S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Smugglers Need Not Apply

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission

Mayterial Droz posts up a 'help wanted' ad on the local network after losing her entire crew to a busted drug smuggling operation ran by her First Mate.

Mission Group Rest & Relaxation
Start Date Sunday July 1st, 2018 @ 19:59 hours
End Date Thursday February 7th, 2019 @ 19:59 hours

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
One way ticket
by Mayterial Droz & Langar Tarn
Prior to 'Ready for Launch' Docking Pylon 13
Meeting the Quartermaster
by Ares Onasis & Ami Lewis
Quartermaster's Office
The Experience of a Lifetime
by Mayterial Droz & Canaan Serene
1721 MD07 Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, Fawkes
The Interview
by Ares Onasis & Mayterial Droz
Starbase 72, Airlock 13
I Just Need Something
by Ares Onasis
Ares's Guest Quarters - SB72
A Warrrm Welcome
by M'erah & Canaan Serene
1659 MD07 Starbase 72, Airlock 13
Medic needed?
by Ami Lewis & Mayterial Droz
Ready for Launch
by Mayterial Droz & Canaan Serene & Alexandria Farron & Richard Fitzsimons & Samantha Jenkins & Ami Lewis
MD 7 - 1800 hours Bridge, Deck 1, S.S. Fawkes
Hasty Departure
by Canaan Serene
1645, MD07 Starbase 72, Airlock 10
Desperate for Change
by Mayterial Droz & Canaan Serene
0937, MD06 Residence Hall, Jean-Luc Picard Preparatory School - Paris France.
Idle Hands
by Mayterial Droz & M'erah & Samantha Jenkins & James Phillips
MD04 Cargo bay 1
Loading up on MacGuffins
by Mayterial Droz & Volok
MD05 - 10:30 hours Airlock 13, Starbase 72
Getting from A to B
by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron
MD06 - 09:30 Hours Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, S.S. Fawkes
Settling in
by Tristi
Current Docking Bay - QUarters
Midnight Acquaintances
by Damien Walker & Alexandria Farron
MD03 - 2330 Hours Bridge
Power Talk
by Damien Walker & Mayterial Droz & Volok
MD03 - 1900 hours SS Fawkes, Engineering
Just one chance
by Mayterial Droz & M'erah & Tristi
MD05 - 08:30 hours Airlock 13, Starbase 72
Food for Thought
by Mayterial Droz & Volok & Alexandria Farron & Malia & Richard Fitzsimons & Samantha Jenkins & Damien Walker
MD04 - 18:00 Hours Mess Hall, Deck 2, S.S. Fawkes
Some unexpected help
by Mayterial Droz & Richard Fitzsimons
MD03 - 03:00 hours Stardust Lounge, Starbase 72
Improper Propositions
by Mayterial Droz & Richard Fitzsimons
MD03 - 02:30 hours Stardust Lounge, Starbase 72
The Nickel Tour
by Mayterial Droz & Alexandria Farron
MD03 - 0930 hours S.S. Fawkes
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
by Mayterial Droz & Damien Walker
MD03 - 1600 Captain's Quarters, Deck 1, SS Fawkes
Boatswain Duel
by Samantha Jenkins & Mayterial Droz
MD02 - 14:55 hours Airlock 13, Starbase 72
Eastbound and down
by Volok & Mayterial Droz
MD03, 1730 hours Starbase 72, docking ring
Then there was light
by Mayterial Droz & Damien Walker
MD03 - 13:30 Hours Airlock 13, Starbase 72

Mission Summary

Throughout the first week back at the Fawkes Mayterial has interviews with her new potential crewmembers, finding new people to help the Fawkes back on her feet, fixing the ship and allowing the new people to settle in to everyday life aboard the ship.

Intended reading order:
1. The Long Walk Home - Upon returning to her ship Mayterial is confronted by the Starfleet Officer that made the arrest of her and her crew six months ago.
2. Stowaway - During her first inspection of the vessel Mayterial comes across Malia, a fellow Betazoid who looks awfully familiar.
3. Old Friends - In search for a capable crew Mayterial finds an old communique from Volok, an old Starfleet acquaintance.

1. Boatswain Duel - Mayterial plans two prospective candidates, Samantha and Karrathas, for the position of Boatswain. She planned them for a tour at the same time.
2. Friendly Rivalry - Trying to put the long day of recruitment and job interviews behind her, Mayterial finds catches a game of Zero-G Football, coming across Alexandria, an unlikely candidate for a position on the Fawkes.

1. Improper Propositions - In the early hours of the day Mayterial is still in the lounge, trying to relax and finding herself in shady company.
2. Some Unexpected Help - A continuation of 'Improper Propositions'. Fitzsimons steps in when Mayterial gets into trouble with some local thugs.
3. The Nickel Tour - Alexandria comes through on her promise and visits the Fawkes for a 'job interview' and a tour of the vessel.
4. Brek's Sinkhole - Damien ties up some loose ends from his past and is finally able to walk away from a previous life as a free man.
5. Then there was Light - One last favour is asked of Damien by a mutual friend of his and Mayterial's. He helps power the Fawkes back up and gets ready to start more extensive repairs.
6. Have you tried turning it off and on again? - Damien helps Mayterial get her console up and running again. They take the opportunity to discuss necessary repairs.
7. Eastbound and Down - Volok arrives at Starbase 72 and gets the grand tour of the Fawkes.
8. Power Talk - During his exploration of the Fawkes, Volok gets roped into making repairs to the power grid by Damien
9. Midnight Acquaintances - Damien decides to do a full diagnostic of the bridge systems, and stumbles across Alexandria

1. Idle Hands - To start the day Samantha assembles all applicants for Deck Hand positions and runs them through some tests to select the ones fit for the job.
2. Food for Thought - At 18:00 hours the entire crew is invited to join a home cooked meal from Mayterial in the ship's mess hall.

1. Just one chance - Tristi ventures into the Fawkes, hoping to be able to land a job as signaller.
2. Settling in - Tristi is eager to get on board the Fawkes
3. Loading up on MacGuffins - Volok and Mayterial venture out onto the Starbase for visit the people that are in need of cargo transport.

1. Desperate for Change - Taking a long shot Canaan gets into contact with an old friend to find some work away from Earth.
2. Getting from A to B - Alexandria is asked by Mayterial to plot a course for their first haul with the new crew of the Fawkes.
3. I just need something - Awaking from a restless dream, Ares realises that she needs a job to take her mind off things.
4. The Interview - Ares meets up with Mayterial to try and land a job on the Fawkes.
5. Meeting the Quartermaster - After being officially accepted as the Quartermaster aboard the Fawkes Ares wastes no time to take stock of the current medical supplies with Ami

1. Hasty Departure - After talking to his friend Canaan decides to take a huge risk and flies out to Starbase 72.
2. Medic needed? - In the last moment Mayterial is lucky to find a licensed doctor in Ami right before they're planned to depart.
3. A Warrrm Welcome - Canaan has to talk his way past M'erah to stand a chance of landing a job on the Fawkes.
4. The Experience of a Lifetime - After being led inside by M'erah, Canaan meets with Mayterial and tries to convince her to give him a job.
5. One way ticket - In an attempt to get away from ghosts from the past Langar knocks on the Fawkes' airlock door in the hopes Mayterial will offer him a position on board.
6. Ready for Launch - The entire crew of the Fawkes prepares to set off into the black on their first cargo run. Destination: Langley Station.