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Just one chance

Posted on Saturday September 22nd, 2018 @ 15:09 hours by Mayterial Droz & M'erah & Tristi

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Airlock 13, Starbase 72
Timeline: MD05 - 08:30 hours

For the past couple of days, Tristi had been lurking. There was no other way to describe what she had been doing in her off hours. Lurking around the docking ports, watching the Civilian ship, Fawkes and her crew as they came and went. They had advertised for a Signal officer. Communications. She could do that. She had a basic understanding of the technology and her reading and writing skills were good. Not federation standard but she could read federation standard and write well enough to get by. And after several days of watching the new crew settling in and the captain, she was sure the tall woman with raven hair was the captain, interview and work on getting her ship in order, Tristi figured now was as good as time as any to put her hand up so to speak and maybe, just maybe, she would get off SB72 and maybe this time it would be better.

So now as the crowds thinned out Tristi stood and ran a hand through her short cropped hair trying to make it neat enough. Then she stepped forth and down into the flow of people and across to the airlock. She looked at the person standing there. "Uh.. hi" She said trying for brightness but obviously it came out nervously. "I am here about the help wanted advertisement that your captain put out."

"My Captain?" The man, a Bajoran only about a head bigger than the teenager, smiled a bit awkwardly and looked over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'm not with this vessel. And a word to the wise, you don't want to be on this vessel either. She threw her entire crew to the lions to save her own ass."

Tristi raised an eyebrow at that "So... where do I find the captain of the ship if you know? Can I just walk on board?" Tristi didn't take to rumors. She liked to see things with her own eyes.

"Well, the door's open. So, knock yourself out." The Bajoran leaned in a bit, "but if you're really that desperate for work, I might know a few ways to earn a quick buck."

"And I know how to make sure you never have to pay for that service again." The 17 year old stepped past him. She would go onto the vessel and see about the position vacant. She stepped to the hatch and paused and then stepped inside.

Only a few meters inside the airlock she was approached by a rather rough looking Caitian man. Scarring on the side of his face running across his yellow cat-eye, making it impossible for his fur to grow back made him look a bit more intimidating than was absolutely necessary in this situation. "Arrre you lost, little girrrl?" He rolled his r's a lot more than you'd expect in Federation standard. He attempted a friendly smile, but the pointy canines also made that look slightly menacing.

"ah well not really." Tristi said "I am looking for the captain of this vessel. She posted a Help wanted ad."

"My name is M'Errrah" He introduced himself extanding a furry hand to shake hers, as was Terran custom.

She shook the hand. "Tristi" she supplied her own name.

M'Erah led the way to the turbolift and called it to come down. Waiting for it to arrive he pressed his communication badge.
=A= Captain Drrroz, this is M'Errrah, I'm sending someone up. Says she's looking forrr a job. =A=

Mayterial wondered why the Caitian insisted on using so many words with R's in them. She pressed her own communicator to open the channel,
=A= I'm on the bridge. =A=

The lift opened and M'Erah motioned for Tristi to step inside.

With a small incline of her head Tristi did so. "Thank you." she said as politely as she could. Most didn't expect manners from a street rat.

"To the brrridge" M'elah order the lift before stepping out. There was no use riding there with her. "Just wait forrr the lift to open and head forrr the end of the corridor." He gave a polite wave before turning away, his tail softly swaying back and forth as he headed back to his actual duties.

The bridge itself was in much better shape than it had been in the past six months. Mayterial was quite pleased with what Damien and the others had been able to accomplish in such a short time. She was seated in the Captain's chair at the centre of it all, she had been going through the programming of her personal consoles, and now she was waiting for the unexpected guest to arrive.

The door to the bridge slid open giving Tristi a good view of it and the woman in the center chair. She wished, just for a moment that she had better clothes than the faded jeans, several sizes too big and the tee-shirt she wore when not working. Her funds often went to her rent and food. Clothes were a distant third or fourth to survival. "Captain Droz?" she asked politely.

Mayterial turned the chair to face the entrance to the bridge. "Good morning." She was a bit surprised at the youth of the girl. She got out of the chair and stepped off the elevated platform with the chair and extended a hand.

Tristi met the extended hand with her own and shook. It was obvious that the gesture didn't come natural to the teenager. "I am Tristi, I am currently working on the station as a cargo hand... and saw you had a position for signaler. I.. would like to apply for it."

Much like her First Mate, Mayterial couldn't suppress the urge to raise an eyebrow. "Well now, that's interesting. Tell me, what is your previous experience in similar roles?"

Tristi had learned a lot over her years, and she knew better than to lie to prospective employers. "I don't." She admitted. "I can read, write and have lived on similar craft for years.I can handle ground craft and have minor experience in fixing things. I also have spent many years on different bases and planets. I know how to spot the wrong type of person."

"Do you have any references?" Mayterial also had a knack for spotting the right and wrong people. The girl in front of her didn't seem completely harmless, there was something about her that reminded her of a younger version of herself.

Tristi pulled out a small hand held PADD. She held it out. "They are up to date."

Mayterial looked at the PADD for a moment before looking back up at the girl. "So, signaller huh. What do you expect from the role?"

"Growth" Came the reply from the teenager. "I am wanting to do more than haul cargo. And I know I can do more than sort out boxes in a cargo bay."

"That growth normally comes from spending years hauling cargo while you learn from an experienced crew member in the role." Mayterial wasn't sure if this girl was looking for shortcuts or if she genuinely felt qualified for the job. "What makes you different?"

"With me you get to train me in the ways you want things done. You won't get that with anyone else."Tristi replied. She knew it was a long shot, but she had to try. She had spent so many years on the street that she knew that she would likely not survive without being dragged into another type of life, one she wished to avoid with all costs.

Mayterial gave a genuine smile. The response surprised her. "Tabula Rasa." It was a compelling argument but it also sounded like an awful lot of effort. Then again in the five days she had opened up the position to any takers there were very few applicants and none of them were even half capable. "What will you be leaving behind?"

"Nothing of import." Came the reply. "I have my own belongings but other than that, I am not leaving anything or anyone behind."

Really in doubt whether she should accept this girl on board she wondered, "How old are you exactly?"

"17" Tristi replied "That is what I have been told anyway."

"Alright." Mayterial reached out and put a hand on Tristi's shoulder, "I know you don't want to hear this but I'm not sure you're old enough for this life."

"Its been my life since I was born." Tristi replied. "And to be frank Captain, being on a starship that is moving, is better than being a sitting duck."

"A sitting duck from what?" Mayterial knew she had a lot to do on the ship still. She also knew a desperation attempt when she saw one. There was nothing more that this girl wanted then to get away from here.

"From those who think a teenager has other uses than hauling cargo." Came the honest reply.

Mayterial knew all too well what other uses the teenage girl was alluding to. "The only way this would work is if I'd take you on as an apprentice. You'd get room and board and a small portion of the profits but not much else."

"That is ok. I am not looking for profit Captain. I am looking for a chance, that is all." Tristi replied.

"Well, there's plenty of chances on this boat." Mayterial didn't really know why she was compelled to take this girl in. She always felt that people needed to learn to fend for themselves, that's what she had done. There was an urge to help her, perhaps because May felt like she recognised herself in her.

Tristi studied the woman. "Does.. does this mean you will give me a chance captain?" she asked.

"I guess so." It was as much a surprise to Mayterial as it was to Tristi. It felt right, though. It made her feel glad that she made that decision.

Tristi just grinned at the response.


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