S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Tour - The Bridge

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The main control centre for the Fawkes. Navigation, communication and sensors can all be controlled from here.

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description The bridge is the brain of the ship. All information from the entire vessel is gathered here and displayed to the bridge crew. The bridge crew consists of the Captain, the First Mate, the Navigator and the Signaller. The Captain's chair is slightly elevated due to the old Cardassian design, lifting the commanding officer above the rest of the crew. To the front there are two consoles, one for navigation and one for communication. To the back of the Captain there are also two stations flanking the entrance. They combine a bit of everything. One of them it's usually the place where the First Mate takes their post. In a combat situation the other one is usually reserved for the Master-at-Arms. The wall on the left from the Captain is an astrometrics display as well as other vital information about the ship's status, systems, and the cargo.