yamok sauce
3 Slips - A Root beer in a bar (based on the purchase price listed below)
10 Slips - Case of Root Beer (12 bottles, purchase price)
10 Slips - A Rissian Sunrise cocktail (established in Chrystallised)
30 Slips - One dose of Chrystal, a recreational drug (established in Chrystallised)
1 Strip - A hand crafted stone statuette (established in The Cold Walls)
5 Strips - Cadet's Uniform
15 Strips - Hand tailored dress

Costs for Services

7 Slips per bunk in dual bunk passenger quarters
1 Strip per Single bunk passenger quarters
4 Bars per cargo hold per week
120 Bars per full load per week (based on 30 available cargo holds)
520 Bars per full load per month (based on 30 available cargo holds)

Costs for Wages (Per Month)

10 Strips - Dabo Girl
14 Strips - Deck Hand (Ordinary)
18 Strips - Deck Hand (Able)
1 Bar, 10 Strips - Signaller, Navigator
1 Bar, 15 Strips - Quartermaster
2 Bars - Engineer, Master-at-Arms
2 Bars, 6 Strips - Boatswain
3 Bars - Ship's Physician
3 Bars, 5 Strips - First Mate
5 Bars - Captain

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