S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Posted on Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 01:15 hours by Gregory Alein & Mercy

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: SS Fawkes: Engineering Bay
Timeline: MD 7 -1200


The sound coming from Engineering as Greg approached was completely different from what he might have expected. Instead of the thrumm of engines, the clatter of tools, the whirring of cooling systems or the peaceful bleeping of consoles, there was a cacophony of musical instruments playing over a portable, battery-operated music system. Thunderous, roaring guitars chugging along over resonating bass and the rhythmic pounding of drums sounded as the engineer, tall and massive, stood bent over a gutted console, rummaging through the systems within. She bopped and move along with the rhythm of the progressive doom metal she had chosen to play while working.

Greg shouted over the music, "hello..." He held his ears, definitely not his type of listening enjoyment, but to each their own. "Hello," he shouted this time a bit louder and more firm. He stopped in his tracks as the site in front of him caught him off guard. This is the Engineer he thought. He tapped the figured on the shoulder, "hello," he tried one more time.

"I heard you the first time." Actually the second, but since she didn't hear the first, she didn't know that. "Just give me a - .. moment .. to - ... Ah, there we go." Her voice was thick and warm, full of rich texture as she spoke. Her tail gave a slight wag as she stood up to her full, massive height, ears brushing against the ceiling, as she lifted a hefty power distribution node from the bottom of the console pit she was working on. She manipulated the massive, weighty block with frightening ease, even holding it with one hand as the other reached for her radio to turn her music down a bit. "Now, mind telling me who you are?" The massive lupine Sirran flicked an ear at Greg, a hint of razorsharp fangs as she spoke. "And what you're doing in my engineering bay?"

"New to the group figured I'd get a lay of the land," he replied. Opting to leave position out of the equation, for the time being, he sidestepped the Engineer and looked around. "Power distribution node," he asked?

"Yeh." She flicked an ear again, a grin forming on lupine features. "You know your stuff. Wanna give me a hand? This node needs scrubbing." she offered, setting the heavy piece of equipment down and reaching for a screwdriver to start opening it up. "Pushed the engines a bit too hard. Got a lot of maintenance to do." the engineer mused, working. "Grab some scotch brite from my toolbox over there? You start scrubbing while I get a new gasket," she added, lifting off the lid, exposing the inside, with half carbonized gunk over some of the innards. "Wow, ok. This node hasn't been scrubbed since being installed new, I wager," she said, scrunching up her nose. "Better bring a scraper too."

"In for a penny, as they say," Greg rolled up his sleeves, as he gathered the needed supplies, "you know how this works right, once you start you'll be pulling nodes from all over the ship polishing these old things." He set the supplies down as he went to work. He wasn't an Engineer and it showed, but he was certain he could get the job done. "How long have you been on the ship?" he asked.

"That's the basic idea though. Get the ship running as efficiently as it can. Th' Captain earns more money. Becomes more happy. I get paid more. Everybody happy." she gave a grin, flashing rows of razor-sharp, dagger-like teeth. "I've been onboard - oh - few weeks now? Been slowly giving these systems a once-over. They needed it." Beat. "Name's Mercy, by the way." she added, joining him in the hard, physical labor of scrubbing the node. The majority of the gunk could be scraped away with a scraper, but the last bit had to be done with some abrasive pads, scotch brite.

"Greg," he replied, "Greg Alein," he put a bit of elbow grease into a rather dirty spot, "new XO, or whatever you wanna call it." He picked up a pad and the cleaning agent, "these older systems require a bit more work but in the once they are humming it's worth the work."

"First mate, huh." Mercy chuckled softly, tail giving a lazy wag as she worked. "Yeah these old Groumals, nothing kills them. Not like those Starfleet ships where point-one percent off means your core dies." She sighed, shoulders slumping a bit as old memories came to the fore again. "I miss it though. Much as I complain, I do miss it."

"Another Reformed Fleeter?" he asked? "Where do you serve," he added? He peeled off another layer of grime, "this ship seems to be full of us."

"Reformed?" Mercy gave a dismissive snort. "If you say so." she sighed. "I was chief engineer on an Excalibur class. You know, the dual-core one? Now that was an engine and a half. But that was eighteen years ago."

"I meant no disrespect," he stated as he inspected his work. "The Federation and I had several go-arounds, but it wasn't for me. Apparently your not supposed to get drunk or punch visiting dignitaries," he shrugged, "who knew." He set the pad down, "the Excal was an impressive ship in her and still is. But as you said that was some time ago." He patted the equipment in front of him, " still has nothing on these older girls. They may require more work, and don't have all the bells and whistles but these have less.." he paused, "problems."

A nod from the lupine behemoth. "Mmhm. Like I said. Nothing kills these old girls. You could maintain them with a wrench and a hammer." She mused. "Speaking of, I think this one's almost good to go. Going to disinfect it and reassemble it with the new gasket. Thanks for the help kid, saved me some time."

He looked at her, "haven't been called kid in a long time, Ma'am," he smirked. "And anytime, it's nice to get down into things every now and then. One question, what the hell were you listening too when I came in here?"

"As long as you're less than half my age and a third my weight, you'll be 'kid' to me." Mercy smirked. "That? I picked it up in prison. It's old music from Earth, called 'metal'. I like the sheer energy and power, it invigorates me."

"Not my type, but not my Engineering bay either," he replied. "I prefer something different, but to each their own." He looked at the Engineering Bay. "So what's next," he really didn't have anything on his plate yet?

"More nodes. They seem to have taken the brunt of recent events." Mercy mused. "Just concentrating on getting the ship working the best I can right now with the time I've got before we're heading out again."

Greg rolled up his sleeves as he looked around, "where do you want me and how can I help?" He'd been on the station too long, getting back to work was just what he needed. He reached over, taking a risk, and turned her music back on. "When in Rome," he muttered, "gonna need a beer after this," he smirked.


Gregory Alein
First Mate




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