S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Locating the Nest

Posted on Saturday October 12th, 2019 @ 10:37 hours by Mayterial Droz & Taben Natal & Kenzia Nemet

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, Fawkes
Timeline: MD04 - 2130

With all the pacing Mayterial was doing lately it was a wonder that the floorboards in her quarters weren't showing more wear and tear. She had gotten word from Kenzia that there was some additional information on Landau, once she had invited her over to her quarters she had immediately reached out to Taben to join them there. This was their back up plan, this was their insurance policy, this was their revenge. She stopped pacing and half a second later the door's chime rang. In moments where her adrenaline was coursing through her veins, her empathy always seemed to be on high alert and she had felt someone approach the door. One of the reasons she took to the bottle so often, it dulled the continuous buzz of being connected to the emotional band.

Taben entered the Captain's quarters with a scowl. He was sober. He hated being sober--but sometimes, like this evening, it was necessary. While alcohol often heightened his skills in many areas, he never imbibed before the possibility of a big firefight. Plus, it gave him the right level of "pissed off" he needed to direct his anger to the enemy. "Hey Caps," Taben greeted nonchalantly as he nodded his head slightly. He stared longingly at the nearby liqour cabinet as he sat down on the couch.

Nemet watched for a moment before approaching the door and sounding the chime. She was not quite sure if the man was safe or not, just that suddenly she was meeting with two instead of one and that made her - paranoid - As the doors opened she hesitated, then took the lead, "I am expected, the captain invited me here." She smiled, weapons ready in case the larger man tried anything, "And I advise you to be welcoming...it would go badly for you otherwise." A bluff of course but with sarkku it was better to play the aggressor before they decided to attack the Cardassian.

Taben shrugged, "Whatever overeager beaver," he replied in sarcastic monotone, taking a moment to appreciate the improvised rhythm of his reply. His eyes fell to her semi-concealed weapon. Taben's head tilted to the right in curiosity as he attempted to place it as his mind ran through mental schematics of all sorts of firearms. "Is that a Mk. 9 Phase Disruptor? Niiicceeeee." Taben's eyes lit up like a kid's, unique weapons always made his heart jump.

Nemet was caught off guard - that was the last thing she would have expected. She gave him a curious look, almost laughed, "If you get excited over that imagine if you saw my blades..." Oh yes, the Order had their own unique weapons that were easily concealed and normally she kept them well hidden. Never let another vole see how many teeth you have -

"Miss Nemet, Mister Natal, Natal, Nemet." Mayterial introduced the two to each other, she had forgotten that some of the people she was starting to involve in this were only just recently added to the crew, "Mister Natal is my first mate, I thought it prudent to have him present for this meeting." She explained to Kenzia, hoping to put her a bit at ease, "Miss Nemet is an intelligence specialist, she's helping us with some things for the operation." She then clapped her hands together, "which is, of course, why we're here." She took a moment to centre herself, a feat that was made more difficult by the emotions swirling around in the room and the lack of booze dulling it out, "I want to find where they are holding Kira."

Nemet gave a slight bow to Natal, "So you are not a bodyguard then or some sort of enforcer...?" She snorted a little, "Not that I would have blamed you for wanting backup my dear Captain but it would have been a little suspicious." She drew out the PADD, carefully, otherwise they probably would think she was going for a weapon and she really didn't need the irritation of a fight. The precious information on the PADD had been difficult to obtain but she managed to find a few scraps...

"I'm all for keeping the circles small and the lines short, but there's so much to keep in mind that I need a second brain." Mayterial remarked, "So, have we been able to find some more information on where they are keeping Kari?"

"Oh yes. After all information is my business." She was enjoying the moment, finding the ship in question had been about as easy as pulling a baby vole from its mother. "Do you want the tale or just the findings? The story of the work it took is almost as interesting as what I found...but precious few of you appreciate a good story."

"I love a good story," Taben said with a rare burst of enthusiasm as he crossed his arms, "Plus, I tend to find that the tale of obtaining findings adds valuable context which can help understand exactly what we're getting and how to use it."

"You do?" Nemet gave a genuine smile, it was rare to have a chance to talk about her work particularly to an appreciative audience, "Well let me begin by saying that the ship you are looking for does not exist..." There now that would have their attention, "Or rather those Orions you crossed - and exactly how i would love to know - were somewhat smarter than I expected. I thought it would be simple but instead I met with a complete lack of any records...no Orion ships or even ones affiliated turned up in the right place at the right time to have abducted anyone. There was quite literally nothing that even a deep search could find. However, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Mayterial had been wrong, it was a mistake to have Taben in the room with Nemet. While it was very interesting to have a ship that didn't exist on any official records, there was a certain professional curiosity and admiration for that. Pulling that off in Federation space, that took balls and a whole lot of resources. She didn't really want to show any of this to Nemet or Taben though, so she simply slouched back into the couch and allowed the Cardassian to continue her story.

