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Sobering up

Posted on Saturday January 25th, 2020 @ 23:55 hours by Mayterial Droz & Gregory Alein

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Flo's Diner, SB32
Timeline: MD07 - 0900

There hadn't been many takers for the position of First Mate onboard the aging Groumall class vessel. Mayterial couldn't blame them, of course. But she needed to recruit someone now before their reputation would catch up with them and make it near impossible to find a good one. The lounge was not even a quarter full, she made her way over to the bar, "Can I get an orange juice and some toast with scrambled eggs, please?" She pointed over at a table in the corner of the room to indicate where she would be seated and made her way over.

"Sure sweetheart, one sunrise special," the waitress replied.

As the female walked off a rather tall, bulky man approached the counter, "I'm looking for a lady," he shouted.

"Aren't they all," the waitress looked over at the only other person there, "gonna need more than that dear."

"Nevermind," the man noticed Droz in the corner as he stormed off.

"Well that's gonna go over well," Greg winked at the waitress, as he slid his coffee cup over. "I got five credits on the female, she's gonna kick his..."

The waitress laughed, "oh honey you have no idea," she topped his coffee off. "Besides, isn't betting what got you kicked out of the fleet," she winked as she walked off, "or was it the booze."

The man walked over to Droz, "you Mayterial," he asked as he took a seat, "I hear you looking for a First Mate, where do I sign up?"

Mayterial leaned back in her seat and looked over at the man, then back over to the bar, before resting her eyes on the man, "Calm down, alright. Take a seat. Tell me. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting with?"

"Does it really matter," he replied, "it's not like you got a ton of possibilities, or you wouldn't be here." He leaned back, "just call me Clay." He folded his arms, "look my experience fits your need, Princess. Now you want a Firstmate, or not?"

From the bar, Greg sighed. "Why is it these types always think they are God's gift to people," he sipped his coffee. He turned his chair to the interview that was unfolding, rather badly, in front of him. He picked up his cup as he watched.

Back at the table, Clay pulled a padd out of his jacket. "It's all here," he claimed. The waitress came to the table, with breakfast as Clay took the plate, "thanks Doll."

Mayterial her mouth opened in shock. There was such a flurry of trespasses crammed in that minute it was impossible for her to ignore and keep up the friendly fa├žade. She wondered how to handle him, "That's mine you know," she leaned in, allowing her to push into his thoughts, "but of course, since Suzy took everything that was yours, including Mark," She narrowed her eyes, "Wait? Did you have the hots for Mark?" She pulled the plate away from him before he could take a bite and grabbed a fork, "Ever tap that?"

Clay stood up, his body burning with hate. Kicking the chair out from under him, he grabbed her plate, "freaking bitch," he moved to shove the plate into her face as something from behind him grabbed his wrist.

"I think it's time you leave," Greg stated taking what was left of the plate from his hand and setting it on the table.

"You gonna make me, boy," Clay spat in Greg's face.

"One of us will," Greg gestured to the waitress who'd pulled a phase rifle out from behind the counter and taken her aim.

"Good luck with that junk heap," he cussed at Droz as he pulled his arm free, turning to leave.

Greg looked over at the waitress, "another special Flo?" The waitress smiled and nodded.

"My apologies Captain Droz," he regained his composure, "didn't mean to scare off your recruit there," he pointed to Clay who had tipped over a table on his way out.

"Greg Alein," he offered a hand.

"Mayterial Droz," She shook the offered hand and motioned for him to sit down, "I would've dodged the plate you know. Wouldn't have been the first time." She waited for Flo to bring around a new plate of her ordered breakfast, "Sorry about the table, Flo." She said to the waitress as she placed a fresh plate in front of her. She took a sip of her orange juice, "So, what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Enjoying the civilian life and picking up the odd job whenever I can," Greg picked up the overturned chair. He gestured to the chair as if to ask permission? He still had manners and wasn't going to just invite himself to the lady's table. "Starfleet and I," he paused, "parted ways so I take whatever I can till I get in a more permanent posting."

