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When two crew members get kidnapped the rest of the crew gets forced to plan and execute a heist to get their hands on a priceless artefact currently displayed in the historical museum of Rangalor V. The piece in question? A gala dress that was worn by the first female president of the United States of America. And as luck would have it, the museum is organising a huge fundraiser for their new 21st-century earth wing.

Mission Group Illegitimate Business
Start Date Saturday June 1st, 2019 @ 11:08 hours
End Date Tuesday December 31st, 2019 @ 11:08 hours

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Change of Plan...
by Mayterial Droz & Clinton Westbrooke Jr
Fawkes - Bridge
The pain of separation
by Nali Tali
Rangalor V
The Gala - Die With the Lie
by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Mercy & Taben Natal & Lorpax & Kenzia Nemet & Caras Tracyn
MD05 - 20.30 hours Museum of Federation Cultural History, Rangalor V
Calling an Audible
by Alexandria Farron & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Kenzia Nemet
MD03, 0830 Hours Crew Mess, SS Fawkes
Long overdue maintenance
by M'erah & Mercy
Shuttle Bay, Deck 15, S.S. Fawkes
Kentucky Bourbon and Bullshit
by Taben Natal & Clinton Westbrooke Jr
MD 02 - 0240 Deck 6, Cargo Bay 4, SS. Fawkes
by Mayterial Droz & Lorpax
MD05 - Early morning Medical Bay, Deck 2, S.S. Fawkes
Knowledge is power
by Mayterial Droz & Mercy & Kenzia Nemet
MD04 - 1500 hours Engineering
Locating the Nest
by Mayterial Droz & Taben Natal & Kenzia Nemet
MD04 - 2130 Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, Fawkes
Extra muscle
by Caras Tracyn & Mayterial Droz & Taben Natal
Unnamed dive bar, surface, Rangalor V
Alone in the Dark
by Mayterial Droz
MD03 - Time unknown Unknown
Plotting our way in
by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Mercy & Tobie Fitzsimmons
MD02 - 14:30 hours Engineering
Bargaining with desperation
by Mayterial Droz & Lorpax
MD 02 - 1600 Some out of the way Cargo bay, Rangalor V Orbital station
Hello darkness my old friend
by Mayterial Droz & Kenzia Nemet
MD02 - 1830 hours Rangalor V
On the Nature of Change
by Mayterial Droz & Clinton Westbrooke Jr
MD02 - 2345 hours Bridge
Supplying Demands
by Mayterial Droz & Taben Natal
MD01 - 2230 Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, S.S. Fawkes
War is good for business
by Lorpax
MD 02 - 1231 A run down bar on Rangalor 5’s orbital facility
Whispers in the Shadows
by Mayterial Droz & M'erah & Taben Natal
MD02 - 14:00 hours Cargo bay 2, Deck 3, S.S. Fawkes
With a little help from my friends
by Alexandria Farron & Mayterial Droz & Clinton Westbrooke Jr & Mercy & Tobie Fitzsimmons & Taben Natal
MD02 - 0900 hours Cargo bay 17, Deck 7, S.S. Fawkes
Go Sports
by Mayterial Droz & Taben Natal
MD01 - Late afternoon Unnamed sports bar, Surface, Rangalor V
by Mercy & Mayterial Droz
MD01 - 2130 hours Sickbay, Deck 2, S.S. Fawkes
Academic Persuits
by Mayterial Droz & T'Kisha
MD01 - Early morning Rangalor V
Pernicious Prologue
by Taben Natal
10 Days Prior to MD1 DS7, Zakdorn Sector, Federation Territory
A tall ship and a rumor to steer her by
by T'Kisha
Prior to MD01 Lecture Hall, University, Rangalor V
Spirited Away
by Mayterial Droz & Mercy
MD01 - 2100 hours Rangalor V

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