"Naturally I was starting to think that these people were smarter than expected - which would have been improbable if not impossible. No offence to any sark but there are few who could match wits with a Cardassian." Nemet said and then got the distinct impression she should start getting to the point, "Well turned out they did something simple but effective: do you have any idea how many ships there are registered by Federation authorities let alone how many private ships there are? I can tell you but I see no need. It is enough to know that there is a private ship registered to a Risan consortium...the registration is legitimate and would raise no concerns. However it seems to have been declared lost at some point, there is a gap of months before suddenly reappearing. Which made me think - what better way to hide something than to hide it in plain sight? You were looking for a small Orion craft not "The Heart of Risa"....that is the name they are using incidentally."

Taben nodded as the wheels in his head turned, waiting for the Captain to respond. If he were trying to hide "in plain sight", that's exactly how he'd do it. Of course, pulling a stunt like this would have cost a load of latinum and certainly would have required connections in difficult places. It was becoming clearer to him that their adversary was indeed a threat not to underestimate.

"Alright, so we know who they are, and where they're hiding. Any information on their capabilities?" Mayterial wondered if they couldn't just fly up and shoot the shields down on the ship so they could beam Kira out. The freighter didn't have huge offensive capabilities, but from the sounds of it the vessel they were holding her on was just a small Orion shuttle.

Nemet rubbed a neckridge, uncertainly, "That is a little harder to answer....officially the ship has just basic defensive capabilities, what you would expect for some wealthy Risan pleasure ship: light shields and energy weapons." She rolled her eyes, "Risans...I wish I knew why sarkku find such things pleasurable - no good Cardassian would be caught on such a planet -" Oh now she was getting distracted and she brought herself back on topic, "However I would expect they have some nasty surprises. If you have ever hunted voles you learn that even a harmless looking vole has sharp teeth and will attack."

"I'd agree with that assessment Caps," Taben replied as he began to game out scenarios in his head, "Odds are their outward armaments aren't going to vary too much from your standard pleasure craft. If you're trying to keep a low profile, it's best to look the part you're trying to play. I'd be willing to wager their internal security protocols are tight though. I'd imagine well armed and well trained folks keeping watch which creates a lot of tactical challenges for a boarding party." He shrugged as he continued, "I mean, I'm just speculating, but these guys obviously aren't stupid."

"Pity...I would rather enjoy pretending to have a delivery of green Orion slave girls to beam aboard and just ask them to lower their shields. That would make it a lot easier for us - I mean you -" Nemet shrugged, "Well this is why I dislike working with or against Orions...most are dumb as zabu but some are smart as an old vole. Can never predict which is which till you deal with them I suppose..." She realized she was getting off track and caught herself, "So do you want to try to fight them or use strategy to get on board? There are a few possibilities either way. For example...the former registered owner of the ship was Jerel Tekai, a legitimate (hah) Risan businessman. Anyone want to play his aggrieved wife who has finally tracked down his ship and wants to - no demands to - speak to that cheating lowlife? He is dead of course but it might confuse them."

Mayterial nodded, that was very much in her wheelhouse, "Finally something that's in my comfort zone." She then looked over at Taben with a smirk, "Unless of course you want to try your hand at being someone's wife."

Taben scoffed playfully, "Nah, I can't pull of fighting in heels--and besides, I look terrible in makeup." He shrugged as he continued, "We could always pull the I'm her big scary lawyer card, but they seem like the sort who'd throw 'em out the nearest airlock." He paused as he chuckled, "Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd space the wife."

"Yeah, that's why this would definitely be run through a comm-link. A small ship like that the guards are probably the same people that man the bridge. Just a small distraction should be enough to get us in the door." Mayterial realised that her face was probably known to the people that were holding Kari, "I'll check with Mercy if we can set up some sort of holo tech to mask my appearance without them noticing."

"Now this will be interesting. I can, of course, give you a few more details regarding the late...unlamented Jerel Tekai and at least one of his wives. He had quite a few so you can take your pick, I am not sure if he was planning to test out every species in the Alpha quadrant or not but he certainly gave it a very good try." Nemet was amused by her own humor...which was rather dry and generally went unnoticed. After all - Cardassians did not have a sense of humor...

"It's a hobby I guess," Mayterial smirked a bit at the attempted joke, for a spoonhead Nemet was pretty nice to have around, "send me what you've got." she turned to Taben, "Should Landau have a sudden change of moral compass and honour then we might not go through with this, but be prepared for the worst."

Taben nodded, "I always expect the worst and surprised when the best happens. Don't worry--we'll be ready for whatever life throws our way."

Nemet snorted a little, "Yes anything is possible however I would believe in a philanthropic Ferengi setting up a charity sooner than that Orion developing a conscience. So I will make sure you have the information you need, perhaps a little more if I can get hold of it.'

"Thank you." Mayterial sighed a bit, relieved that she was able to find capable people on her side for this one, "I think that'll be all for now."


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