S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Settling in

Posted on Wednesday October 10th, 2018 @ 23:19 hours by Tristi

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Docking Bay - QUarters
Timeline: Current

Tristi all but ran back to her 'quarters' and was pleased to find that no one had disturbed it. She stood looking down at her bedroll, two rucksacks, and plant, and considered her options. She rolled up her bedroll and strapped it to one of the bags which she pulled onto her shoulder. She grasped the other and then picked up her cactus plant. She was glad her knife was secure in her bag. She headed off towards the docking ports. Not ten minutes later she was looking out at the ship she had signed on to. She stood there, looking like a rag doll, staring at the future.

It was wonderful. She was getting off this station, away from the bad side of life. She was determined to make sure this chance was not wasted.

She stepped through the hatch once more and headed to the quarters assigned to her by the Captain. She was going to ditch her bags and then explore the ship. She needed to know the ship if she was to be of assistance with the captain.

The cabin was small, a single bunk, a desk and single chair. But it was bigger than the 'quarters' she had, had on the Starbase. She settled her backpack onto the bunk and placed her plant on the small desk. It was way better. Tristi smiled as she looked around the room. She would unpack later. Grabbing a jacket she slung it on and headed out into the ship proper.



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