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Alone in the Dark

Posted on Sunday September 22nd, 2019 @ 04:44 hours by Mayterial Droz

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Unknown
Timeline: MD03 - Time unknown

The shivers came and went, even though the environmentals on this skiff were working perfectly Kira couldn't really find comfort in the room's temperature or anything about the room, really. It was a combination of piss poor quality of the food they were serving her, the fact that they were holding her here against her will, the sleep deprivation, the fear. What if Mayterial wasn't going to come for her? What if they decided that it wasn't worth the risk, what would come of her then? She knew stories about the Orion syndicate. In the far corners of the quadrant, it was rumoured they were still trading in slaves. She'd probably make a terrible slave. That is unless they didn't expect her to do physical labour. Another shudder, that time she only had herself to blame.

Tears started to form in her eyes again, she had cried so much in the past few days that her eyes were in a constant state of puffiness. She so desperately wanted her Fawkes family to burst in there, guns blazing to heroically save her. It was weird how much she thought of them as family already, she had only been with them for little more than a month. That month had taught her a lot of things, civvie ships had a bad rep. It wasn't wholly undeserved, but she hadn't met a group of people as dedicated to a common goal. She just wanted to go back there, wake up in her bunk, in the room with her snoring bunkmate.

The doors suddenly opened and Kira startled, this wasn't the normal food run, she only just had some. This wasn't right. Maybe they had come?!

The split second of hope was immediately snuffed out when the large Orion stepped into the room, with a beat-up Nausicaan in tow, it was the guy who had jumped Mercy and almost had to pay for it with his life. A wicked smile formed on Nausicaan's lips as he looked at the petite Trill woman all crumpled up in the corner, "Good morning, spots." Dgarr growled at her.

"Take it easy, Dgarr, she wasn't the one that fucked you up." The burly Orion ran a hand over his bald head, "Besides, Doctor Hugs told you not to exert yourself."

Dgarr waved a hand at the man, his brother in arms, "If I were you I would be more worried about you calling her Doctor Hugs in front of a prisoner, I won't even break a sweat."

Kira her heart jumped to her throat at that comment, her eyes getting big like saucepans. What was he planning on doing? "Please don't hurt me. If they found out you hurt me they'll never forgive you." She looked between the Nausicaan and the Orion, pleading with her eyes to just go away, "if Mercy finds out I don't think there's a power in the four quadrants strong enough to keep her away from you." She tried to sound confident, not show the fear. She knew she shouldn't antagonise these people, but there was nothing she could do and it was the only way she felt like she had a semblance of control over this.

"Don't worry, I won't do any permanent damage." Dgarr stepped forward and grabbed her by the front of her shirt to pull her to her feet, "you see, me and Geloh are just getting a bit bored, and I told him, even in this state I would subdue you a lot faster than he did." He stepped back a bit and beckoned her over with his hand, "So, give me the best you've got."

"What?" Kira was confused, did the limping Nausicaan want her to attack him? It seemed like a terrible idea, he was probably right. Even in the state that he was in he would easily beat her in a fight. She didn't have any training, or mass, to be able to hurt him in any significant way.

"Attack me. I'll let you get the first shot in for free." Dgarr beckoned her over again with his hand, it was clear he thought really little of her and didn't see her as even half a threat.

Geloh simply stepped back a bit and shook his head, he knew better than to defy Dgarr in this state, but it wasn't going to prove anything. He had taken care of the girl as quickly as he could have. She was nimble and quick on her feet which made him miss the inital stab with the sedative.

Kira swallowed a lump in her throat, the tears in her eyes hadn't dried yet and they were now playing this cruel trick on her. She just knew that she was going to get slapped around hard if she even tried anything against this man.

"Come on, little runt, maybe you'll learn something. Maybe you can prevent disappointing your bitch dog when you go out on the town again in the future." It was blatantly obvious that he was only saying these things to coax her into anger, to have her lash out against him.

Naively Kira thought that if she didn't make the first move he wouldn't do anything either.

With a swift step Dgarr came forward and his right hand hooked to connect with the side of Kira's face.

Kira couldn't have been more wrong. She wasn't able to respond in time and took the full force of the first to her face, her hearing started to ring, her vision blurred, bright flashes blocked any other sight she still had. She stumbled to the side and lost her footing as her legs gave out. She hit the ground pretty hard and for a moment the pain and fear disappeared in a moment of unconsciousness. That was very short lived, she came back to feeling the big hands of the Nausicaan grabbing her and putting her back on her feet.

