S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Post Hoc Job Interview

Posted on Sunday February 2nd, 2020 @ 12:17 hours by Mayterial Droz & Nali Tali

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Cargo bay 2, Deck 3, S.S. Fawkes
Timeline: MD06 - 1030 hours

It had been a short night and the groggy expression on May's face showed just how little sleep she had over the last 24 hours. Even in this state she remembered that they had taken someone on board before they departed the starbase and the computer had told her that they were holding up in Cargo bay 2. She stepped in and spotted the bald woman that they had rushed past last night. She vaguely recalled her name was Mali, Bali, Nali or something. She had been a great help in securing the cargo right before they made their escape.

"Good morning, Miss." It was really bugging her; normally she was great with names, but this one just didn't seem to have stuck.

“Is it, Captain?” The Deltan looked up from the cargo manifest she’d been reviewing. “I’ve been on board less than eight hours - and should probably have asked before assuming it was acceptable to scrutinize any of this - but your holds are nowhere near capacity. A rapid exit like that without cargo... Is it a good morning for the Fawkes?” The woman’s tone was one of concern, not condescension.

"We're still flying, we're all still alive. That's something.” Mayterial knew exactly what the woman had meant. With this load they were losing money with every lightyear they crossed. “Don't worry, though, Miss..." her head hurt trying to figure out what the Deltan woman was called. Kali? No that didn't seem right. "Once we get to port we'll be cramming these full to the ceiling."

That was twice now that the Captain had avoided using any names in addressing Nali, and it may be that was just her way, but being the newest person on the ship, it wouldn’t hurt Nali to offer up her name a few times just in case. “We did rush through the onboarding process just a bit.” Nali held her hand out to Mayterial and introduced herself again. “My name is Nali Tali, Captain. I apologize for not making the time to speak with you earlier, but you looked - busy.”

Nali! That was it! Nali Tali. May looked at the woman intently, imprinting the name in her mind. “You're right, it wasn't really the best of times. I can understand if that would be a reason for you to part ways on our next layover." She shook the woman's hand to complete the introduction. “If, however, you choose to stay, I might have room for you on the ship. You seem to know your way around a cargo manifest."

Nali smiled innocently. “I have nowhere else to be, Captain. So long as you find yourself happy with my work and presence, I will wish to remain on board.” Nali looked over her shoulder to the two pieces of physical baggage she’d brought onboard (though she had more emotional baggage than she ought.) They were once again secured and out of the way, but it was clear she’d had no where else to stash them. “Perhaps I am to be assigned some sleeping space or a bed between now and the morning?”

Mayterial nodded, "That's something you'd have to talk to the quartermaster about. I'll let him know you're looking for him." She knew they had some spare rooms since their former Bosun had left and nobody had taken her vacancy, but she had no idea which room that was, especially not in her current state. "In the meanwhile, might I ask you to get the cargo bays sorted so that we can push for as much cargo as we can? We're also looking to add our maximum number of passengers during our next leg. They'd need some room to store their own stuff as well." People wouldn't normally travel on a freighter such as their own unless they had plenty of cargo to drag along with them.

The Deltan happened to be facing away from the Captain when that last request was delivered, for which she was glad. It prevented May from seeing the natively manicured eyebrows shoot up Nali’s forehead with incredulity. Nali had been hard at work for the past 7 hours securing cargo and decluttering countless holds on a ship entirely unfamiliar to her. And all the Captain could say was to do more of the same. Perhaps that was just the Captain’s way. It was after all the job which Nali previously held aboard the Entropy and that for which she had intended to seek employment aboard the Fawkes.

Nali took only a moment to settle her face and turned to May, all smiles once more. “Understood, Captain. I’ll clear and prep as many cubic meters of internal space as possible. When I speak to your quartermaster about some quarters I’ll inquire about accommodations for your soon to be passengers as well. When we next make port I can take on freight, but the less selective you are, the easier it will be. In regards to filling the holds, ma’am.”

"We can't afford to be caught with contraband, Miss Tali." Mayterial let that hang there for a moment in order to drive the point home."And it's paramount that we fill these holds. I can't afford to leave that port if we don't." There was a moment where she looked around the cargo hold in all of its emptiness. "Make sure to get some sleep before we arrive. You're going to need your energy. I'll have M'erah introduce the rest of the deckhands to you, tell them you're the new Bosun." She held out a hand to seal the deal.

“Of course, Captain.” Nali clasped Mayterial’s hand. “Nothing illegal, no improperly sealed radioactive waste and no adorable tribbles. I’ll handle it. I almost hate to ask, but as this is my second interview and we haven’t agreed on a pay structure... When you and your crew screamed past me on the docks yesterday - does that sort of thing happen often?”

"Too often for my tastes..." Mayterial’s voice trailed off a bit at that, "but no, we tend to stick to the straight and narrow. The whole ordeal that you witnessed yesterday was a holdover from the checkered past of the vessel." She then produced a PADD from her back pocket and gave it to Nali, "All the details on the contract are in there. There's regular monthly pay and a small commission fee on any work you can pull our way."

Nali took the PADD and slipped it into one of the many pockets of her obviously seasoned work attire - into which she’d changed right in the corner of this very cargo bay shortly after arriving. “Very good, ma’am. I’ll keep the old girl’s ample recesses stuffed with paying client’s equipment and appendage.” Nali nodded her head towards the largely empty bay to indicate she was to get back to work. “By your leave, ma’am.”

"There's no need for ceremony, this isn't Starfleet." Mayterial gave a smile that showed a bit more of her weariness than she had intended, "as you were." she added jokingly before stepping away towards the exit of the Cargo bay and heading out back towards the upper decks. She really needed a long hard nap.


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