S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Illegitimate Business

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Sometimes, just sometimes, times are desperate. There are still mouths that need to be fed. As such it's sometimes necessary to dabble in the more morally grey area's for a quick buck.

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Hot Couture

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When two crew members get kidnapped the rest of the crew gets forced to plan and execute a heist to get their hands on a priceless artefact currently displayed in the historical museum of Rangalor V. The piece in question? A gala dress that was worn by the first female president of the United States of America. And as luck would have it, the museum is organising a huge fundraiser for their new 21st-century earth wing.

Colour Blind

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The planet of Menari IV is the home to the Telemnar. Just a few years ago they made their first faster-than-light vessel. The Federation, of course, reached out for first contact. It turned out the Telemnar have a rigid caste system in place. With the visions of what could be, the liberties and equality presented by the Federation, a light of rebellion was lit on the Telemnar homeworld. The rebellion is weakening, faltering, and it won't be long until the ruling kins have all but eliminated them outright.

Meanwhile, halfway across the quadrant, a shady Starfleet officer approaches the Fawkes with a request to ship some less than legal supplies to the people of Menari IV.