S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC


Safe Passage

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The Fawkes takes on a large group of passengers while en route to Risa. Not all of them are who they seem to be, and some might be transporting more than just swimwear in their personal cargo. Still, it's not the crew of the Fawkes is in no place to judge... that is until everything starts to unravel and they're all stuck there with people who have a vested interest in making sure their secrets stay that way.

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Short Treks

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Taking inspiration from the Anthology series of Star Trek: Discovery, these Short Treks are standalone plots that have nothing to do with the current plot of the S.S. Fawkes. They may involve characters that are currently signed up for the Fawkes but could also be completely unrelated. Really the perfect way to get rid of some of that pent up creative energy by writing something cool in the Star Trek universe.

Couple of rules apply to this type of post:
1) Has to be set in the Star Trek universe
2) If it involves the Fawkes, it has to be set in the (distant) past or the (far) future of the Fawkes timeline, as to avoid painting us in a corner, plot-wise
3) Cannot involve characters established in Canon (like 'the secret adventures of Captain Kirk')
4) All posts should still abide by the Rules of the Game

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The Lor'Tan Shuffle

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A wealthy and influential business magnate approaches the Fawkes as he wants to hire it for his own personal round trip to an unknown location. During their trip there the ship gets attacked and boarded, the businessman gets killed in the skirmish that follows. The Fawkes limps back to the nearest starbase for repairs, where to their huge surprise the businessman is waiting on them, demanding access to their full sensor logs of the battle.

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Colour Blind

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The planet of Menari IV is the home to the Telemnar. Just a few years ago they made their first faster-than-light vessel. The Federation, of course, reached out for first contact. It turned out the Telemnar have a rigid caste system in place. With the visions of what could be, the liberties and equality presented by the Federation, a light of rebellion was lit on the Telemnar homeworld. The rebellion is weakening, faltering, and it won't be long until the ruling kins have all but eliminated them outright.

Meanwhile, halfway across the quadrant, a shady Starfleet officer approaches the Fawkes with a request to ship some less than legal supplies to the people of Menari IV.

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Smugglers Need Not Apply

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Mayterial Droz posts up a 'help wanted' ad on the local network after losing her entire crew to a busted drug smuggling operation ran by her First Mate.

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Pixie Dust

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The S.S. Fawkes is asked to transport a scientific payload to Langley Station. A request eagerly accepted by the Captain. During the travel to the remote starbase the Fawkes hits a patch of turbulent sub-space, it tosses the crew, passengers, and most of the cargo about. As they start to sort through the mess suddenly some of the crew start to experience hallucinations.

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Hot Couture

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When two crew members get kidnapped the rest of the crew gets forced to plan and execute a heist to get their hands on a priceless artefact currently displayed in the historical museum of Rangalor V. The piece in question? A gala dress that was worn by the first female president of the United States of America. And as luck would have it, the museum is organising a huge fundraiser for their new 21st-century earth wing.

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