S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC

Tour - Cargo Bays

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The main source of income for the Fawkes is transporting goods from one end of the quadrant to the other. The cargo bays are of vital importance to the survival of the Fawkes.

Additional Information

Location Decks 2 through 11
Description The cargo containers on the Groumal are sectional, meaning that they can be removed from the primary structure of the hull, and reattached, without intervention by a Starbase. This is useful when cargo is being shipped that they are unable to deliver with the use of the transporters. All of the cargo bays can be reached through the central spine of the vessel running from the front (right behind the bridge) all the way back (right in front of the engine room). There are a total of 30 separate cargo bays on the Fawkes.