"See, all you needed was one swift strike. And this time she even knew it was coming." Dgarr responded triumphantly.

"I... I don't..." Kira mumbled, looking at both men trying to focus her vision, "Please, stop."

"There's only one way to make me stop," Dgarr beckoned her in his direction again, challenging her to attack him.

Kira tried to remember the sparring lesson she had participated in during the first week on the Fawkes. Sluggishly she lifted her hands in front of her, in protection of her face.

"That's the spirit!" Dgarr stepped forward again, this time his fist shot in an upward motion and dug into her stomach.

A high pitched yelp escaped Kira as all of the air was pushed violently from her lungs. She crumpled to the ground and weezed as she tried, unsuccesfully, to fill her lungs back up with oxygen.

Dgarr shook his head, clearly disappointed by the whole ordeal, "See, I don't know what the big problem was, Geloh. It's been one hit K.O.s for me so far." He stepped forward again and grabbed Kira by the back of her neck, lifting her back to her feet with one hand, "Straighten out, relax, the air will come back to you."

With gasps Kira faught to get the air back into her body.

"There you go, good girl." Dgarr gave her a little push to create some room between the two of them again, "Well, let's do this then, come at me with your best shot."

Between the dizziness from the hammer strike to her head and the blurred vision from the tears Kira could barely make out where the guy was, but the anger was getting to her, she didn't just want to stand there and take these hits. She wanted to do something. Hurt him. Make him stop. Lungung forward Kira threw a punch in the general direction of his gnarled face.

With relative ease, Dgarr grabbed onto the flailing fist. He held it there for a moment in his large hand before his head shot forward and connected with Kira's head. His ears immediately rang with the impact and he felt the adrenalin shoot through his system, "That's a good girl" He spoke down at Kira who had stumbled from the impact, blood now pouring from her nose, "Try again." he waved her closer again, "This time try not to telegraph it so clearly."

In a swift motion Kira stepped forward and this time she shot her knee up to meet the Nausicaan's groin. To her surprise she connected and could hear a grunt from the Nausicaan that was towering above her, through her tears she looked up and swung another fist at his face, that was now contorted by the pain in his private parts, the distraction was enough for her to be able to land a blow on his head. Always go for the head, that's what M'erah told her, that's where the control centre is, take that out and the machine stops working.

The ringing in Dgarr's head intensified by the second blow to his head in a short time, it wasn't that he was in any danger of being decked by the small diminutive Trill, but it annoyed him that she had gotten a blow in. His hand shot forward and grabbed violently around her throat, with ease he lifted her from the ground.

Kira her eyes widened, the grasp around her throat cutting off any sort of regular breathing she could hope to do. She clawed at the arm that held her, scratching and pinching, but it didn't seem to bother the man holding her out at arms reach. She tried to kick him from her position in mid-air and while she did manage to reach him with her legs the impact was negligible. With her oxygen supply cut off it wasn't long before any sort of power in her limbs waned off anyway.

"I think that's enough, Dgarr." Geloh stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder indicating that play time was over, "Boss wants her in one piece."

"I wasn't planning on breaking any parts off." Dgarr looked back over his shoulder, not letting go of Kira.

Geloh simply shook his head, not bothering to repeat himself to the Nausicaan.

With a loud grumble Dgarr literally threw Kira back in the direction of the corner she had sat in before he turned around and walked towards the exit of the room.

Kira flew a short distance before hitting the floor. What little breath she had left in her was knocked out of her and she just lay there for a moment trying to catch some air. She coughed and writhed on the floor, tears now streaming freely from her eyes again. Her body was shaking and she didn't dare to look up at the men that had barged into the room and had decided to rough her up.

For a moment the bald Orion looked at Kira, making sure she was still breathing, before turning and walking away himself. Any concern he had for her was clearly just on a professional level, making sure they were holding up their part of the deal with whoever was in charge.

The doors closed behind the two men and Kira curled up in the corner as she continued to sob. The nightmare didn't seem to stop and very fittingly the lights flickered for a moment before turning off completely, leaving her alone and afraid, in the dark.


Kira Pahlmir (NPC)
Deck Hand (Ordinary)

Also starring:
Dgarr (NPC)
Nausicann asshole


Geloh (NPC)
Orion asshole

(As written by Mayterial Droz)

S.S. Fawkes

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


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