"Yourself," he asked?

Giving a nod to grant the permission he was looking for she started to dig into her breakfast, "I run a freighter, heading towards the heart of Fed space." The eggs were actually really good and she immediately shoved another fork full into her mouth.

Taking a seat Greg sipped coffee, he could tell the lady had spent a fair amount of time with a bottle over the last few days; no doubt it was her form of relaxation. He could see all the signs, it was the same things he saw in himself. "Freighter," he replied, "served mainly in a Security fashion myself. My last official posting was as Exec of the Merlin. The Captain felt my obsession with the fairer sex and the bottle was going to be my ruination, I think. So, we parted ways and it's been places like this ever since. Took a few private security gigs for visiting Diplomats, first mate on a cargo transport, that is till the Captain lost his ship to a greedy Ferengi, and whatever else fate gave me."

"It's not as secure as a Federation life, but the freedom is worth it," Greg stated as it picked up his coffee and took a sip.

When he made the comment about the freedom being worth it there was a second of doubt that washed over May's thoughts, she shook it off as quickly as she could, "Always triple check a contract when dealing with the Ferengi." Another mouthful of eggs, "probably one of their rules" she hadn't really noticed how hungry she'd been until she had started eating, "any experience on a Groumall?"

"Some, but honestly not much," he replied, "a good Doctor, Engineer, and a cook is all you need. The Groumall replicators are crap last I checked. Maybe a fresh pot of coffee for that hangover cure from the bender the night before."

"Hah, a cook," May shook her head a bit and finished her plate, "That's a good one." She didn't have enough crew or passengers on board to really afford the luxury of a cook. They'd sit there twiddling their thumbs for about eighty percent of the day. She sat up straight and cleared her throat. She hadn't really been making an effort so far, not really thinking much would come of this and realized that it must've tipped him off as to the nature of her medication yesterday. "The Captain's quarters actually makes a decent enough coffee..." she let that linger for a moment, realized it must've sounded like an invitation to spend the night, "I'm still in the market for a First Mate since you scared off the charming gentleman earlier."

"Well that has to be the most unique way of being offered a job," Greg stated but was interrupted by Flo.

"Take the job deary," she stated as she filled his coffee. Looking at the Captain, "you'd be doing us a favor, get him out of my establishment..." She winked.

Greg looked at Flo, "your coffee's terrible," he grinned.

Flo shrugged and walked off.

"So First Mate," he added, he hoped it came with private quarters, his last job had everyone got bunking. "If you think you can handle a recovering Fleeter."

"All licensed crew have personal quarters," It was almost a matter of pride to be able to say that in the private sector, "they're small, but it's a place to call your own." she gave a crooked grin at the fleeter remark, "I'm sure we can handle one more fleet reject" she winked and put out a hand to shake to seal the deal.

Greg nodded, as he extended his hand. "Private quarters, quite the accomplishment Captain. As long as I don't"Y have to share the head with some hairy ape, we should be fine." He laughed, "communal shower, let me guess," he saw the look on her face. "Oh well, how long are you docked here, got a couple of things I need to take care of before I can leave?"

"You should have more than enough time to get your affairs in order." May gave a firm handshake and finished her orange juice, "If I had known this was such a good place to eat I would've come around sooner." She put the empty glass back on the table, "See you on the boat? Bring friends."

Greg nodded it was very unexpected, this wasn't how he saw his day going. "See you on the ship," he smiled, "just make sure the coffee's hot and ready," he poked a little humor at her earlier comment. "Thank you, Captain," he stood up, "time to find some friends..." He set a few credits on the table to cover the coffee.

"Which docking port," he asked before he departed.

"23" She got up from her seat as well, left some gold pressed latinum, enough to cover the food and something extra, "Thank you Flo, I'll be sure to come back around when I'm in the neighbourhood."

"Please do," Flo replied as she smiled at both, "god help them both," she muttered under her breath as she turned and headed back to the counter.


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