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The Gala pt2 - Chaos Theory

Posted on Saturday January 18th, 2020 @ 20:04 hours by Mayterial Droz & Kenzia Nemet & Caras Tracyn

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Rangalor V
Timeline: MD05 - 21:15 Hours


Having waiting for a reasonable amount of time to make sure that Alexandria and Clint were in a proper position to start their infiltration Mayterial decided it was time to move the second part of the plan into motion. She had singled out a younger man, he appeared human, a cursory telepathic probe confirmed as much. He seemed slightly out of place, a bit too young, the suit he was wearing a bit too replicated. He was the perfect patsy. She made sure that she had Taben's attention, "Fascinating." The best trigger words were always the simplest ones.

Nemet was close enough to hear and in a way was glad that things were about to start happening. There was only so long she could pretend to be a bodyguard of a Vulcan and had already grown tired of acting as if the artwork was anything more than inferior splashes of paint. She moved closer to May, watching, just staying alert and ready.

Caras glanced around, for the most part fairly happy with his part as being "muscle" for the moment. No one really paid much attention to him, more to the art and to the other people pretending to be fancy people. He gave a side eye to one of the other guards, some giant looking Gorn who gave him a professional nod back. Folding his arms over his chest, Caras pondered 3 different ways to take down the lizard, just for fun. He let out a sigh, it's not like he WANTED the mission to go sideways and to be some action but...well..standing around can get boring.

The first thing May did was take out her own purse and get close to the patsy, waiting for him to step away from a piece of art and making sure she'd be in his way when he did so. He seemed to let out an appreciative sigh looking at the piece of neo-classical art and stepped back with a happy sigh. As intended he bumped into May and she reverse picked her purse into his pocket. That was step one, now all she needed to do is getting some stuff off of others and then point in his direction.

"I'm so sorry, excuse me!" The young man immediately turned bright red and stepped away from the intimidating Vulcan stare of the woman he had just bumped into.

With a small polite bow, May made herself scarce. She then started to make her way over to some very engaged Andorians, looking over a piece of modern art that showed different images depending on where you stood. The holographic technology had really changed the art scene in significant ways. She leaned in to look, brushing up against one of them and lifting a personal device off of them, "Hm." She simply remarked derisively before standing upright and walking off. Doing this to a couple of more people she knew now there were at least half a dozen of them that were missing one piece or another. All she had to do was wait for one of them to realise, "stash these in one of the trolleys he's handled" She whispered to Kenzia.

Nemet discretely took the devices, slipped them into her sleeve and located a trolley near enough to be useful. She set off, ostensibly to locate - something - for her employer. Anything would do and no-one paid much attention to a guard...even when she came past the trolley, extended a hand to push past and simultaneously slip the stolen goods into it. Hah. If these slack jawed zabu noticed they were missing precious items then the fun would begin...

Looking at the people going around the gallery was like watching a large dance. People seemed to set into a certain steady flow, the smooth, soft, jazz music helping to encourage the dance along the various pieces of art around the room. It wouldn't be long before the dance would be interrupted. Someone would realise they were missing something sooner or later. It turned out to be sooner as a woman suddenly shouted, "Security! Security!"

Mayterial clasped her hands and cocked an eyebrow in Vulcan fashion, "And so it begins."

Raising her voice just enough to add to the chaos Nemet joined in, "Thief! Stop him!" There it was deliberately vague but when she looked at the waiter with open hostility she knew people would follow her lead.

The murmer of the crowd started to rise, people realising that they had lost some of their personal belongings. The dance May had done around the room had yielded some great results and now it was all coming together. An Andorian immediately accusing a deceptive Vulcan, a Tellarite that wasn't afraid to voice their discontent over the matter. It was all much better than she could've scripted. Then the best part came. She heard the front doors slam shut, and there was communications over the various security channels.

The public announcement system switched on, "it seems that some of our guests' personal effects have gone missing. We will be locking down the exits until such time that these personal belongings can be located and the culprit apprehended." There were sounds around them of doors closing and locking down. "Please be aware that if you're found outside of the designated area of the gathering that you will be held and turned over to the police for further questioning."


Mayterial Droz

Kenzia Nemet

Caras Tracyn


S.S. Fawkes


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