S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Change of Plan...

Posted on Monday December 2nd, 2019 @ 15:06 hours by Mayterial Droz & Clinton Westbrooke Jr

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Fawkes - Bridge

"Cap, you got a sec?" Clint called as he stepped into the bridge of the Fawkes. "Change in plans on our uh... delivery pickup," He said, as casually as Clint was capable of doing.

Mayterial pinched the bridge of her nose, there was little margin for error and changes to the plans made things more complicated, "Let me guess, someone got cold feet?" She had always had her doubts about putting Alexandria in such a crucial position on the heist, but they needed her there, or at least someone with her lithe build.

"Nope, just want to do things different. I'm not the boss, but I think it's a solid idea, if you got a second to go over it," He offered with a grin.

It was a surprise, maybe she had misjudged Alexandria, "Alright, I have a moment, run it by me." She motioned with her hand for him to keep talking.

"So uh... she was worried about the wait staff thing, and I think she had a good point. They'll be expecting us to work, and be active on the floor, which is exactly where we need to not be. Plus, none of the staff will know us, so it'll make us stand out. But Alexandria thought maybe we could go in as government inspectors. She found out there's this stupid little feud going on between a couple muckity mucks on the planet, and they're already getting hit with random, regular inspections from every different division of the government, constantly. So she's going to make sure that we've got a good cover story, and get us uniforms, and we show up there. We'd be able to have full run of the place, no one would expect to know us, and no one would be surprised we were there. Hell, she even pointed out that most of the folks on staff there would probably just leave us alone so we could finish our work faster,"He said, chuckling. "I think it's a good change of plan," He said.

Mayterial nodded a bit as Clint ran the situation past him, for most of these type of big events the wait staff wasn't a close-knit group of regulars, it was more often than not just available temps being thrown together in the same suits. That said the feud described by Clint did sound like the perfect opportunity for them to get better access, "Sounds like you have it all figured out," She smiled a bit, it was good to see that people were pulling their weight on this thing, the only way they were going to pull this off was if they all came together, "who am I to shoot down a better idea."

Clint shrugged and chuckled a bit, "Well, you're the Captain. Only one who's allowed to," He said, giving her a grin. "I'll let Alex know and we'll start getting our data," he explained. "Thanks boss lady. I think she'll be happier to know we're going with this option.

Mayterial nodded, wanting to leave it at that, but then deciding there was something else she wanted to know, "You think she's up for it?" They both knew what she was alluding to, she hadn't been the pinnacle of emotional stability and had zero experience in this sort of thing.

Clint considered the question for a moment, then shrugged, "We'll know when we know. Truth is this, skipper, I'm up for it, and I'm up for making sure she is. So as long as you trust me to keep things cool, then you don't have anything to worry about... that work for you?" He asked, giving her a grin.

"It'll have to, won't it." Mayterial replied, returning the smile to her Quartermaster. They had all signed up for a boring cargo hauling job. Perhaps at some point they would haul something that the authorities would frown upon, but in general there wasn't the expectation of straying off the straight and narrow. Yet here they were, planning to steal from a museum for the Orion Syndicate, "Let's hope it won't be necessary for you to convince her."

"Won't be a matter of convincing, skipper. I'll take charge, and handle everything if she can't. I think she'll do okay, though. This is... new, but she's a sharp kid. Scrappy. I'll keep her safe, though. Promise," He said.


Mayterial Droz


Clinton Westbrooke, Jr.

S.S. Fawkes


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