S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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The Interview

Posted on Saturday January 12th, 2019 @ 22:42 hours by Ares Onasis & Mayterial Droz

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Starbase 72, Airlock 13

Ares adjusted her small duffle and slightly larger gun case over her shoulder. She had given herself a cold shower and some food to help ease off her headache and slight body pains. It had all become a part of her daily routine. When you have nothing to stay alive for, taking care of yourself loses its priority.

The ad had said to meet the Captain at its airlock to apply, and that was precisely where she found herself. Donning her long unkempt hair, black revealing tank top and black tactical pants tucked into her black military style boots, Ares took in a deep breath before approaching her future home and future boss. The Captain struck Ares as the unapproachable type with her screw you stare and bold features. She was just the woman Ares prided herself in being. Ares didn't believe in destiny but maybe it was fate that had placed her feet in front of her.

"You Droz?" Ares asked when she approached May, her voice thick and heavy with her Greek accent.

"Who's asking?" Mayterial had made a point not to answer that question directly when asked on the street. She had learned that that one time on Calder II. With her arms folded she tried to take in the woman that had approached her. She seemed like the kind of person that would have no problems picking up some wet work on the side. There was also immediately something intriguing about her. She had cleaned herself before coming here, but there was a rough and tumble vibe underlying it.

Ares jutted her chin slightly. "Ares Onasis. Looking to add Quartermaster to that." She dropped her bags to her feet. "Heard you're looking for one." She kept her sentences short and sweet. It was a business deal and she always dealt direct.

Mayterial wondered if this woman would appreciate it if she were to have said 'we were expecting you', but she thought better of it and gave a polite smile. Her smiles were something she had perfected over the many years of trying to win people's trust. She had a warm smile, an inviting one, a this-is-just-a-ruse one. A smile for every occasion. This time politeness seemed the way to go. "That we are. I'm very curious as to your qualifications, miss Onazis." She purposefully struggled a bit with the pronunciation of the name. "Why don't we find some nice place to sit and talk." She pointed in the direction of the promenade.

"No need to butter me up, Droz," Ares smirked. "You should clarify whether you want qualifications or my rap sheet." Even though she wasn't a cop anymore, Ares still thought like one. She had done her research on the Fawkes and that's what helped push her towards applying. "Shakedowns and break-ins are my specialities. I'm looking to expand." She gestured towards her gun case. "Figured with your recent troubles you'd be short on funds. I'm short on funds as well. We'd help each other out."

"Oh, I'll do a background check on each and every one of my crew, don't you worry about that." Mayterial was still smiling politely at her, but couldn't suppress a twinkle in her eyes. "So, would you like a coffee or do I have to conduct yet another interview in our rundown mess hall?"

Ares looked the woman over once again, gave her a nonchalant shrug, and quickly picked up her two discarded bags. "I could use another coffee." She followed May's lead, trying to get a feel through the woman's thick protective wall. She had to quickly decide whether she should reveal her background first or wait for May to discover it. It almost wouldn't do her background justice if she gave it all up right away. "What do you want to know?"

"What are your expectations from working on the Fawkes?" Mayterial was glad that Ares relented and went on a more casual chat with her. She just sat down at the nearest available seat on a nearby replimat station.

Ares remained standing, feeling a desire to show off a bit of her strong personality. "Food and a bed, Droz. Extra funds is a bonus. I'm low maintenance."

Mayterial motioned for the other seat at the table, "Don't just stand there. It doesn't cost extra to sit. This isn't a Ferengi installation." She gave another smile, this time a bit more open and warm. Ares seemed every bit the rough, jaded, woman she showed on the outside. "So, how long were you a cop?" She wondered how Ares would react if she just sprung that on her.

Ares smirk dropped suddenly. Well, that didn't take her that long. There was always the stereotype that people who worked military or in law enforcement had a carried a certain attitude. She thought she had long shaken it but, given the company she was in, it wasn't surprising it was found out by May. "Four years," she answered after a brief pause. "Didn't work out."

"What happened?" The 'didn't work out'-response just reeked of unresolved issues. Mayterial just wanted to make sure she wouldn't be taking a psycho on board. Seven weeks between ports was a long time for someone like that to systematically torture and kill everyone on board. She had heard the horror stories.

Ares shrugged her shoulder casually. She hated talking about it but it was a necessary evil at this point. "Got caught shaking down criminals and taking bribes. Got the ax when someone turned me in during a smuggling operation last year. I beat the charges. My training helped with that." She paused, looking over May's quizzical eyes. "If you're worried about where my moral compass stands, it's as steady as a hooker's in the VIP room of a strip club. I'm here with the same goal as you: survival. Being a cop took my life away from me. I'm taking it back now."

Mayterial quirked an eyebrow at the remark, she couldn't resist the urge to lower her normal inhibitions to sense the woman's intentions, her emotional state. There was a lot of conflict there, sadness maybe and also anger. Definitely anger. There was a lot more to it than that. She didn't seem the type to be the bad cop. "Just so you know, the Fawkes is on the straight and narrow. We don't stray from the law in the contracts we take." She leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table and closing the distance between them. "So, what did you learn shaking down criminals and taking bribes that would help you in your job as a quartermaster on the Fawkes?"

Finally taking her seat across from May, she placed her bags securely next to her boots that were firmly planted on the ground and facing the woman. "Bullshit you're on the straight-and-narrow. Money is too good. Once you get that taste..." She chuckled slightly at her small outburst. "I know how to keep organized. And I know how to get supplies and maintain cover. I don't target innocents and violence is a last resort. Kind of hard for someone to pay you when they're dead."

This woman was a bit of a conundrum, but she wasn't lying, that much was clear. "So you have a bit of Robin Hood complex?" One corner of Mayterial's mouth curled up in a smirk. "Do you have any hobbies? A way to keep your mind occupied during the lulls?" There was quite a bit of sitting around and staring at bulkheads when it came down to it. Once the course was laid in and they entered warp it was just sitting around, hoping nothing exciting would happen.

Robin Hood complex?, Ares questioned the observation. She was no hero or savior. She was merely just hell-bent on retribution for Adam. "When I'm traveling I read and workout whenever I can. Drinking also helps make time fly by faster." She chuckled at the joke based on a truth. "When I'm off-ship I target-practice and try to hit the beach whenever I'm in proximity of one. I also am a pretty decent cook, with the right ingredients at least."

"Well, as quartermaster you could make sure those ingredients are available to you." May appreciated the candor with which Ares spoke, she reminded her of Meghan. Her smiled dropped a moment when she realised that, "oh, and the mess Hall is strictly BYOB." The smile returned to her face.

Ares smirked.”So, I got the job then?” With the way the conversation had been going, and with the ease she felt coming from May, she knew she had it but didn't want to push her luck. She was in no position to ruin a decent opportunity for work.

There were unresolved issues with this woman, that much was clear to May even without her Empath heritage. "Since there's not much relevant experience I can offer you a position on a probationary basis." She looked to study the woman's reaction.

With her smirk widening in victory, Ares gave May a firm nod. Probation status was standard with any job. May needed to test the waters and decide if she was even capable of trusting her. And Ares needed to see if a ship life was something she could handle. At this point, it was a necessity. She would more than likely be dead in a ditch somewhere without it. “Thank you.” She stood up and threw her bags over her shoulder. “Oh, and I assume I just went through my background check. One of the perks of being a Betazoid, right?”

"One of many." May got up from her seat at the table, "I'll still get someone to go through your record. With your background, you can probably appreciate the precautions I take selecting my crew." She put out a hand to 'shake on it'. "Welcome aboard Miss Onasis."


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