S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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A Warrrm Welcome

Posted on Wednesday December 26th, 2018 @ 12:56 hours by M'erah & Canaan Serene
Edited on on Wednesday December 26th, 2018 @ 15:48 hours

Mission: Smugglers Need Not Apply
Location: Starbase 72, Airlock 13
Timeline: 1659 MD07


This was crazy, he must have been completely out of his mind to think this was a good idea. Light-years from home, not a family member or friend in sight, here he was taking one of the biggest risks in his life. He felt foolish, chiding himself for not taking the time to plan or better prepare for this moment. This was one of the most spontaneous things he'd ever done and Canaan had absolutely no clue of how it would work out. There were only two possible outcomes, he'd either be successful in joining the freighter crew or be sent packing. Pacing near the open airlock wouldn't help him to achieve either. Mustering what remained of his bravery, Canaan tentatively approached the port of entry, not immediately noticing the hulking Caitian standing watch.

"Good afterrrnoon therrre, boy. Arrre you looking to barrrter passage on this fine ship?" M'erah stepped forward and put up his hand to stop him from approaching closer. There were somehow a lot of people that thought it was going to be a good idea to stow away on the Fawkes. So much so that his new Bosun had requested him to stand guard outside and keep anyone with no business on the ship offboard. Especially after that last drunk Klingon caused such a ruckus in the cargo bay.

The choked chortle that escaped Canaan's throat betrayed his anxiousness. "Oh, wow, you're very light on your feet... did you know that?" He asked rhetorically, before laughing nervously. "I, um, didn't see you there, it's like you came out of nowhere!" He joked, his gestures and expression rather animated as if to emphasize the point. "Wow, that's a long tail." He declared distractedly, gesturing at the tails' considerable length while it slowly waved through the air behind the sturdy feline. "I, um, well... you see, it's not that I was looking to barter passage so much as, well, you know, maybe perhaps have a job? I need a job. Could I have a job?" Canaan continuously shifted from foot-to-foot, nervously swaying from side-to-side. His eyes studied the Caitian who, although shorter in stature, dwarfed Canaan in comparison to sheer muscle-mass. "I can go, I should go, this was a bad idea... you're super busy at the moment and probably fully staffed." Canaan took a step back, tugging at the bottom hem of the plaid button-up that hung loose around his waist. "So I'm just going to, yeah..." He trailed off, gesturing to absolutely nothing behind him.

M'erah raised a furry eyebrow and then gave a toothy grin before pressing his communicator, =A= Captain, ma'am, I've got anotherrr one forrr you. =A= there was a moment of silence, the Caitian used it to look at the young man in front of him, "What's yourrr name son?"

"Canaan." He extended a shaky hand toward the Caitian, "Canaan Serene, sir." He took a step forward, yet maintained a respectful distance.

M'erah met the young man's extended hand with his furry paw. =A= He goes by the name of Canaan Serrrene. =A= He looked slightly up as he talked to Mayterial, as if it had any effect on the transmission of the message.

The disembodied voice of a woman responded, =A= Send him up. =A=

M'erah nodded and then gave Canaan a toothy grin, "You can call me M'errrah. Now let me show you to the Captain's quarrrterrrs, Canine."

"Okay, feline." Canaan joked sarcastically at M'erah's mispronunciation of his name. "You said 'another one'? Has the airlock been a revolving door?" He shortened his long strides to keep pace with M'erah's leisurely gait. "They've probably taken all of the jobs, but I'm a really hard worker, so I can do whatever y'all need. Like, if you need someone to clean the latrines or sweep the cargo bays, or get you coffee or something like that. I just need a chance. Do you think I have a chance?" Canaan was sidestepping now, studying the Caitian's expression in hopes of gleaning any discernible indication that this wasn't a monumental waste of time. Although he'd been granted a meeting with the captain, so that was something. Right?

"Most of them werrren't looking forrr jobs, little pup." M'erah continued down the long stretch of corridor to come to the turbolift entrance on this level. "What makes you suited forrr worrrk on a frrreighterrr?" He pressed the button.

Canaan went silent for a moment as a contemplative expression befell the handsome features of his face, "Well, um, that's a very good question." He started to say. Canaan knew this question would be asked, that's why he'd revisited it countless times on the transport to the Fawkes, trying to devise a meaningful answer yet there was none he could offer that would sound genuine. The truth, however, was certain to have him turned away from any opportunity. He caught M'erah's expectant gaze and shied away, cheeks burning red. "Truthfully?" He countered with a hint of uncertainty. When M'erah nodded, Canaan let out a heavy sign before responding. "I'm not... suited, that is; I have absolutely zero experience... hell, this is the first time I've actually been off world. I'm kinda crapping myself right now, honestly. This is, like, the furthest I've ever been from home and the decision was kinda, well not kinda, but very spontaneous, but my friend encouraged me to try, so I am." He paused to take a breath, "But you asked what makes me suited and really nothing does, except that I'm smart and hard working and willing to try." Canaan spoke with conviction, as if it were M'erah who he was trying to persuade when in reality it was more himself.

"Computerrr, halt lift." M'erah turned to Canaan, "That explains your pup like appearrrance." He gave the young man a toothy grin, "Let me give you a tip, some frrree advice. Which is the last frrree thing you'll prrrobably get out herrre on the edge." He put a large hand on his shoulder, "Trrrust in yourrrself, orrr else nobody else will." He gave a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder. He stepped back and looked slightly up, "computer, resume ascend."

Taken aback at first when M'erah ordered the lift to a stop, Canaan's shoulders relaxed under the Caitian's reassuring touch. The kid nodded in an attempt to exude a bit more confidence before expressing his gratitude for the man's advice in the Caitian's native Ferasa dialect. "What's Captian Mystical like? How long have you been on board? Are you new, too?"

"To the ship, yes. To the life." M'erah gave another toothy grin, "Not by a long shot." The lift stopped at the top deck and opened it's doors, showing a short corridor leading to the bridge, with one side door which held the Captain's quarters behind it. "Therrre you go, pup." M'erah motioned towards the door, "Go ahead and trrry to find out what's behind doorrr numberrr one."

Canaan was about to ask why M'erah wasn't going to accompany him, then realized this was exactly what the Caitian had referenced just a moment ago. 'Trust in yourself, or nobody else will.' "I will." He stated resolutely, stepping from within the lift onto the deck. He turned to thank M'erah for the words of encouragement, however the doors had closed and the lift descending before he could. Taking a deep breath, Canaan approached the door M'erah had gestured towards only a moment prior and depressed the door chime with the nervous poke of a finger.


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