S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Passenger Transport

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Besides transporting goods around the Fawkes is also well suited for transporting humanoids. If the main goal of a contract is to get certain people from A to B it's considered a passenger transport contract.

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Included Missions

The Lor'Tan Shuffle

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A wealthy and influential business magnate approaches the Fawkes as he wants to hire it for his own personal round trip to an unknown location. During their trip there the ship gets attacked and boarded, the businessman gets killed in the skirmish that follows. The Fawkes limps back to the nearest starbase for repairs, where to their huge surprise the businessman is waiting on them, demanding access to their full sensor logs of the battle.

Safe Passage

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The Fawkes takes on a large group of passengers while en route to Risa. Not all of them are who they seem to be, and some might be transporting more than just swimwear in their personal cargo. Still, it's not the crew of the Fawkes is in no place to judge... that is until everything starts to unravel and they're all stuck there with people who have a vested interest in making sure their secrets stay that way.